Local Consultation Minutes

Meeting purpose York Distribution Centre (YDC) Monthly Consultation – Scarborough Local
Date, time, and place Date: Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Time: 08:00 – 9:30am
Place: YDC Board Room
Attendees The table below is a list of everyone who attended the consultation (*by phone)

Mike Duquette Ewa Dzienniak
Terry Vango Herman Alves
Chris Richards Farouk Elabasery
Derek Richmond
Christian Wittich

Local Consultation Minutes

Topics discussed: This table provides a summary of each of the topics discussed at the consultation


1.) MAM 11 Staffing

CUPW – informed union has scheduled meeting with PC&R to review current concerns surrounding staffing for vacant MAM 11 positions.

CUPW – clarifying that these employees belong to YDC and not to SCLPP

CPC – The employees own positions at YDC and are employees at YDC but report through an org structure to a superintendent at SCLPP. One MAM 11 has been staffed and one existing vacancy is pending.

One position was staffed through the transfer. One position still remains vacant, follow up with HR and Maintenance management.

CUPW – Has this position been filled?

CPC – will be filled through the regular transfer, should be staffed in January 2018

2.) State of incoming mail from LVR

CUPW – hearing ongoing concerns regarding Amazon gaylords and loose loads. Specific concerns regarding injuries for employees dealing with these items.

CUPW – Is record keeping being conducted regarding how many units are coming in

CPC – Yes, also contact/follow up is being made regularly through email

CUPW – Same concern exists with the Gaylords and Skids incoming

CPC – We continue to monitor for compliance and continue to follow the process in place for securing

CUPW- we have concerns regarding head injuries in a LL trailer

CPC- we continue all the follow-up and coaching of employees in order to be able to prevent any injuries, including proper use of stools, and lowering the load to the level of the shoulders

3.) CUPW – Is there a new piece of equipment

CPC – There is a power tractor which is not yet in use and is not anticipated to be in use until after the New Year

CUPW – would there be training

CPC – Yes training was being arranged but has been put on hold until January, all employees will be trained before they will start using this new power tractor

CUPW – Is this going to affect the MAM11’s

CPC – Yes, there has been training provided and this is part of the slinky which will be part of regular maintenance

CUPW – what is the status of the power tractor?

CPC- The power tractor has been removed temporarily pending proper pairing with the slinky, it will be returned once all issues are ironed out.

4.) CPC – In order to maintain a smooth flow and maintain safe work procedures the rotation schedule existing will be used as a framework for scheduling on weekend RDO’s, there will be movement by seniority for key assignments and vacant rotation assignments.

CUPW – It will be a light version of the rotation schedule with room for movement

CPC – Correct, we also want to be clear about how the RDO interfaces with vacation.

CUPW – The work week begins at 2300 hours on Saturday night which would be an RDO and ends on Friday night which is also an RDO.

RDO 2300 2300 2300 2300 2300 RDO

RDO 0300/0400 0300/0400 0300/0400 0300/0400 0300/0400 RDO


1.) CUPW – There seems to be temps being trained on MMHE and being used to come in early on an equal op basis.

CPC – Training opportunities were offered to all indeterminate employees before temp employees were approached for training. This was done to ensure the availability of sufficient drivers for the peak season. There is no training on MMHE of YDC terms occurring at this time.

2.) CUPW – There was a floor meeting about seven days of work not being allowed about a week ago, were people told they would not be allowed to work seven days creating bypasses.

CPC – There was an initiative announced regarding seven days of work not being allowed, this was going to be managed by not offering one of the RDO’s therefore not creating bypass situations The initiative was revoked at this time and a further RDO was then scheduled.

3.) CUPW – There are gaylords being pushed from the docks to the run outs, pump trucks should be used for this.

CPC – We will enforce the use of pump truck to move gaylords.

4.) CUPW – Are terms that work for five hours being allowed to take breaks?

CPC – Absolutely, terms working even three hours are being allowed to take a break

5.) CUPW – There has been a MMHE incident with a pole, ensure this is reflected in the LJHSC minutes.

CPC – The incident will be discussed in LJHSC and the associated damage will be reflected in the minutes.

6.) CUPW – Still concerned about loose load height.

CPC – Vigilance by all needs to continue, when a concern is seen it should be brought to the attention of the supervisors who can pull the items down to an acceptable height, there are also stools available to assist.

7.) Annual leave consultations occurred today, the rules and process are attached to these minutes

CPC – We would like some clarification for the process for the superimposing when bidding for annual leave.

CUPW – When an employee bids contiguous weeks filling a block and carrying into the next block, the week(s) will carry into the next or previous block, only once the adjoining blocks are full will those weeks go to the superimposed column. It should also be noted that if an employee later cancels any of the contiguous weeks the superimposed week will be cancelled as well

8.) The Christmas schedule proposal for FT and PT YDC employees has been presented by CPC – the copy attached. There are minor changes to the schedules some groups will be affected

CUPW- no concerns, approved