GTA East Union Management Meeting
held at 280 Progress Ave.
at 10:00 am January 10, 2018

C. D’Angelo Mike Duquette
A. Hussain L. Charles
F. Elabasery C. Wittich
P. Comport C. Richards
H. Bigras D. Richmond
S. Sue C. O’Connor
M. Gornicz G. Pratt
G. Thompson J. Hartanu
S. Rizvi
Shannon Quinn Charron

RMO Unfinished Business On Mins.


RMO New Business

Malvern load study. RMO suggested 1 day rather than 5. Union’s position is to do 5 days. (01-2018)

C&D Unfinished Business On Mins.

1) Lunch Locations

CUPW: What’s the Update?                                                                                                 (11-2017)

Mgt: Work is in progress at all outstanding locations. Stephanie (CUPW) is co-ordinating to get Wynford completed. Update next meeting (Joseph)

Status Quo                                                                                                                            (01-2018)

2) 038’s review timeline ( Pickering , Malvern, Scar D)

Status Quo                                                                                                                             (01-2018)

3) 1/3 splits on headers (Various)

CUPW: Any Update?                                                                                                              (11-2017)

Mgt: Update next meeting (Julie & Glen to provide an update)

CUPW: Still having issues at Richmond Main and Pickering. Please provide copies of header boards.

Mgt: Copies will be send to the Union (Joseph)

Julie to follow up next meeting                                                                                                 (01-2018)

4) Departure Time Studies                                                                                                       (09-2014)

CUPW: Any update?

Mgt: Manager’s (Kimti & Joseph) will email a copy of the completed Departure studies to Union Follow up next meeting

Status Quo                                                                                                                                 (01-2018)

5) Pay for hours worked for Art 54 EE

CUPW: EE’s are still not being paid properly. There is still no process in place that would eliminate these issues from recurring again. The codes are being entered incorrectly. Some EE’s are being asked to pay back the money that was never received. An email was sent to Manager’s, Supervisors and Access H.R in regards to setting up a process that clarifies the correct process to everyone, no response as of yet.

Mgt: Which EE’s are having Issues?

CUPW: Names provided.

Mgt: One of the EE’s in question has another Issue. He is getting paid for the hours worked.

Stephanie will follow up with Access HR next meeting                                                                 (11-2017)

CUPW: Still having the same issues.

Mgt: According to Ray, EE’s that are working are getting paid properly. Please provide names of the employee’s that are having the issues.

CUPW: Employee working out of Pickering is still not getting paid properly. We need a proper process in place.

Mgt: Access HR is working on that issue. Ray will follow up with the stations to make sure that the proper process is being followed. Posters explaining the process maybe need to be placed in depots to eliminate future issues.    (12-2017)

Response to #6 answers this.                                                                                                         (01-2018)

6) Temps receiving letters from Eclipse(09-2017)

CUPW: Temps are still getting the letters. When will this issue be corrected?

Mgt: Ray & John’s name will be added to contact list so they get to review the letters and pull the ones that shouldn’t be sent. Penny will follow up next meeting                                                                                                                 (11-2017)

CUPW: What’s the update? Were Ray and John’s names added to the contact list? Were the letters pulled from the ee’s files?

Mgt: Yes, the names were added. Please email the list to Penny and she will pull their letters out         (12 2017)

CUPW: Have put in grievances but will send Penny the names to remove the letters and will withdraw the grievances. (01-2018)

7) Shuttle Restructure

CUPW: Mail is still arriving late?

Mgt: 14th Ave and 31 Brodie has 407 transponders. The delays are due to traffic and Gateway volumes. Julie will follow up next meeting (11-2017)

Status Quo                                                                                                                                                 (01-2018)


CUPW: The issues are still ongoing as there is a lack of communication between the team leaders. The EE’s are being told to do more than the memo states. Lack of attendance at the WSIB meetings is also an ongoing issue.

Mgt: Farouk and Joanne will work to resolve these issues. Follow up next meeting.                                     (11-2017)

CUPW: Any Update?

Mgt: There have been some meetings. Don will be organizing the outstanding meetings. Helen will work with Joanne(12-2017)

Status quo                                                                                                                                                     (01-2018)

9) Snow Removal

CUPW: Any update?

Mgt: Update next meeting – (Kimti)                                                                                                                (11-2017)

CUPW: Any Update?

Mgt: Meetings are completed and LJOSH members included. If the snow is not cleared, we escalate that to the contactors to make sure that it is.

CUPW: Has this been discussed at the Mini Meetings?

Mgt: Will include in the upcoming Mini Meetings. (Kimti)                                                                     (12-2017)

CUPW: Snow removal still a problem. They want a plan rolled out to all stations. Snow removal contractors need clarification of what to clear. Brodie should review process with 280 Progress.

Mgt: 280 Progress has a 3 day plan when it snows – park vehicles in south parking lot 1st day and plow north, park vehicles in north parking lot and plow south 2nd day, salt as soon as if freezes.

Brodie sends text messages through PDT to employees. Wants to see responses from ee’s.                (01-2018)

10) Temps at Don Mills

CUPW: Letter from temps regarding the quality of training they received at Don Mills. Mgt needs to follow up with the Supervisors in question. (Letters read in the meeting)

Mgt: Please provide the letters to Joseph for a follow up – Next Meeting                                                 (11-2017)

CUPW: Any update?

Mgt: Have not heard anything from the employee or the Depot. Joseph will follow up next meeting         (12-2017)

11) RTW plans and Doctor’s notes

CUPW: CPC is refusing to follow recommendations when bringing ee’s back to work. We also need clarification in regards to Doctor’s notes. Are they allowed?

Mgt: Farouk to follow up next meeting                                                                                                     (11-2017)

CUPW: Please provide clarification in regards to Drs notes. Employees are being told by the Supervisors that they will not accept notes for 5 days or more.

MGT: If the employee is going to be off work for 5 days or more, the supervisor needs to enter the code 9906, which will generate the claim for WSIB. A doctor’s note is not needed.

CUPW: The supervisors need to be trained on the proper process when entering STD claims.

MGT: Farouk will email the Job aid to the supervisors. Follow up next meeting                                         (12-2017)

CUPW: RTW memo`s still not being shared with all supvrs. CPC does not communicate to ??? how they are accommodating the ee’s return to work. Union needs to know what the accommodation is as they are forcing ee`s to work above restrictions. Don Mills said they could accommodate but did not.

Mgt to follow up                                                                                                                                         (01-2018)

12) RTW from STDP

CUPW: We need clarification on the correct process for STPD. CPC is not allowing ee’s to come back to work even when the employee is authorized by the insurance company.

Mgt: Farouk to follow up next meeting.

CUPW: Any update? The issues are still occurring.

Mgt: Helen will follow up on the process for next meeting                                                                         (01-2018)

13) Relief must work until 8 pm

CUPW: Spvrs are telling the relief that they are expected to work until 8pm. Please ensure the correct process is communicated to the Supervisors.

Mgt: Will follow up next meeting

CUPW: We are still having issues at 280, Don Mills, Pickering and Ajax. There needs to be a discussion with the supervisors.

Mgt: Please provide names of the Supervisors to the Managers, so this matter could be resolved immediately. Follow up next meeting                                                                                                                                                             (12-2017)

STATUS QUO                                                                                                                                          (01-2018)

C&D New Business:

1) New rates of pay.

CUPW: There has been a lot of confusion with the employees in regards to Time Value. The letter is misleading.

Mgt: We were under the impression that there were 2 letters mailed to the employees. Employees can always call the support center for clarification. Farouk and Helen to follow up next meeting

Mgt: Communication has gone out and team leaders are following up with employees.

CUPW: letter does not mention mat leave or LTD.

Mgt: Helen to follow up                                                                                                                            (01-2018)

2) Winter Clothing

CUPW: Vests for employees are needed on the docks.

Mgt: The order can be placed for the employee based on the credits they have available in the system. Farouk to follow up next meeting

Status Quo                                                                                                                                            (01-2018)

3) WSIB Meetings

CUPW: The meeting starts at 10am at 280. An email needs to be sent to everyone that needs to be in attendance by Mgt to avoid the reoccurring lack of attendance.

Mgt: Follow up next meeting

Mgt: Has asked disability management to inform supvrs.

CUPW: If OAC not available, disability management does not know who to contact. Joanna is getting calls from claims and DM as they don`t know who to contact in CPC.

Mgt: Helene will follow up with Greg D.                                                                                                     (01-2018)

4) Xmas casuals, hiring/transfer applications

CUPW: Xmas temps denied transfer.

Mgt: Currently canvassing group 1 temps for opportunity to move to the grp 2 list.

CUPW: Group 1 without licences should also be canvassed and can go on the list for clerk work only.

Mgt: will follow up with Troy                                                                                                                     (01-2018)

RETAIL Unfinished Business On Mins.

1) Urban Clearance needed for Stouffville RPO (11-2016)

CUPW: Due to volumes, requesting RPO clearance by urban services

Mgt: We have made a request for a 5-Ton pick-up, but this pick-up belongs to RSMC and cannot picked-up by the 5-ton network

CUPW: Is it possible to use Step-Van to conduct clearances at 31 Brodie using a PT rover employee?

CUPW: What’s the update?

Mgt: Will have a response by next meeting – (Deb N / Stephanie)                                                            (10-2017)

Same as the last minutes. No update was provided as there was no MGT from that Area to advice. Debra Nicholson / Stephanie Simpson: to provide an update                                                                                                                            (11-2017)

CUPW: Update?

Mgt: We can get 5 ton trucks for clearing. We will get another vehicle to clear in peek. RSMC’s are supposed to be clearing the snow for their routes.

CUPW: Can you bring temps to clear Stouffville? RSMC’s are having a lot of issues clearing the snow (2nd run is needed)

Mgt: It’s an RSMC route, not transportation. Will follow up for next meeting.

Mgt: Response: Stouffville RSMC we prefer to keep the clearance.

We made arrangements for the RPO to be cleared with alternate, however, the route holder indicated they would prefer to keep the work on their route.                                                                                                                                         (12-2017)

Status Quo                                                                                                                                                 (01-2018)

2) Bilingual Positions                                                                                                                                    (09-2017)

CUPW: Any update?

Mgt: Pickering: Shannon has requested a language test for Alice Abraham, who currently holds BULH Bilingual position, through Mary Stringer (HR) Don Mills: The ee who bid into position is on LTA and cannot Language Test at this time. Not sure who is going to backfill LTA. Sam to provide further details.

CUPW: Mike has indicated that the Union will be complaining to the Language

Commissions Board. Also noted that Julie Wood is Bilingual, although we cannot use her at DTPC

due to Article 54 restrictions could she be used at Don Mills or Pickering if she passes the Bilingual

Test?                                                                                                                                                                (11-2017)

CUPW: What’s the status of the employees at Don Mills and Pickering?

Mgt: Both employee will be going through the testing process (Bilingual Testing). Will follow up next meeting with the dates.                                                                                                                                                                         (12-2017)

CUPW: Update?

Alice is to be tested this month. If she passes she will be sent for training. Michelle was off and will be going back off on LTA so was not tested. DM has vacancy will be filled soon. If the person can`t speak French they will be tested. Fumi is ready to come back but is Sam not aware. She will be tested and trained on her return. Jennifer Williams should have been informed. U&M receiving different info.

CUPW: she must receive training or 3rd person needed.

Status Quo                                                                                                                                                     (01-2018)


3) First Aid Log Books:

CUPW: All Post Offices should have a First Aid Log Book available to employees.

Audit will be completed by Union for all depots + retail prior to next UMM. Non-compliant offices will be reported.

CUPW: What’s the update (Richmond Hill?)

Mgt: Follow up next meeting Danny                                                                                                                 (12-2017)

Status quo                                                                                                                                                        (01-2018)


4)  Temps 39.07

Temps are not to be used unless the leave is over 10 days and not annual. The union advised that Omiya is currently covering Jay Michael at Don Mills but he is using different leave prior to retirement…

CUPW: What’s the update? How are you going to cover all positions due to retirements? We don’t want to be put in a position where we would have to grieve for you using temps for vacant positions,

Mgt: Danny will follow up – Next Meeting                                                                                                         (12- 2017)

Status quo                                                                                                                                                       (01-2018)

RETAIL New Business

R.S.M.C. Consultations

Unfinished Business On Mins.

1.) EE’s who have abandoned employment – status                                                                                     (01-2016)

CUPW: 1 employee in WBC, 1 in Brodie (SS126) and 2 in Ajax/Whitby

Mgt: We are reviewing all cases. For SS126 in Brodie, we are following up with the ASF process. We will ask Central GTA to follow-up on the one employee in West Beaver Creek.

CUPW: What’s the update for Brodie/Whitby/Ajax?

Mgt: Kimti to follow up for Brodie and Julie for Ajax and Whitby.

Mgt: Will have an update next meeting                                                                                                                (10-2017)

Management provided update on the employee from Brodie station that work is in progress. Union inquired about the employees form Ajax station. Management to provide further update on next meeting.                                                                    (11-2017)

CUPW: Any update?

Mgt: Follow up next Meeting                                                                                                                                 (12-2017)

Status quo                                                                                                                                                            (01-2018)

2) New OCRE to use for parcel delivery                                                                                                         (02-2017)

CUPW: OCRE compensation for parcel delivery is not correct.

Mgt: For the Amazon Prime week only, OCRE who were assisting with parcel delivery were paid the higher amount between the minimum PRE rate ($60 per day) or the Parcel Calculator

CUPW: During peak periods if all OCREs are offered work and if CPC is still short staffed, parcel delivery should be offered to Group 2 employees.


3) 14th Ave., RSMC’s without Steel Toes working with Monos

CUPW: Unionville LCD2 station is using monos for overflow parcels: 14th Avenue stations are using monos to deal with overflow parcels for some routes. Employees are off loading all their parcels from these monos and not using ergo lifts. Even if they are allowed to use ergo lifts, they need to use steel toe shoes and RSMC employees are not entitle to have steel toe shoes. Management will follow up with local station to find the alternative way of handling these parcels.

Status quo                                                                                                                                                        (01-2018)

4) RSMC Travel Time

CUPW: 2nd trip was not paid properly, all of the stations need to be looked at, Jan to Nov needs to be fixed. They were paid mileage but not the drive time they are entitled to.

Mgt: Please provide the necessary details. - Specific routes etc. Follow up next meeting – Troy.

Union to send a sampling of names from a few stations for us to investigate.                                                 (01-2018)

Other Issues – round table

1) No unified accommodations for RSMC ee’s.

CUPW: Wants a standard process. Currently some stations are accommodating RSMC’s on different routes that could be affecting their pay from WBC.

Mgt: to address at the next meeting                                                                                                                (01-2018)

2) Open more annual leave columns at Brodie for RSMC’s

CUPW: requesting we open more columns as there are more OCRE’s than RSMC’s at the station and they’re worried we’ll lose the OCRE’s.

Mgt: will follow up next meeting.                                                                                                                        (01-2018)

Next meeting is:

February 14, 2018 @ 10:00 280 Progress.

(Mike will not be in attendance)