Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Meeting held on October 10, 2017 @ 12:00 hours
280 Progress Boardroom

T. Seto M. Duquette
K. Aggarwal L. Charles
J. Parent S. Chau
E. Dzienniak T. Vango
C. D’Angelo D. Richmond
T. Mah C. Wittich
P. Comport C. Richards
W. Sribney

CPC: Reviewed National Christmas Consultation Guidelines:

2016 Delivered Volumes and 2017 Forecast Summary:

- 57.5M packages to be delivered over 10 weeks vs 50M in 2016, and increase of 7.5M or 15%.

- 32 days over 1M vs 26 days in 2016

- 16 days over 1.3M vs 4 days in 2016

- 3 Sunday potentially over 800K (Excluding Saturday delivery), biggest Sunday delivery in 2016 was 508K on December 11th.

- 5.4M packages forecasted to be delivered on weekends vs 2.7M in 2016, an increase of 2.6M or 96%

- 23M packages to be delivered in week 49, 50 and 51 vs 19.7M in 2016, an increase of 3.3M or 17%

Delivering Parcels on Weekends:

- Peak season calendar period: Week 45, 2017 to Week 02, 2018 (November 5th 2017 to January 13, 2018); but based on local decision;

- Mostly Sundays Delivery (less carding), local decision could lead to Saturday deliveries;

- Weekend and early start for Gr. 1 and LCAs (to allow Letter Carriers to leave on time);

- Depending on volumes, weekend delivery may be a combination of routes, to be bid on by seniority on Sunday mornings (except some stations where this activity will happen on Friday).

2016 GTA Peak Plan

- Covering every route, every day;

- Use of artice 17.06 to backfill relief positions

- Offering OT on equal opportunity;

- With compulsory overtime in mind:

o Leveraging weekend deliveries;

o Leveraging Part Time Extended Hours (30-40 hours where possible);

o Informing and communicating to temporary employees where and when work will be available in advance.

- Mostly Sundays (less carding), local decision could lead to Saturday deliveries;

- Weekend and early start for Gr. 1 and LCAs (to allow Letter Carriers to leave on time);

- Depending on volumes, weekend delivery may be a combination of routes, to be bid on by seniority on Sunday mornings.

- Extra shuttles to get product at depots earlier (DZ temps);

- When possible, afternoon duties will be assisted by additional employees (temps);

- Early RPO clearances with 5 Tons for larger offices.

Backfilling Vacancies:

CPC: Similar to previous years, we would like request the option to Backfill vacancies with temp employees for peak period

CUPW: The position of the local is that the corporation does not backfill vacancies with temp employees as per collective agreement. The provision of 17.06 should be applied

CPC: We will backfill RLC positions using 17.06

Direct to Depot:

CUPW: Similar to last year, it is suggested that for equal opportunity, one list for Group 1 for the facility.

CPC: Management will proceed with one Group 1 list for the facility for equal opportunity overtime.

Eligibility Group 2 Depot Support Overtime:

CPC: Employees will be eligible for overtime if they have completed the one day mandatory training.

Weekend Delivery (Non-PTDR sites) and Weekend PTDR Operation:

CPC: Depending on volumes, in stations that are not part of the Weekend PTDR process, weekend delivery may be a combination of routes, to be bid on by seniority on Saturday or Sunday morning. Does Scarborough Local prefer less employees with longer route or shorter long route with less people. If overtime is offered, employees will be advised the minimum hours they will be offered. Employees will choose weekend routes based on seniority.

CUPW: It is expected that we take existing rotation day overtime lists and continue canvassing accordingly

CUPW: It is requested that the strategy surrounding the Weekend PTDR strategy be shared with the Scarborough Local for consideration.

CPC: Will follow-up once the strategy has been finalized.

CPC: A follow-up consultation was scheduled for October 24, 2017. In attendance from the Scarborough Local included: M. Duquette, L. Charles, George Pratt, C. Richards, D. Richmond. In attendance from CPC was T. Seto, E. Booth (via phone), T. Giovanone, and P. Comport.

CPC: For peak season, the current staffing profile of the Weekend PTDR operation is unable to support the additional volumes anticipated during peak. As a result, we are consolidating the operation and creating peak season delivery zones for Saturday and Sunday delivering to the following stations: Westhill and Scarborough F. The PC&R Weekend Parcel Planning tool was used to identify the baseline FTE compliment required to deliver parcels. Some of the PDR assignments will be for sorting Westhill and Scarborough F peak zones. The rest of the PDR assignments will be for delivering Westhill and Scarborough F peak zones. There are 13 zones in Westhill and 16 zones in Scarborough F. We will be leveraging existing GTA Parcel Weekend sort scan process and tools. This consolidated process will be in place for the duration of November 11 to January 7, 2018.

CUPW: There is concern surrounding overtime opportunities for the employees in both of those stations. How many PDR vacancies are there?

CPC: 5 vacancies at the current moment

CUPW: How will the additional work due to the vacancies be managed

CPC: We will ensure that Appendix JJ is followed and if we are at other means, we will leverage the indeterminate employees in those two stations to assist.

CUPW: What will be the impact to the Group 1 employees?

CPC: During peak, we anticipate delivering on weekends for the stations that are not part of the Weekend PTDR process, as a result the Group 1 employees will be required for the other stations

CUPW: We will need to encourage the employees in Westhill and Scarborough F to sign-up on the list for overtime in other stations

Seniority List:

CUPW: when is the last staffing action?

CPC: The anticipated last staffing action will be November 19, 2017.

CUPW: Seniority lists will have to be updated with the new transfers from the staffing action

Peak Season Parcel Routes (“Milk Runs/ Phantom Routes”):

CPC: Management would like to be able to utilize temp employees to staff these routes

CUPW: The expectation is for Management to canvass indeterminate employees to fill these routes for the term of the peak season. In addition, the local would like to use article 54 employees to cover these routes who have restrictions which will allow them to lift from 25 to 35 lbs.

CPC: The OAC will review case by case to determine if an employee is suitable for an assignment on a route

CUPW: The employees who volunteer for these peak season parcel routes can be utilized a Relief and can be used to cover other routes. These employee can be used before going to 15.14 and 15.08 can be used after these employees have been exhausted.

Sign-up List for Weekend Delivery:

CUPW and CPC: Canvass both waves via announcements and notices. The cut-off time for canvassing will be noon. If the employee sign-up for overtime but does not show up for their overtime shift, it will be management’s discretion on how to manage the situation. It is expected that the results of the canvassing will be posted weekly.

Appendix Y:

CPC: All information is being consolidated and prepared by Superintendent Penny Comport. Will provide a summary to Scarborough Local

CUPW: Scarborough Local would like to request the names of the employee to validate. The employees who applied prior and the employees who applied after needs to be separate.

Rental Vehicles:

CUPW: Requests that management obtain vehicles which has a separation between driver and where the mail is stored in the vehicle.

CPC: Management will follow-up with Fleet

CUPW: Management needs to ensure that there are first aid kits in the rental lists.


CUPW: When and where is management planning to have weekend delivery for RSMCs

CPC: Potentially Stouffville, Unionville (14th Avenue), Brodie, Durham Urban, Bowmanville and any sites deemed necessary. Delivery will potentially start as early as November 13, 2017.

CUPW: Please confirm what the compensation will be for OCRE and RSMC who perform parcel delivery during the week and on weekends

CPC: Compensation structure will be as outlined during our discussion at consultation.

RPO Clearance in Stouffville:

CUPW: Requesting that RPO Clearance in Stouffville be completed by urban carrier

CPC: Management will review request.

Group 1 Christmas Temps for GTA East:

CUPW: When will the Group 1 Christmas Temps start working.

CPC: November 15, 2017

CPC: Is it expected that the corporation canvass existing temps for interest in moving to this temp list for peak?

CUPW: No, because this is a temporary list.