Local Consultation Minutes

Meeting purpose York Distribution Centre (YDC) Monthly Consultation – Scarborough Local
Date, time, and place Date: Wednesday, August 02, 2017
Time: 08:00 – 9:30am
Place: YDC Board Room
Attendees The table below is a list of everyone who attended the consultation (*by phone)

Mike Duquette Ewa Dzienniak
Chris Richards Herman Alves
Derek Richmond Farouk Elabasery
Christian Wittich

Local Consultation Minutes

Topics discussed: This table provides a summary of each of the topics discussed at the consultation


1.) MAM 11 Staffing

CUPW – informed union has scheduled meeting with PC&R to review current concerns surrounding staffing for vacant MAM 11 positions.

CUPW – clarifying that these employees belong to YDC and not to SCLPP

CPC – The employees own positions at YDC and are employees at YDC but report through an org structure to a superintendent at SCLPP. One MAM 11 has been staffed and one existing vacancy is pending.

One position was staffed through the transfer. One position still remains vacant, follow up with HR and Maintenance management.

CUPW – Is there any update on the staffing?

CPC – Not at this time, CUPW was to reach out to Julie

2.) State of incoming mail from LVR

CUPW – hearing ongoing concerns regarding Amazon gaylords and loose loads. Specific concerns regarding interviews and injuries for employees dealing with these items.

CPC – This is an issue that has been ongoing and continuous communication is being relayed to the customer through the service network to resolve issues regarding quality of the arriving loads from LVM customers. LJSCH is engaged in this issue. Scheduled to visit Walmart warehouse on July 13, 2017.

CUPW – what was the result of visit to Amazon

CPC – Visit was actually to Walmart. It was observed that it is an entirely manual process and the process is to not overload skids past six feet. Compliance is an issue at times and will continually be monitored. Overloaded monos and gaylords will continue to be addressed as they arrive to YDC. Visit to Amazon is still pending.

CUPW – Is record keeping being conducted regarding how many units are coming in.

CPC – contact is being made regularly through email and the CSN network will be contacted

3.) MMHE plug in time

CPC - Advising that there is no official time allotment for plugging in MMHE at end of shift and there is no such clause in the collective agreement. There is no post trip inspection process for MMHE.

CUPW – employees must be allowed an appropriate amount of time to complete their duties prior to the end of their shift. Management to follow up regarding millage reader for each pre-inspection.

CPC – Verified that there is no post trip inspection for MMHE so that there is no allotted time at end of shift to plug in MMHE. A reasonable amount of time is allotted for all employees to return any equipment being used to its place


1. CUPW – requesting UMO presence at next meeting

CPC – UMO manager has been advised but was unable to attend due to vacation, will be advised of next meeting.

NEXT MEETING: September 20, 2017