Wednesday June 21, 2017

East Delivery Union Management meeting June 21, 2017 held at 280 Progress Avenue at 10:00 am

C. D’Angelo D. Richmond
T. Seto L. Charles
W. Lee C. O’Conner
J. Mateus S. Chau
E. Dzienniak M. Mitchell
J. Hartanu

R.S.M.C. Consultations

1. CUPW: CPC moved clearance from one route to a new route – same conditions

CPC: will review

May 17, 2017

CUPW whenever activities aren’t assigned, being cleared by APOC

CPC to review

06.19 June 21, 2017


2. CUPW: OCRE being paid 85% of 85% vs 85% of route value

CPC: Joseph will inquire with RSMC National/process team for clarification and respond

May 17, 2017

Goes back to Feb 2017 – to follow up & March 2017 to follow up

Status quo to review

06.20 June 21, 2017


3. CUPW: Vacant routes must be checked when vacant before re-staffed to ensure correct values, Maple & Stouffville not following the process

CPC: Will review with depots identified for update

May 17, 2017

CPC Maple confirms currently taking place – Stouffville to confirm or provide update

06.21 June 21, 2017


4. New OCRE to use for parcel delivery: Union stated that management should use new OCRE to deliver parcels only in RSMC areas. Management will explore this further and provide an update.


May 17, 2017

CUPW take OCRE to assist with parcel delivery as they are being paid

CPC – Maple currently doing it

06.22 June 21, 2017


5. Training for OCRE: Not adequate training is being provided to new employees. Management to follow up.


May 17, 2017

CUPW 2 days at home 3 days on-street then given route to deliver – statement on current status

CPC will forward concerns to training

06.23 June 21, 2017


6. CUPW: RSMC PDT training – All RSMC to be trained on the new PDTs

CPC: RSMCs were paid via ADHOC – CLOSED

May 17, 2017 re-opened

CUPW some employees not being paid

CPC – we need names and ID of those not paid

May 17, 2017

CUPW – some concerns with carding not safe dropping at certain areas.

CPC only certain areas due to safe drop not working as items are delivered and cx claims item not available – possible theft

CUPW annual inspections can be a problem with RSMC routes not getting parcel volumes

CPC will assess/review specific routes – not blanket/generic direction on process

CUPW how do RSMCs record/track these items?

CPC will review and respond as well as obtain national direction (Kimti)

CPC Maple delivers to the door or cards all as signature item to reduce scan defects/claims

06.24 June 21, 2017

CUPW: direction on safe drop process/high valued items and when safe dropped and item disappears; instructions on safe drop in some areas – clarity on clear direction

CPC: Will provide latest communication and direction

CUPW: wants members to have clear direction on steps and safe drop processes

CPC: will follow up and respond CMS 1202.39

RLCs backfilling PT positions

CUPW employee being given work from Wave 1 and shipping out RLCs

CPC was reviewed and discussed with CUPW Kimti will review process with his staffing Supv

CUPW to be clear –calling RLCs en-route to report elsewhere

CPC practice has been stopped.


NM Canadian Tire Corporation

CPC 2 days Sept 5th RSMC

3 days for June 5th, June 19th, Sept 5th, Nov 20th, Dec 4th and Dec 11th RSMC

- as per MOA for Urban – same as above except not May 23rd, 2017

- compensation as per C/A for RSMC

- compensation for urban as per MOA

- no compression permitted

CUPW – concerns over flyers on September 5th planned as it is Labour Day long weekend

CPC-2 day delivery span


Urban 14 days

Commencing August 14th, 2017

0.07 cents per piece as per C/A

CPC MOA is clear – not expected on Monday delivery

CUPW is staging of product being considered/action in place – pattern/process

CPC will review and respond on staging/arrival strategy

CUPW conflict on two MOAs – both CTC and IKEA flyer expected to be delivered on same span – Sept 5th and Sept 6th.

CPC will review and respond

CPC 5 minute mini meetings in each facility to discuss/review delivery span

CUPW, the DCS slips will be a problem commencing on the Monday – with start/end date will include Monday as delivery span

CPC will monitor and review in each depot

RSMC 14 days

Delivery includes Monday(s)

Commencing August 14th, 2017

As per MOA, at discretion start date

As per C/A (for delivery compensation)


CUPW – are RMSCs following delivery process A3

CPC this was the process released

CUPW grieving process – off the UMM minutes

06.25 June 21, 2017


CUPW requesting list of OCREs and PREs by installation with position numbers

CPC – will forward request to PCR for review and action.

List will be run and sent to the union before the next meeting.

CUPW: has not yet received

CPC: Will confirm and resend

06.26 June 21, 2017


CUPW 3 OCRE (Ajax & 14th ) requesting to go back to contractors status to earn 100% of pay versus 85%

CPC will review via PCR and respond

CUPW: no response yet

CPC: to follow up

06.27 June 21, 2017


CUPW C/As expected by end of the May 2017

CUPW: C/A not yet distributed

CPC: will follow up and provide estimated distribution numbers required and will ship to depots

06.28 June 21, 2017


CUPW OCRE (Ajax) was trained – completed training then advised his vehicle was not suitable size

CPC he did not complete the training – complained vehicle was not suitable; was as given 2 weeks to get suitable vehicle.

06.29 June 21, 2017


CUPW OCREs cannot be used to deliver over-sized parcels to RPO due to size at Brodie and Ajax

CPC to review status and process at identified depots

06.30 June 21, 2017

CUPW: update required on status of meetings and communication

CPC will review and provide information as available

Next meeting is JULY 12 @ 10:00 @ YDC.

Minutes by: Joseph Mateus