Local Consultation Minutes

Meeting purpose York Distribution Centre (YDC) Monthly Consultation – Scarborough Local
Date, time, and place Date: Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Time: 08:00 – 9:30am
Place: YDC Board Room
Attendees The table below is a list of everyone who attended the consultation (*by phone)

Learie Charles Ewa Dzienniak
Derek Richmond Herman Alves

Local Consultation Minutes

Topics discussed: This table provides a summary of each of the topics discussed at the consultation


1.) Temps (Lists, Peer Average)

CUPW – inquiring if investigations are taken place regarding work offer declines before letters are sent out

CPC – moving forward, management will use reports to contact employees to maintain attendance management and will follow up with those who receive letters to determine reasons why work offers are not being accepted.

CUPW – union requesting copy of list of letters sent out in order to investigate further reason for absences and/or not accepting work offers to prevent unnecessary grievances

CUPW – asking to have up to date and current temp lists sent to local due to large number of temps having moved lists – not sure they have up to date lists

CPC – No further letters have been sent and some pending letters have been stopped at this time. Up to date lists will be forwarded to Local. It is confirmed that approximately 13 YDC temps will be transferring to 280 progress casual list to perform weekend operation. YDC is planning to increase the temp list to total of 200 casual employees for the coming season. 85 for shift 1 and 115 for shift 3.

2.) MAM 11 Staffing

CUPW – informed union has scheduled meeting with PC&R to review current concerns surrounding staffing for vacant MAM 11 positions.

CUPW – clarifying that these employees belong to YDC and not to SCLPP

CPC – The employees own positions at YDC and are employees at YDC but report through an org structure to a superintendent at SCLPP. One MAM 11 has been staffed and one existing vacancy is pending

CPC – informing union shift 3 changes were recently introduced surrounding extended hours, it was announced that only total of 5hrs or 8hrs extensions would be offered and 6hrs work schedule would no longer be an option due to operational requirement. This is mainly due to shift 1 staffing becoming stabilized as well that arrival patterns for YDC has changed and productive work is not available.

CUPW – when casuals are being called in within 2hrs of an employee’s scheduled end time, extensions must be offered to maximum of 4hrs in blocks of 2hr options.

CPC – 2hr block options apply only to overtime hours, not extended hours. However, will keep change in place and review with LR and respond. Also when extended hours were offered prior to the regular start time to start at 15:00, 3 hours prior. Union didn’t raise an issue with the mandatory 2 or 4 hours blocks.

CPC – LR has responded that the 2hr block options are for OT and not for extended hours


CUPW – hearing ongoing concerns regarding Amazon gaylords and loose loads. Specific concerns regarding interviews and injuries for employees dealing with these items.

CPC – This is an issue that has been ongoing and continuous communication is being relayed to the customer through the service network. LJSCH is engaged in this issue. Attempting to arrange a customer visit with YDC management to Amazon.

CUPW - requested assurance that monthly annual bid will be in place and that up to date annual board will be posted

CPC – yes it will

CUPW – requested assurance that Gaylord wrapping platform is no longer in use

CPC – issue was addressed in a mini meeting that the platform would no longer be in use and that Gaylord wrapping would continue to be performed with an ergo lift pending further process review

CUPW – concern regarding inducting on to flex conveyor while nearby doors being loaded

CPC - when west most dock doors are being loaded flex conveyor is positioned in a manner to provide adequate buffer space for these activities.

CPC – requesting that local is following up with inactive employees to ensure that any possible actions are being taken to alleviate staffing concerns

CUPW – follow ups are being made where appropriate and actively pursued, there are some developments occurring in some instances

CPC - requesting that the local actively engage in educating members regarding grievances that clearly do not contravene the collective agreement.

CUPW – where possible and appropriate grievers are informed that there has been no contravention to the collective agreement and many such grievances are never filed.

CPC - Advising that there is no official time allotment for plugging in MMHE at end of shift and there is no such clause in the collective agreement. There is no post trip inspection process for MMHE.

CUPW – employees must be allowed an appropriate amount of time to complete their duties prior to the end of their shift.

CPC – Advising that there is a tentative proposal in place to move the last break on Shift 1 from 0500 hours to 0445 hours.

CUPW – What is the reason for the change?

CPC – Operational requirements and mail flow are dictating this change

CUPW – we will consult and respond

NEXT MEETING: July 12, 2017 – tentative based on east delivery, to confirm.