Local Consultation Minutes

Meeting purpose York Distribution Centre (YDC) Monthly Consultation – Scarborough Local
Date, time, and place Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Time: 08:00 – 9:30am
Place: YDC Board Room
Attendees The table below is a list of everyone who attended the consultation (*by phone)

Learie Charles Ewa Dzienniak
Mike Duquette Sheila Foronda

Local Consultation Minutes

Topics discussed: This table provides a summary of each of the topics discussed at the consultation


1.) Air Quality testing

CUPW – inquiring if test has been completed

CPC – replied test has been arranged and will be performed later today (April 12, 2019)

2.) Temps (Lists, Peer Average)

CUPW – inquiring if investigations are taken place regarding work offer declines before letters are sent out

CPC – moving forward, management will use reports to contact employees to maintain attendance management and will follow up with those who receive letters to determine reasons why work offers are not being accepted.

CUPW – union requesting copy of list of letters sent out in order to investigate further reason for absences and/or not accepting work offers to prevent unnecessary grievances

3.) MAM 11 Staffing

CUPW – informed union has scheduled meeting with PC&R to review current concerns surrounding staffing for vacant MAM 11 positions.


CUPW – brought awareness that petition circulating regarding assignments are not according to seniority

CPC – rotation of duties has already been discussed in previous meetings for regular employees and backfills. Remainder of employees, specifically casuals, are plugged in where their work is required. Employees will be moved according to operational needs, employees will not be moved by seniority as it does not necessarily work for operation

CUPW – clarifies casuals have seniority but their seniority is not used in the same manner as regular employees, their seniority is used to determine other needs but not for work

CUPW – raised concern that a significant amount of paperwork is being done by supervisors vs. those who are responsible for loading highway services, questioning why not all work is done by those who are responsible for the loading

CPC – advised system is not equipped to do all scanning, manual STRs are currently being completed by supervisors all digital STRs are being done via PDT by MMHE. System is transitioning towards the PDT version. Manual STRs are not bar coded to allow for employees to complete STV scanning and therefore, will continue to be completed by supervisors. When STV was introduced it was only for arrivals, we are transitioning to outgoing and eventually all services will be scanned for both incoming and outgoing. In the meantime, supervisors will continue to complete manual STRs.

CPC – informing union shift 3 changes were recently introduced surrounding extended hours, it was announced that only total of 5hrs or 8hrs extensions would be offered and 6hrs work schedule would no longer be an option. This is mainly due to shift 1 staffing becoming stabilized as well that arrival patterns for YDC has changed and productive work is not available.

CUPW – when casuals are being called in within 2hrs of an employee’s scheduled end time, extensions must be offered to maximum of 4hrs in blocks of 2hr options.

CPC – 2hr block options apply only to overtime hours, not extended hours. However, will keep change in place and review with LR and respond

NEXT MEETING: May 10, 2017