February 9, 2017

East Delivery Union Management meeting February 09, 2017 held at 1860 Midland Avenue at boardroom at 10:30 am

M. Duquette J. Parent
L. Charles K. Aggarwal
C. O’Conner G. Ramlochan 
S. Chau J. Mateus
C. Coolahan P. Comfort
C. Wittich E. Dzienniak
J. Hartanu
G. Pratts

RMO Unfinished Business

1.) Route Values Missing/Incorrect Walk 203 Malvern

Management: Reschedule for next UMM. Feb 09, 2017: MOA was designed but did not see the details. Status quo

Scarborough D- Walk 640 Feb 09, 2017: MOA was designed but did not see the details. Status quo

CUPW: Carrier still has not been paid

Management: Will follow-up with Route Measurement

RMO New Business

1.) Iron Ring Map

CUPW: Requesting a copy of the iron ring map

Management: Will follow-up with RM

Feb 09, 2017: Email sent by RMO that it is DSO issue. DSO is refusing to provide a copy of the map. Closed.

C&D Unfinished Business

1.) Not Doing Article 50’s (Malvern)

CUPW: Received an email from Kerry Hobbs. Would like the results of the Pre-50 results. Walks 204 and 218

Management: Management to follow-up.

Feb 09, 2017: CUPW – Article 50 was filed in the past and union did not see any actions.

Mgt – Employee on route not requesting article 50 and no further data will be provided.

CUPW – request was filled in 2013 (years ago) and nothing was done. There was a pre 50 actions were taken and union need to see the actions taken on this pre-50 request.

2.) Lunch Locations

CUPW: Chris and Kerry have been out, found locations from West Hill Scar C and Depot 4. Still on-going. When are we implementing? For Pickering, they had lunch locations in the previous structure, can’t we use those locations?

Management: For Pickering, Manager to speak with Chris Coolhan. Management to follow-up on implementation at 280 Progress. Reviews have been conducted at Scar Depot 11.

The corporation’s positions are that all routes previously alleging without lunch locations, but subsequently having undergone restructure, are considered resolved. Routes are structured in accordance with the Collective Agreement/LCRMS in that employees shall take their meal on route at the location of their choice and are in receipt of 3 minutes of travel allowance.

Feb 09, 2017 – 280 management will drive out and find the appropriate lunch locations and provide further results. 31 Brodie will be doing same thing. Other locations to follow up further. Previous requests will be dealt with through grievance process and any new concerns will be dealt under the process of identifying the lunch locations.

3.) 038’s review timeline (Pickering)

CUPW: Toronto O, R, L, Scar D, need copies once restructures are implemented. For Pickering, Chris highlighted all issues on the 038s for Pickering.

Management: Chris to follow-up with Julie via phone call.

Feb 09, 2017: Chris is meeting with Julie to discuss Pickering. And waiting on Melvern and Scar D. Waiting for current stat for Willowdale B and D. Joseph will work with Chris to provide the current status for above two stations.

4.) 1/3 splits on headers

CUPW: Richmond Hill/ Thornhill is outstanding

Management: Management in Richmond Hill/ Thornhill to follow-up

Feb 09, 2017: Richmond Hill main was completed. Thornhill Main will be done in 3 weeks as supervisor has been assigned to this.

5.) Departure Time Studies

CUPW: All restructures that occurred in the fall, a departure studies need to be done. Agincourt, West Hill, Depot 4, Scarborough F, Scarborough C, Don Mills, Scar Depot 11, Markham/Unionville, Pickering

Management: Management to follow-up on process.

Feb 09, 2017: Management will follow up further on this topic.

6.) Temps in Vacant Positions

CUPW: Status Quo

Feb 09, 2017: status Quo

7.) Headers not showing SLB or RPO clearance times

CUPW: Headers should clearly identify clearance times on each route.

Management: RM (Amanda) to provide feedback on whether this information is required on Headers.

Feb 09, 2017: Joseph will reach out to National C&D to consider what is required and will provide update.

National C&D position on the headers:

SLB and RPO clearance have never indicated actual times. The headers only indicate which RPO’s service which tie outs / LDU’s. In fact, this information has never been automatically generated on the headers, this is a local managed portion on the header where the Team Leader ‘may choose’ to insert addition lines to indicate where within the delivery portion a DA would clear an SLB, the clearance of these have always been after a particular time (i.e after 14:30), SLB and RPO clearances are not necessarily a definitive time to clear, as long as they are cleared within the clearance window. This information can and should be at the sortation case via the103’s, having it on the actual header is a nice to have so all the information is on one document, but not a requirement.

8.) RDO list – 602-10-00920

CUPW: Every year in January, Mike to receive the RDO lists

Management: Don Mills/ Willowdale has provided their RDO lists. Mike already had the other Willowdale stations.

Feb 09, 2017: Majority of the stations are still outstanding. Management will follow up with other stations.

9.) Oversized

CUPW: O/S parcels going onto Depot Cart by LCA.

Management: Mr. Aggarwal: Employees need to speak with Team Leaders if they have any concerns with a mail piece. Management has followed-up with all concerns. Will hold additional mini-meetings to re-enforce. Mr. Mateus: Safety talks have been completed with employees

Feb 09, 2017: Safety meetings were conducted and advised to all employees to follow the process. Some stations are in the processing of conducting these meetings and will confirm in the next meeting.

10.) Weekend / Xmas Parcel Delivery

CUPW: Peak has ended for 2016, closed until Peak 2017.

Feb 09, 2017: Closed.

11.) Rotation of Duties – Scarb Dep 11

CUPW: Requesting Rotation of Duties for part-time employees

Management: Rotation between parcel, packet and carding activities. Caller Window activities will not be included in the rotation. Ms. Dzienniak will provide proposal to Mike for review.

Feb 09, 2017: Both parties are reviewing the details and will provide further updates.

12.) Time Value for breaking off line of route (West Hill & Agincourt)

CUPW: Walks are structured to come back by 6:20 pm, but operations are asking LC to come back for 6 pm. LC should be provided time values to come back at 6 pm and go back out to finish their routes. This is happening at West Hill and Agincourt. Any LC who has to bring back SLB need to be back for 6 pm as per operations.

Management: Warren to follow-up with RM.

13.) O/T Lists not Posted In Stations

CUPW: These lists are supposed to be physically posted for everyone to see

Management: Mr. Mateus will confirm lists are posted for his respective stations by end of the week.

Feb 09, 2017: Don Mills and Glen’s area has been confirmed that all lists have been posted on the work floor.

CUPW: some stations still to confirm if the lists are posted.

14.) Contracting out Work in High Mail Volumes

Cupw: Maritime Ontario does pick up (5 tons) of parcels, the work normally done

by letter carriers.

Mgt: appendix “I” applies. Pg. 434, “… the corporation has no intention of contracting out work normally, regularly, and actually performed by letter carriers where such contracting out would result in surplus employees…..”

We have no surplus here.

Feb 09, 2017: status quo and management will provide further updates.

15.) West Beaver Creek- Driver’s Abstract Reimbursement

CUPW: What is the protocol for reimbursement for obtaining Driver’s abstract. There is a delay in reimbursement to employees

Mgt: will follow up

Feb 09, 2017: Glen has confirmed that proper process has been followed from now on and union to bring any further issues to management. Closed.

16.) Ajax: Dangerous and hazardous substance protocol should be adhered to

CUPW: Procedures should be followed and team leaders should be familiar with procedures

Management: A review of procedures will be conducted with the team leaders in the area.

Feb 09, 2017: Julie to follow up and provide an update.

New Business

1.) Redirections of parcels and packets: CUPW is asking why Parcels and packets to be pulled out for COAN and redirect these items from Depot 11. Parcels and packets are not part of the COAN. Management to follow up on this and provide a correct process of COAN for parcels.

2.) Term Demographics: Ratio of the hiring new terms (male vs female) is not reflected correct ratio. Age factor was also showing that CPC is hiring younger age group. PC&R have the list of these employees. Management will follow up with HR to provide how the applications are coming in and what is the process of these ratios.

3.) General Cleanliness: Employees need to be aware of their hygiene and be aware of other employees are going to touch these pieces of equipment. Never use the piece of equipment to be contaminated with urine.

4.) CMB sites not cleared snow and ice: Snow and ice not cleared from in front of CMB sites. Union is requesting the information about what is being used (salt or sand). Management has been raising these safety concerns to the contractors and expecting quick resolutions. Safety devices (cleets) to be provided to the new employees.

5.) Term resignations: Union raised concern that new employees are resigned due to the treatment to them. Union is asking to look at the process of new employee’s integration to the day to day work. Management will review the process. Management will also streamline the process of peer trainers. Union suggested to discuss the selection of peer trainer topic in LJHSC meetings as well.

6.) FAF not interpreted correctly: Union raised some concerns about 280 Progress (Station C & Agincourt) and Depot 11 had some concerns about the interpretation of FAF forms. Management will follow up with the team.

RETAIL Unfinished Business

1.) 280 Progress Retail – 2 term employees

CUPW: Concerns over staffing levels in RPO

Management: Stephanie to review with PC&R Manager and Director of Retail

Feb 09, 2017: Union stated that some employees were put in to Retail positions but employee will never work as they are on approved LTA benefits. Retail is short staff and using temps to staff these positions. These positions should be offered to the employees sitting home on STDP. Management to follow up further and this will be discussed in Article 54 meetings.

2.) 5 Ton Clearance needed Stouffville RPO

CUPW: Management should review the appropriate method (5-Ton or Step Vans) for clearing this RPO

Management: Will follow-up with RM

Feb 09, 2017: SDM can entertain 5 tone with lift. CPC doesn’t have lift 5 tones available. RSMC employee is spending too much time to clear this location due to high volume. Union is stating the set up a part time route to clear this RPO with larger vehicle. Management to follow up.

RETAIL New Business

1.) Other Issues – round table -NO ISSUE

R.S.M.C. Consultations

Unfinished Business

1.) EE’s who have abandoned employment – status

CUPW: Status Update

Management: Mr. Aggarwal, has proceeded with process to address employees who are not reporting to work

Feb 09, 2017: Union stated 2 employees in Zone 10, 1 employee in Maple, and 1 employee in WBC. Further follow up required from management.

2.) Stouffville Realignment

CUPW: Structure is completed, but RM indicated they are awaiting for approval for implementation.

Management: Not on the current restructure schedule, but will follow-up with Anna Hornberg

Feb 09, 2017: Union is waiting for an update on the dates for this realignment. Management will follow up.

Until the new values for from the C/A changes are in the system there will be no restructures before July.

3.) Log Sheet - Procedure Change

CUPW: Start and collect all Log sheets on the same day will help ensure that information is collected and documented in a timely manner

Management: Will review and follow-up

Feb 09, 2017: Union to provide further specifics on this issue. One the second concern Union is suggesting to reset the log sheet times. All routes should be starting the log sheets on same time and end on same time. Management will follow up with the stations.

4.) Adding OCRE to West Beaver Creek

CUPW: We like to review adding an OCRE to this site

Management: Asked Mr. Pratt to follow-up with Mr. Burtt and Ms. Marshall

Feb 09, 2017: Request has been put in and expecting the staffing on this position.

5.) New floor plan for Stouffville

Cupw: what’s the status

Mgt: work in progress

6.) 5 Ton Clearance, Markham and Stouffville clearing

Mgt: same as item # 4 under Retail unfinished business above

7.) Maple – 2 RSMC routes had RMB’s converted to CMB’s

Cupw: some customers requested accommodation in these CMB boxes. Union

Believes that these accommodations were approved and don’t have any

Standard way of paying the employees properly.

Mgt: Jeffrey Caswell to follow up

Feb 09, 2017: Closed.

8.) Insufficient training

Cupw: 3 days in class and 2 days on floor training are not enough

1.) Seniority lists

Cupw: we need seniority lists from all stations

Feb 09, 2017: Closed.

2.) 280-Personal Days

Cupw: someone at 280 was on leave the last day of the year. When he/she came, he/she had 3 days’ worth of mail. Also lost 3 days of personal days.

New Business

1.) OCRE paid 85% of 85% the route value: OCRE is getting paid 85% of the 85% of the route value as route owner is less than one year. Management to follow up.

2.) Vacant routes must be checked before staffing: Maple and Stouffville station supervisors not following the process to update vacant routes before the staffing these route.

MGT: The route is required to be up to date, confirmed by the station and RSO before staffing posts.

Annual Inspection is only done once per calendar year

In some instances, if the annual inspection is within a month of the staffing request, we will hold the route until the inspection is completed

3.) New growth not properly assigned: In Richmond Hill 14 some routes are over 8 hours and management is assigning new growth. New growth is being assigned under the old time values. Management to follow up.

4.) New OCRE to use for parcel delivery: Union stated that management should use new OCRE to deliver parcels only in RSMC areas. Management will explore this further and provide an update.

5.) Training for OCRE: Not adequate training is being provided to new employees. Management to follow up.

6.) RSMC PDT training: All RSMC to be trained on the new PDT scanners. Union inquired about the payments for RSMC for this training. Management responded that RSCM employees will be paid separately for this training and employees are expected to complete their routes.

Next meeting is March 08, 2017 @ 10:30 @ 280 Progress Ave.

Minutes by: Kimti Aggarwal