Local Consultation Minutes

Meeting purpose York Distribution Centre (YDC) Monthly Consultation – Scarborough Local
Date, time, and place Date: Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Time: 08:00 – 9:30am
Place: YDC Board Room
Attendees The table below is a list of everyone who attended the consultation (*by phone)

Ewa Dzienniak Learie Charles
Sheila Foronda Mike Duquette
Steven Chau
Derek Richmond
Christian Wittich

Local Consultation Minutes

Topics discussed: This table provides a summary of each of the topics discussed at the consultation


1.) Air Quality testing

CUPW – inquiring for date

CPC – will follow up with scheduled date. Will update at the next LJOSH meeting by the end of January

2.) Rotation of Duties

CUPW – questioning regular rotation of duties for shift 1 part-timers

CPC – FT/PT are rotated between duties, assignments/casuals are based on operational

CUPW – suggesting backfills be brought into place

CPC – will be reviewing staffing profile and determine whether it’s required

3.) New ILC’s- closed

CUPW – has light issue been resolved

CPC - issue was discussed during LJOSH meeting, informed that only 2 safety incidences occurred and both were inputted into the first aid log. No further incidences since.

4.) Establishing PO5’s -closed

CUPW – will positions be put into place?

CPC – position remains the same

5.) Parking – closed

CUPW – how are you handling parking space issue?

CPC – issue was only during Christmas season due to inventory of trailers in yard, no longer a concern

CUPW – how was situation controlled?

CPC – security guard was hired to monitor parking lot, will take it as learning experience/ opportunity to put towards next year’s Christmas season; up for discussion


CUPW – what will happen with the term list? Has term list grown further? Last list received was over 200+ employees

CPC – no, term list included temporary employees that were borrowed from SCLLP. Some will return to SCLLP and some will remain at YDC and be changed to the shift 1 and shift 3

CUPW – met some casuals who were not on the list and were advised those employees were Christmas casuals who were contracted employees and whose contracts ended January 15, 2017. Reminding that those employees should be given first preference during next year’s hiring for new hires.

CPC – agreed

CUPW – requesting list for Christmas casuals, as well as list of casuals who were returned back to SCLLP. Forewarns there will be issue with casual employees who returned to SCLLP since according to CA, employees should not be returning until after 12mos.

- Enquiring about casual employees who were informed guarantee of 40hrs/week until January 14th, 2017. Were informed week of January 1, 2017 that offer would end January 6, 2017. Will there be compensation?

CPC – business volumes anticipated did not populate to date estimated, therefore, operations needed to end temporary assignments one week earlier. Casuals still were called every day for work opportunities

CPC – part-timers were offered 40hrs blanket, no formal letter was given however, blanket 40hrs began once 40hrs assignment was offered to casuals, part-timers had same opportunity to work 40hrs., some just chose not to

CUPW – questioning why part-timers were not able to start shift prior to 5pm when casuals had opportunity and option to do so

CPC – part-timers were given opportunity to work up to 8hrs after. There is no opportunity to call part-timers adhoc to offer start time of 5pm. Eclipse has ability to call casuals adhoc for 5pm start which is dictated by volumes in building.

CUPW – annual leave bidding, when will bidding begin

CPC - on agenda, concerns regarding superimposed weeks, Monday, January 16, 2017

CUPW – regarding casual employees who worked December 27, 2016 – should be paid premium pay

CPC – casual employees do not have regular schedule, therefore, premium rates do not apply unless 5 days have been worked. Employee did not work 5days; Eclipse automatically monitors number of opportunities worked to avoid 6th work day

CPC – Update required on some LOA employees

CUPW – Further review with the management team at the Are 54 meeting

NEXT MEETING: February 9, 2017