Minutes from the meeting held with CUPW – Jan 28, 2016

Attendees – Chris Coolahan, Mike Duquette, Gerry Deveau, John Sullivan, Sandra Dyment, Wally, Geoff Van Vlack, Neil Johnson, Learie Charles, Steve

1- Gerry - Drive Time verifications – you did with Chris drive times in three sections – 9am, 1pm, after 3pm. This is fine, we want agreement that this is how we will move forward.
Sandra – I will review and respond

6 – Gerry and Chris Unscheduled Pick Ups- Chapter 7 of LCRMS applies, commercial pick ups we want the MSCWSS applied.
Sandra – are you referring to the Operational Flexibility?
Chris – that and everything else – we are questioning the method as to how the values were used and obtained.
Sandra – What values are you specifically referring to?
Chris – for example you don’t use pick up windows.
Sandra – I can’t physically make a window in Georoute like IRMA it’s different software.
Gerry – you need to follow the decision in the award.
Sandra – I personally can’t rewrite the software

7- Parking is resolved for the most part

10 – U-turn – local says this is resolved, there is agreement on the most part. Steve has a problem with the 2.0 restructures it was rigid and now it’s not as diligent.
SD – please provide the examples
Steve – Amanda has them, I would love to see the rigid rule of no u-turns
DMV – we were hoping to make this easier, we have the discrepancy of the corporation was unable to account for 99000(example) pieces of mail. They tell me in the restructures it does vary, we would like to propose that you sit down with local and explain where the 99,000 pieces are. Rationally so we can understand it and what ever the discrepancy is then we knock it off the DMVI. Kevin said that it was a 95% accuracy and if you can get.
Neil – what offices are you talking about?
Mike – the ones from the list
Steve – the majority of the PT depots
Gerry – the majority of the facilities, we will provide the list in two weeks
Neil – if we don’t?
Gerry – we go forward with the Volume Count as scheduled, it’s the manual that’s the problem, it’s time consuming and costly for both parties.