East Delivery Union Management meeting
Jan 13, 2016
held at 280 Communications room at 10:30 am

A. Jeffery M. Duquette
K. Aggarwal C. Wittich
K. Taylor J. Hartanu
J. Parent C. Coohalan
P. Zimmermann C. O’Conner
W.Lee G. Pratt
Stephanie Simpson T. Vango
Penny Comport D. Richmond
Cos D’Angelo Learie Charles

CPC : Reviewed National Christmas Consultation guidelines.
Highlighted key points including the importance of a stable workforce, during the peak period and beyond, the importance of our temporary workforce, as well as Corporate volume projections anticipating a 20-30% increase in year over year volumes. We feel that there will be plenty of work for everyone and our intention to offer OT in accordance with the collective agreement. We are looking for agreement on how best to achieve a stable workforce to process and deliver mail at the Depots