Canada Post Corporation
Markham Delivery Center
31 Brodie Drive
Richmond Hill L4B 5A0.
August 20, 2015
Union Management meeting August 20, 2015 held at 31 Brodie Drive at 11:00 am

K. Aggarwal M. Duquette
A. RAHAMAN C. Wittich
J. Koshy G. Pratt
A. Chronis C. O’Connor
V. Maleganeas D. Richmond
J. Sullivan K. Davison

1. Depot Support Training-Brodie

One employee require depot support training in 31 Brodie and there could one more from Markham station (after the bid). Union requested to train some relief employees on depot support as well. Management will review the list with PC&R and provide required training to all concerned.

2. Out of station equal opportunity list

Existing list was shared with all parties and it was agreed to start the new list for each station. Management will use three lists for each station (one for wave one, second for wave 2 overtime, and third for out of station list). Different rules were discussed, but it was determined that start with the lists and deal with all anomalies on ad-hoc basis. It was discussed that no employee will be allowed more than 3.5 hours of overtime unless all lists are exhausted. It will be on volunteer basis to go above 3.5 hours. All the anomalies will be discussed at the next meeting.

3. Air conditioning

Union raised concern about the heat in the building. Management responded that it was escalated to JLL and tech came onsite and stated that temperature in the building was 23 at the time and air condition units are working fine.

Union requested to conduct a temperature study during different times to monitor if air conditions are providing enough cooling (it was stated that in some areas temperature was recorded above 28). Management will follow up with JLL.

4. CMB training

Union requested the plan to train all Markham station employees for CMB delivery. Management responded that there is training scheduled for all Markham station employees next week. It will be a short video and physical demonstration to all employees for the new CMB. It was also stated by the management that we will identify the employee who have never delivered to CMB sites. Those employees will be allow to shadow other employees who have the CMB on their routes.

5. Bar chart data access

Union raised concern that they are not provided detailed data to vet the bar charts. It was agreed that staffing sheets will be updated by afternoon shift supervisors for any anomalies and those sheets will be provided to union for bar charts vetting. Staffing sheets will be monitored for the accuracy and will be discussed at the next meeting.

3930 14th Avenue (Unionville LCD2)

1. Using PT model in non PT station

Union had some previous concerns about PT model being used in non PT station. It was stated that this is not the case at this time and matter considered resolved.

2. Late mail

Union had concerns in the past that station is receiving late mail (parcels) from plants and it is delaying all RSMC employees departure time. This has been escalated to the appropriate parties and late mail issue has been addressed. Matter consider resolved.

3. Long term absences

There are 4 long term absences in the station and union is concerned about no action had been taken to address these long term absences. Management agree to take appropriate steps to address these long term absences.