Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Scarborough Local
Meeting held on July 30, 2015 @ 1300 hours
YDC Training Boardroom

Danny Kotsopoulos Mike Duquette
Paul Zimmermann Learie Charles
Candace Dutchyshen Chris O’Connor
Penny Comport Christian Wittich
Jasminder S Janda
Rick Visentin (phone)

New Retail Concept Store – Retail

CPC: This meeting is subsequent to the consultation on July 22, 2015. Richmond Hill, 21 Arnold, facility will be servicing the new Concept Store. Glen Ramlochan would be primarily responsible from the C & D side. We will have detailed meetings with him to streamline the process. We are still working on the dock issue and the transport to be used for delivery.

CUPW: You can find out the Shoppers’ volume estimate to determine your transportation requirement.

CPC: We will look into it. We would be conducting the internal bids for Bilingual Relief position for Pickering, the relief position in Markham Industrial Park and within West Beaver Creek Retail next week. By mid-Aug we intend to post all the positions required for the new location. The operation is full week and thus will impact the positions. We intend to train the staff in September.

CUPW: We suggest that you incorporate rotation in schedule so as to give opportunity to all the employees to get long weekends.

CPC: We will discuss the proposed schedule with you.

CUPW: As earlier mentioned, you may have totally new employees bidding for these positions and thus the posting has to be elaborate so that the employees are aware. What is the opening date?

CPC: The likely date of opening is Oct 05, 2015 after the training of the employees. Hence the requirement of getting the employees at the earliest for training. If due to any reason the opening gets delayed, we will still keep the employees and utilize them appropriately.

CUPW: Would you be training all the employees simultaneously?

CPC: Training won’t be simultaneous. For staffing considerations after the bid, we are looking at placing 3 NRTO employees and then, if required, by Article 13. We will consider the suitable Article 54 employees too.

Consultation ended at 1430 hrs. Next meeting scheduled at the YDC boardroom at 1000 hrs on Tuesday, August 18, 2015.