K. O’Reilly M. Duquette
D. Kotsopoulos L. Charles
N. Johnson
S. Bryers
C. Dutchysen
E. Kamande-Kinyanjui


Further to National consultation on this matter, the parties started local consultations.

CUPW stated that it was not in a position to consult on staffing as it had not yet received the information prior to the meeting. CPC explained that this is just the beginning and it wishes to schedule regular consultations on the Retail Store concept as it is a work in progress. CPC further explained the unique features of the store and stated that this move is in response to competition. It will offer drive thru convenience in the Parcel market and also offer online shoppers efficiency. The location chosen fits all requirements as it was a former TD Bank Drive Thru so it is easy to retrofit to CPC’s needs. It is relocating from an industrial area (West Beaver Creek) to a residential and retail area near highway 407. West Beaver Creek (WBC) was a destination location while in this new location there are more shopping options.

CUPW stated they had concerns about this relocation and if a breakdown can be provided of customers being served in the WBC area and CPC makes more profit from business customers. They also expressed concern about the Drive Thru being single lane and the possibility of becoming a bottleneck. They recognize this cannot be changed however they foresee an issue.

With regards to the relocations from WBC, CPC indicated it has a similar concern and wants to have as many customers as possible migrate from WBC. With regards to data, it only has traffic data in terms of transactions. CPC also stated that it has engaged its marketing team to look at how we can be more proactive in engaging the business customers and have them move. CPC stated it is open to suggestions from CUPW on how to encourage the customers to move with CPC. As for the single lane drive thru, it anticipates after hours to be a peak period due to heavy commuting in the area. To minimize congestion, there will be an opportunity to scan and provide DNC upon entry and the employee inside the store will see it on the screen and pull out the package to give to customers at the window screen.

CUPW asked if CPC has looked at the average size of parcels it will be receiving as there could be an issue with lifting restrictions under clause 33.12 of the collective agreement of 50lbs . If a parcel is too heavy there should be a process whereby customers call ahead and have 2 employees available to pick it. And if staffed with only 2 employees the counter could be shut down temporarily. CPC explained there is a door and also front entrance accessibility depending on the size of the parcel. Having an employee step away to assist with lifting parcels for a couple of minutes is not an issue. If an online shopper purchases an item that is too large to be picked at the store the Retail manager can contact the Customer selling the product and advise otherwise.

CUPW stated it had concerns for employees delivering and picking from the RPO, if volumes double, they have to make two trips. CPC stated that appropriate time values would need to be assigned for efficiency. CUPW stated that are also C&D issues that need to be considered. It is possible to end up having Deliver Agents from GTA East and West Post offices serving this area due to the FSA. There could be a clash of pick ups from Thornhill area and Richmond Hill area-21 Arnold St. CUPW stated these same issues will also apply to RSMCs. The RSMC and Urban Boarder is nearby. Flex Delivery timings for RSMC and Urban are different and this could cause an issue a service is inconsistent for customers.

CPC suggested that the creation of a new postal code that is base in the FSA of the Retail Store will ensure mail flows through Thornhill Depot resolve this issue. CPC indicated it will review this matter further with C&D. CPC stated as Retail is on the frontline it will be receiving feedback from customers, this is an opportunity to test new things, a new approach may be needed to operationally serve the store.

CPC informed CUPW that it wishes to do training in September. It will be the standard retail program. It also wishes to provide supplementary training taking into consideration the uniqueness of this store.

With regards to staffing CPC explained the relocation allows for a re-bid for the new hours with existing employees. CPC asked if CUPW would be willing to consider and MOA allowing for the selection of Staff. CUPW responded that the MOA would have to be national. CUPW further explained the PCR will not hire the 4 FT and 1PT position being created as there are employees above complement RTO. They are currently not staffing PT employee under article 13. The East Post office needs to be fully staffed in order to have employees willing to work weekends. CUPW stated lack of PT relief is an issues as a FT Relief would cover them when on vacation.

CPC stated that the FT staffing is in RTO therefore is not an issue here but for PT there is a need to staff up to RTO. If PCR can fill the PT vacancies it will help in staffing the concept store with PTimers. CPC asked CUPW if they would be willing to delay the regular monthly bidding on the assignments at the new store to get it up and running and for stability while it gets staff trained up.

CUPW clarified this would mean staffing the new positions under article 13 and delay posting them for bid for 6 months. CPC confirmed this would help attract employees who wish to work at the concept store and provide an opportunity to train them. CUPW stated it has delayed posting for positions in the past and there is nothing in the collective agreement prevents them from doing that. CPC agreed.

CUPW asked if the store will have PT Relief. They stated their concern is since the PT is working 8 hours during the weekend and Relief work for M to FR who wold come in when they are absent. CPC explained it is looking at changing work schedules for existing Relief in the East (4 Relief for 5 Corporate outlets). It may also be cheaper to go with overtime for the weekends than have extra relief for unpredictable absences during the weekend

CUPW stated that since the Relief in the East are on a different annual leave schedule from concept store relief there would be an issue of reliefs being on annual at the same time. CUPW also stated that Article 54 would also need to be considered before staffing under 13.

CPC stated that it would send CUPW the proposed staffing schedule following the meeting for review and consultation at the next meeting. CPC will also check with OAC if existing PO4 Retail Matrix can be used based on requirements of the new store.

The parties agreed to invite the OAC and PCR to the next meeting.

With regards to the selection employee’s CUPW stated that if the East PO was fully staffed there would be less opportunities to bid out. CUPW further stated that there are 2 options the Collective agreement, CPC can either shut down and open which would open the assignments up for bid within C&D or relocate to move with staff, anything else will require an MOA at the national level.

CPC stated it is going with relocation and fortunately the West Beaver Creek employees are in support of this initiative. CPC intends to follow the collective agreement, staff the positions under article 13 and delay the monthly bid. This way it can train staff up and have stability during the first 6 months. CPC asked what the parties can do to ensure existing retail employees are able to bid by seniority. CPC explained that the assignments cannot be posted until the positions are filled.

CPC shared the floor plan and pictures of the front retail component of the store.

CUPW stated it did not fully understand how parcels will be handled once inducted if employees are not present and questioned the capacity to induct given that it will be a 24-7 operation. CPC explained parcels can be inducted one at a time through the kiosk to a secured room. With regards to capacity to induct CPC will review and respond.

CUPW asked if the location has 5 tonne docks and the answer was no. It can only use IDC Carts and no monos. CUPW suggested that RMO’s need to look at how Transportation will service the concept store. CPC will review this and also the issue of vehicle capacity if volumes are high.

CUPW stated they are in support of this store and they hope it will be successful.

The parties scheduled the next meeting for Wednesday July 22, 2015.

Bilingual Relief Position

CUPW stated they disagreed with the removal of the bilingual designation of Don Mills Relief Position # 80612014 as the language commissioner requires CPC offers bilingual services. CUPW asked what would happen if a bilingual clerk is on leave. CPC explained it has another bilingual relief as well as options such as use of a phone line to reach someone who is bilingual for assistance. CUPW stated that it would proceed to file a complaint with the Language Commissioner if the position is not posted as bilingual and inform them that the corporation is not being compliant, is not sending employees on training, employees are not passing among other issues.

CPC stated this is not a collective agreement issue. It is a legislated issue. CUPW stated that this issue is a problem in Pickering and Don Mills. CPC stated it would look at verifying with the Language Commission. CUPW stated this is an issue as holding off with the staffing process.

Meeting Adjourned