Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held on July 9, 2015
Staffing Consultation – YDC

Ewa Dzienniak Joanna Hartanu
Sal Plastina Mike Duquette
Muriel Youngs Learie Charles
Claudette Licoris Sotiri Vango

CUPW stated that this consultation will be without prejudice and precedent to any national policy grievances related to Appendix P or national consultations.

Management opened the consultation by stating that irrespective of Appendix P, these positions would be required due to the increase in parcel volumes seen at YDC. The staffing at YDC needs to be better aligned with the volumes that are being realized. Management projected that the volumes will likely continue to increase and therefore more frequent consultations regarding staffing may be required.

Management referenced the documents provided regarding the proposed staffing changes; 5 fulltime positions will be added. CUPW stated that there are currently three fulltime vacancies (only 29 names on the seniority list). Management stated that three employees had recently retired. CUPW stated that at least two employees are not working at YDC and asked if they are being backfilled under 39.07. One of the employees is being backfilled under 39.07 and the other is not.

CUPW stated that since there is no change in start time for fulltime employees there is no requirement for a bid. It was agreed that the employees would be transferred in as owning a position. CUPW requested a copy of the transfer list, Management to provide. Management stated that with the Toronto Local it was agreed to use two weeks prior to April 23, 2015 for fulltime positions.

CUPW stated that Article 54 employees could be used for the three fulltime vacancies. It was agreed that article 54 employees would be discussed at a secondary meeting. It was agreed that the Appendix P positions would be staffed with the April 10, 2015 date, and the three existing vacancies will be discussed at the article 54 meeting scheduled for July 23, 2015.

Management stated that the current number of part-time employees is 32 and this number will remain status quo. There is currently one vacancy. Management furthered that there are 5 part-time employees on shift 2, 7 on shift 1, and 20 on shift 3. Management furthered that they would like to remove all part-time employees from shift 1 and move them to shift 3, and increase their hours. Currently shift 3 employees have 20 scheduled hours, with the new proposal the majority of the employees will be able to have either 24 or 28 scheduled hours. The priority will be staffing on Sunday afternoons.

CUPW asked if there was a way to schedule part-timers so that they could have two consecutive rotation days. Management stated that Saturday is a high volume day so they would like to utilize all part-time employees on Saturdays. Shift 2 would have a fixed rotation day on Sunday, and then have a second floating rotation day. This means that there would need to be six part-time employees on shift 2, as opposed to five.

To respond to the request for consecutive rotation days, it would be impossible as the group is so small. To offset this, one group will rotate Thursday and Friday. CUPW stated that all part-time positions will have to go up for bid, and all part-time employees will participate in the bid. CUPW furthered that their only concern is regarding the bid sheet for the schedule with floating rotation that indicates that you are just bidding for a group rather than for a position number. Employees will be bidding for an actual position. Management to include the position numbers and rotation patterns for the six positions on days.

CUPW asked if the relief hours had been looked at under the new staffing profile and that the rotation of duties schedule will need to be redone.

Bid Rules

Rule 5: CUPW asked if anybody was retiring prior to August 9, 2015. Management replied no employees that they are aware of. CUPW stated that an employee that puts their retirement date in could change their mind. Management agreed to delete rule 5.

Rule 6: CUPW will follow-up if any employees have complaints regarding their seniority date.

Rule 10: To be amended to “TSOS employees will bid by seniority.” There are currently no TSOS part-time employees.

Rule 12: CUPW stated that the rotation pattern should be discussed at LJHSC.

Rule 13: CUPW asked how employees will properly be informed. Management stated that they will be sent packages. “The general rule is that in the absence of other indications, the employee will bid back to their existing shift if a position is available” to be deleted.

Rule 15: The fulltime equal opportunity list will continue as there is no bidding. Part-time equal opportunity lists will be zeroed out.

CUPW requested the transfer list to determine who will be coming. Management to provide for fulltime and part-time. The date for fulltime will be April 10, 2015, and for part-time will be June 25, 2015.

All bids must be received by Monday, July 20, 2015. The annual leave board to be assessed to see if this will be an issue.

End of consultation.