Canada Post Corporation
Labour Relations
280 Progress Ave
Scarborough, On.
July 31, 2015
East Delivery Union Management meeting July 8, 2015 held at 280 Communications boardroom at 10:30 am

Cos D’Angelo M. Duquette
A. Jeffery T.Vango
K. Taylor G. Pratt
J. Parent J. Hartanu
G. Thompson (on call)
W. Lee



CUPW Article 50 not done

Mgt MOA has not been signed.

Reviewed Article 50 status

* One Article 50 currently being done(Ajax Route 1)

* One Article 50 denied (Malvern 223, docs provided)

* Five Article 50s removed with the volume counts conducted (074s provided)

o Markham 10/14/20/22

o Richmond Hill A 37

o Thornhill 20 202


CUPW Load study remains on the minutes until all required studies are completed

Load study is not being enforced and DAs are not following the practice at


MGT Will investigate



CUPW Occasional Delivery to the door ~ Accommodation process

i. What is the process for accommodations?

ii. Was this process consulted upon?

iii. Why are businesses being accommodated?

iv. How are the values for the accommodation being applied?

v. How are the cards captured?

MGT Review and Respond with further details (Neil Johnson)

i. R & R

ii. R & R

iii. R & R ~ Union to provide specifics on claim.

iv. They are applied as a time credit to the route, found on the Route Activities and Special Allowances. 1.53 min per accommodation.

v. They are counted as “other cards” during the count.

CUPW Why is there a route in Pickering that has been delivering to the door since 2004? Carrier has been given 15.08 for service, we feel it should be wheeled and valued on the 038.

MGT Review and Respond ~ Operations



CUPW Lunch Locations

It’s been over 1 ½ years now

All stations have submitted their paperwork.

Mgt will follow with J. Mateus on stations completed. All others are pending.


CUPW 55 Tempo (new name) is not reflected correctly on CPC website

CPC All systems should reflect the correct name in about 6 weeks or so.


CUPW 038’s review and timeline

Union’s concerns were given to 280 mgt.

We are waiting for supervisors to be free

038’s are from 2013

MGT will investigate. Stephanie is assisting when Chris Coolahan is absence.


CUPW DMVI-received list from Zimmermann and will advise what’s missing

If the union cannot produce list by next UMM, item will be removed from

the agenda.


CUPW Inputting STDP and IODP/SAP inputs for non-reporting EE’s

Union to confirm with Joanna

MGT waiting for union to provide specifics

CUPW Erik, J. he is working full hours but only getting 70% of his pay.

Mgt appendix FF and Article 20 apply

Provide a list and will investigate


CUPW Depot Support Training-Brodie

List was provided in order of seniority

Mgt couldn’t get them trained before the restructure. hopefully in 3 weeks.

Zone 10 has 1 left to be trained


CUPW 1/3 splits on headers

Not all headers are done

Mgt Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Don Mills, Depot 11, Brodie,

Zone 6, Zone 7 are done

Union to work with management to review and identify which are not done


CUPW 14th Ave-using PT model in non PT station

Needs to what job is everyone doing

Mgt Job duties list was provided to Mike.

Stn Mgt does not instruct or condone cross functioning, do use

Mods/accommodated ee’s between functions as required.

Vito Brancaccio is in 4hrs clerk 4 hrs lca – Mike verifying

Mike to verify with local CUPW – carried over

NOTE: these are not the official job descriptions


CUPW Departure time studies

No study has been done

Must be done by end of May 2015

MGT proposing an extension until September, 2015

CUPW ok and will amend MOA

The parties agreed to extend the MOA until_______________________


CUPW Brodie out of station lists

Emergency list is still a mess. Mike will send availability to Kimti at end of

July to set date for discussion, for date in August

Parties agreed to consult separately on this issue.


CUPW application of 47.19 for stations under restructure

P. Zimmermann to send draft to union.

Mgt ongoing


CUPW Temps in vacant position

Estimate 580 hours in violation-380 hours in Willowdale D

-20 hours in 280 Progress, F

-180 hours in Brodie

Can not use temporary employees. Should have used RLC.

Mgt P. Zimmermann to follow up

Neil Johnson to follow up


CUPW Temps selecting assignments are not offered by seniority

Sometimes temps at station level were not allowed to select assignment by


Mgt Jimmy said that he offers the assignments by seniority when there are more

than one assignment available. He hasn’t had much opportunity to do so as

temps were assigned to same stations during most of the winter months. If

the union can provide a name I could check further.

Union to provide name to Penny


CUPW MMHE training for LJOSH

ID badges for training

Mgt Training was offered to supervisors only recently. I’ve emailed training to

follow up on training for CUPW LJOSH members.

Waiting for Training Dept to back



Overpayment situation when WSIB claim is denied.

WSIB deemed claim abandoned because HRDC fails to release form 7 in a

Timely manner.

Mgt Claims officer will be attending the next UMM. Union need to provide

Specific situation. The issue raised may be old issue or prior to 2015.

CUPW Joanna provided the following issues to Warren via email

Monday, July 13, 2015

Good Morning Warren,

As requested listed below are some of the problems the Local is experiencing with Access HR:-

- This weekend I received a phone call from Peter Lalande who received an express posted letter from Access HR informing of monies owed due to a WSIB claim that has been reverted back to the original employer. This in itself is not an issue, except this is the second letter. The first letter did not have dates on it but this one does. Concerns are is Canada Post not acknowledging the payments he has already made and are they starting anew? This has not been clarified in the second letter by Access HR. We have also sent several requests to Access HR to provide the correct information to WSIB so Peter can recoup the monies owed to him by the Board and as yet this has not occurred. We need an explanation as to why this has not taken place. WSIB have formally requested this information and what was submitted wasn’t sufficient enough to verify the Loss of Earnings from 2012 forward.

- Greg Gellner is in first level appeal with GREAT West/ Morneau Shepell; why are Canada Post and Access HR recouping monies when the first level appeal has yet to be heard?

- We have recently dealt with members who have had their pay disrupted due to a denied WSIB claim. Upon investigation the WSIB claim was not denied but abandoned due to missing WSIB Form 7, Employers Report of Injury on Duty. This occurred to Michael Baird and once the Form 7 was submitted, the claim was approved for Health Care Benefits and Loss of Earnings. This has occurred to several members, not just Michael. These were submitted to Nicole Sommers on a case by case bases and has been resolved, but not before penalizing the member by reducing their pay. There has to be a better system in which verification must be done by either Access HR or the Claims Officers for Canada Post before a decision to recoup monies from members who through no fault have had their claims abandoned by WSIB. There has to be better communication between Access HR, Claims Officers, HRSDC and WSIB before a decision to recoup monies from members. This also happened to Geoffrey George

- Members who are on the Article 54 list who are being accommodated in other facilities other than their home facility are being coded wrongly in SAP and are having monies deducted when they are working full hours. This has happened to Eric Jewer, Peter Baird, Michael Baird and so forth. These too have been brought to the attention of Ken Kilian who has done his best to rectify the pay issues. Members who are Article 54 also have to deal with the wrong inputting where they are listed in SAP as Leave Without Pay. This is highly dangerous as this will affect their benefits. There needs to be a vetting system in place to ensure that these members are being coded properly so we do not have to go back (sometimes months) to fix incorrect coding.

- RSMC members who claim WSIB and who do not get paid advances by Canada Post have had to wait months without pay due to Access HR not submitting the earnings report to WSIB for payment. There needs to be a better system in place to get the RSMC members paid for WSIB claims in a timelier manner.

- When a member is in a Great West/Morneau Shepell appeal and chooses to return to work on either modified or full duties the coding should reflecting hours worked. I had an RSMC in Maple who returned to work but was coded as remaining on STDP when she was at work performing modified duties. This not only affected her pay but it also affected her STDP appeal. I need to know who in responsible to entering the coding of members? This was rectified by the superintendent.

These are what come to mind for now.

Here is another concern with Access HR and the way they are handling employees affairs. This employee is on approved LWOP from CPC. All his benefits except his dental are intact. When the employee called GWL Dental Benefits, the customer service rep ( Henriata ) reported to him that on April 18, 2015 Access HR had contacted GWL asking them to terminate his dental benefits.

Mgt AccessHR is working on it

Dental benefit ends when employee goes on “Other” leave


CUPW Dust cleaning at Depot 11 and Brodie

Mgt schedule will be placed on desk at Brodie and it will be monitored.

Other locations to be followed up


CUPW early start – West Hill and Scarb. C

MGT will follow up


CUPW not all managements are aware of the investigative documents for

family status

Mgt there is an investigation form for Family Status request



18 See item #14 above


CUPW No 15.08 is authorized from Mon-Thursday at 280. Employees were instructed

to return any mail not delivered and resume delivery the next day.

Mgt practice has stopped


CUPW Safety vest must be issued to all employees

Matter was consulted nationally. Should issue to all LCs.

MGT process of ordering all the vests

On Back Order for 31 Brodie, 14th Ave ee’s all have

21 closed


CUPW management should have proper staffing for pilot projects

Who will work at the counter

Implementation in Oct should be staffed by August, 2015

Discrepancies with positions at WBC

MGT to follow up


CUPW the new vehicle logbook contains no requirement to log KM and start time.

Mgt There is a cms on the change.

It is now captured on the pdt.

They recently brought this up on the managers meeting and it was explained

to them. Also, there is no hta requirement for log books for light vehicles, it is

a corporate policy.


CUPW 7 pages long and APOC at station have no idea what they are

MGT APOC will be informed of the new forms


CUPW End of day flyer prep time

MGT CMS 1202.29 section 6.1.3.

Preparation of UA mailings can be performed on day of delivery

or the previous day.

If performed on the previous day:

FOR.... Letter Carriers who return to the Delivery Installation for lunch,


MAILINGS... before their PM delivery.

Routes that do not return to the Delivery Installation for lunch,

upon their return to the Delivery Installation at the end of their delivery, if they

are within their prescribed daily work schedule. They must obtain their

supervisor’s approval to work beyond their prescribed daily work schedule.

CUPW what happens when the time value assigned for flyer prep is used to do other

Work and the employee wants to use this time value at the end of shift to prep

The flyers. By doing so it will run over 8 hours. Should the employee be paid

Over time rate? If overtime is not authorized, the employee will be deprived

of this Flyer prep time.

Mgt review and respond


CUPW we’d like a list of employees for LJOSH training and schedule

MGT Jim Lintern to follow up

27 closed


CUPW A document was found regarding officers from South going out to conduct

audits. Raised: who were these people? What is their role and why are they

going from South to check the routes? Want to know their Roles? Customer

complained saying that the auditors are knocking on the customer’s door.

Need to have a proper process for the auditor to conduct audits.

Mgt they look after services of mail, provide operations in areas of improvement,

Trends and areas of focus. They are always professional, courteous and

have cpc badge at all time.

C & D New Business


Cupw 15.08 process for new hires

Did training school properly train new hires?

Some new hires were being interview for not filling the 15.08 forms correctly

Mgt Training to provide info


Cupw updates on Pan Am game delivery

Mgt zone 7 and 10 provided updates


Cupw member is Islamic descent was harassed, intimidated and berated by supv R.

Tantsef when member brought back mail. Supv says to the effect that it’s

Ramadan, you guys stayed up night and that’s why you can’t finish you mail.

Mgt Coz to follow up


Cupw management at 280 brings temps in at 7am and with a start time of 10 am

Wants these temps paid overtime rate for changing their start time

Mgt Coz to follow up


Cupw As per the UMM yesterday, here is a list of the terms who were not paid from

the training class May 29 - June 11, 2015.

Zeeshan Manjee 7083654

Piratheeban Kanagaradnam 7083688

Michael O'Brian 7083697

Jorge Villamarin 7083681

Tristan Mercieca 7083699

Janice Connell 7083678

Judith Cockman 7083682

Ganefo Fatah Hasum 7083700

Marcin Rochewicz 7083683

Benjamin Kang 7083698 is missing May 29 - 4 hours, week of June 8 - 12,

1 day at 8 hours, June 15, 8 hours.

Mgt Penny-all temp hours have been entered in SAP.

The temps should receive their pay on Thursday, but if they like, they can call Access/HR

for confirmation.


Cupw A Toronto Local employee mistakenly called Scarborough Local for


we want contact info for OAC from Maple, Scarborough and Gateway

mgt Penny already sent the list


Cupw union want duty to accommodate policy

Mgt policy has been sent via email



cupw pickering 39.07 application-54 assignment

status quo

2 closed

03 closed



Cupw Don Mills Bilingual Relif

Danny Kotsoupolos wants to change the requirement to unilingual for

The job posting. Union will write to Elizabeth Kamande


Cupw requesting to have article 54 employees be trained in Retail

Mgt to follow up Danny Kotsoupolos

Waiting for Danny to respond


Unfinished Business


cupw personal days (Group WBC and Richmond Hill Main fo OCRE’s)

Mgt zimmermann to follow up


CUPW Maple- health and safety issue. Walk way is congested

Mgt Parties will work together to resolve the matter.

Work in progress. Hoping construction completes by the end of summer


Cupw late mail-14th ave

Status quo


Cupw 14th ave-using PT model in non PT station, Equip issue

Mgt trying different equipments but big items still place on floor

Still working on it


CUPW Employee is fully “G” license was required to wait for 2 years before he/she

Can bid on a route

RMSC in Maple has been bypassed has to wait 2 years. She has full license

Want to bid on this position was told that she has to wait for 2 years

(potential bypass)

Mgt the only requirement is that the RSMC candidate must have permanent/full

License. Graduated and learner’s licenses are not acceptable.

To follow up

Cupw Felicia Southern id# 7081929 is an OCR. A route was posted for bidding

Wants it because she was told not eligible as result

To resolve this, we want her seniority to be May 1, 2014 as if she was

Properly afforded the route

Mgt to get in touch with HR Jamessa Johnson


CUPW while Urban employees have an 11 am cut time to drop items at RPO

The RSMC can drop items at a later time-the item may be in the truck all day

Who picks it up or take it? Urban or RSMC?

RSMC’s drop at end of day when taking carded items to RPO

Low volume right now, get stop and any extra trips in.

High volume season will present an issue as RSMC vehicles

Cannot take the volume, what plan can be put in place to deal with

This issue, can urban be used – confirmed yes by Leary Charles

Mgt to follow up

07 closed


Cupw some mail at Richmond Hill Main are sequenced and some are not but all

Have the same FSA.

Mgt Glen to follow up



CUPW RSMC Training

Trainers are not training trainees. Should go to the station where the

trainer was. (Ajax, Stouffville and Richmond Hill)

MGT all managers are to follow up

14th had 1 ee trained as peer trainer, has 2 trainers, and use

the trainers for all new employees to the station


Cupw Shoppers Drug Mart introduced a new security policy that all CPC

Employees have to sign in and out.

What is the wait time, the process

Mgt Danny Kotsoupolos to respond


Cupw route calculator on cpc website for rsmc to calculate routes

Mgt follow up with Dana Driscoll


Cupw the wait time for rsmc WSIB case could be as long as 3 months.

In the interim, employee is without pay for 3 months

Rsmc is paid directly from WSIB

Many employees are afraid to file a claim because it takes too long

To adjudicate and without pay while waiting.

Do RSMC get GWL benefits when they are off work on LWOP?

Mgt review and respond

NEXT MEETING IS AUG 12, 2015 at 10:30am at_______________