Canada Post Corporation (Management)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (Union)
Nov 27, 2014
Re: Von Veh Decision Willowdale 2 – Implementation

Sandra Dyment Mike Duquette
Amanda Jeffries Glen Fillier
Sherry Molstad Chris Coolahan
John Sullivan Steve Craggs
Warren Lee
Sajid Dinath

The Orders of Von Veh’s Willowdale 2 Decision

Order 1:

Management: The Drive times were done, and Elaine and Barb are doing the verification. Hernani did the drive times. Steve and Chris followed Hernani.

Union: We do not agree. The drive times are not being done at the time of day, in accordance with the Von Veh decision. There is a difference between what is being done with the Von Veh implementation and the new drive times for the new restructure work.

Management: We agree, and we are here today to discuss the implementation of the Von Veh orders, and not the new restructure, do you agree?

Union: Yes we agree.

Management: We proposed that the drive time be done in the morning for the first part of the route, and after 5pm for the work being done at that time of day.

Union: We do not agree that this meets the requirement of the decision. We propose that we create a schedule of routes. For instance, we can do the first part of a route,

in the morning, to capture the time of day the route is being driven; then go to another route to capture the middle of the day, and then another route for the end of the day, at the time of day the employee is travelling that route, after 5 for instance for SLB clearances. We can build a day of drive time schedules, pieces of routes for each day.

Management: We agree to try this, and will meet with the Union observors to create the schedules for the various routes to combine so that the drive times are done at the time of day the DA travels.

Order 3:

Management: I have a copy of the details that you requested. This information was

provided to National CUPW in August. We can send you an electronic copy for you to sort to the level of Scarborough. We have requested that Willowdale 2 and other Scarborough DA be paid from implementation date. We will confirm that has been done.

Union: We will review the information. Please send the electronic version.

Management: Agreed.

Order 4

Union: We have not confirmed who our committee members will be yet, we will advise once we confirm.

Management: We will wait to hear from you, and will respond then.

Order 5

Management: The Mini Meetings were held yesterday in the Station, and the Union observer, Glen Fillier was present. The information will be collected by Sajid, compiled in a list and provided to the Union.

Order 6

Management: The Corporation is reviewing the formula for the deviation values, and

is preparing the data to review with the Union, and will provide this information to you as soon as possible.

Order 7

Management: Willowdale 2 has been updated, and M2J still needs to be done.

Order 8

This issue is closed.

Order 9

This issue is combined with Order 5.

Order 10

Management: This issue is combined with Order 1.

Union: We agree.

Order 11

Management: The volume count has been done for Willowdale 2, as per the order.

Union: M2J is not done yet. We have identified discrepancies, between the DMVI and the 501 report, of approximately 40, 000 pieces. We want a response.

Management: These are under review, and we will respond to your concerns.

*Upon review, once these issues have been addressed please be advised, that it is the Corporation’s intention to apply this volume count to the existing routes along with the other updates. Once all the updates are done we will review the value of the routes to determine if over assessment payments are owed to the employees.

The Grievances

Management: The updated reports were sent to Mike. We would like to meet to review

the grievances. December 10th was proposed.

Union: We agree to meet to discuss on December 10th.

Other Issues


Management: The reports were provided on October 20th. Sajid will provide the updated reports as required.


Management: The Corporation will not be agreeing to redo all the bids in Scarborough as a result of the updates being done on Willowdale 2, as a result of the Von Veh decisions implementation. The values of the routes are changing, not the routes themselves at this point, there is no justification to consider bids.

Union: This is a requirement as per the CA, and we disagree.

Management: We propose that we complete the work being done for Willowdale, in accordance with the Von Veh decision, and then review this issue, once we can see the values of the routes as a result of these updates.

Fire Routes

Management: The Corporation agrees that if the DA has a designated stop, on his/her route that is a fire route, then the Corporation will pay the parking ticket. However we will review any such stops to determine a more suitable location to stop. This is in accordance with the existing processes.

Next Consultation January 6, 2015 at 10am. Location to be confirmed.