Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Meeting held on October 15th, 2014 @ 10:30 hours
280 Progress Boardroom

Jan Mullett Mike Duquette
Glenn Ramlochan Joanne Hartanu
Julie Parent Christian Wittich
Katie Nicholson Learie Charles
John Sullivan Derek Richmond
Penny Comport Chris O’Connor
Raj Paul Ken Davidson
George Pratt

CPC : Reviewed National Christmas Consultation guidelines.

Highlighted key points including the importance of a stable workforce, during the peak period and beyond, the importance of our temporary workforce, as well as Corporate volume projections anticipating a 20-30% increase in year over year volumes.

We feel that there will be ‘plenty of work’ for everyone and it is our intention to offer OT in accordance with the collective agreement.

We are looking for agreement on how best to achieve a stable workforce to process and deliver mail at the Depots


CPC: In an effort to alleviate any capacity issues in the Hub this year, Gateway Plant will be sending a proportion of mail directly to the Depot, bypassing the Hubs. This mail has not been sorted to DSM and will require additional processing. As of October 24, 2014, these Scarborough Local sites include Don Mills, Ajax, 31 Brodie. This initiative is scheduled to begin November 2nd week (Tue)

CUPW: Where will the monos be staged?

CPC: The floor layouts have been prepared by engineering taking into account the proposed splits to each site. The Hub Bypass mail is scheduled to arrive earlier into the Depots (2400) and we will require a stable workforce, Inside Deport Support (IDS) to process this mail.

CUPW: You will need to canvass employees utilizing E/O OT.

CUPW: What about Art 54 at home?

CPC: We would like to identify modified employees capable of performing inside depot support work.

CUPW: Joanna to provide Art 54 names. Needs to know hours and positions. There is concern over 4 hour schedules for these assignments. Don’t want to bring anyone in for only 4 hours.

CPC: We could use 14.13. Change the DS hours, offer E/O OT or offer PT extension before shift. Extension of PT or OT will be offered first.

CUPW: If we use 14.13, no bidding takes place and management gets to pick who does early start. Suggestion is to create assignments for the duration of the initiative. Offer to capable Art 54 first, then offer to all Grp 2 in the building (four walls), train where necessary and then backfill any indeterminate employees who accepted Hub Bypass assignment in accordance with Art 17 and 52.

CUPW: Can these employees job shadow versus train.

CPC: May require employee with specific knowledge to start at midnight.

CUPW: Canvass before changing shift under 14.13

CPC: We will create assignments for the duration of the initiative. Assignments will be offered to all Grp 2 in the facility (four walls) with IDS training

CUPW: Formal training is NOT required. Do a canvass and reassess names on the list.


CUPW: What are the schedules for the Shift #3 and Shift #1 Gateway East City Finals employees:

CPC: Will confirm with Gateway Ops. Schedule attached; excerpt below


CPC: We need to establish a process to handle the additional volumes that are anticipated for Delivery and the utilization of relief and temp employees.

Art 15.08 speaks to OT “insofar as practicable”

Art 48.07 speaks to “Abnormal Volumes”.

CUPW: One signup list for E/O OT?

CPC: We will use the current process. Sign up list for Wave 1, Wave 2 and then temps.

CPC: Milk run schedule begins November 17.

Weekend Operations beginning November 2. Hub Bypass operation November 4.

CPC: Can we have a sign up list for the weekend rather than being canvassed. It would save time for the Supv to post it?

CUPW: Yes. Do both waves, do announcements, notice, use seniority list order for employees to sign up. List must be posted and visible with reminder on the intercom

CUPW: Ratio of group 1&2 for weekend IDS operation should be 50/50.

CPC: We will try to balance as much as possible.

CUPW: For sorting parcels, union says Grp 1 to sort

CPC: Grp 2 sorts parcels in the Depot.

CUPW: PO4 and LCA together for depot support. No LC.

CUPW: Ken suggested we create a list of employees eligible to inside depot support. If union has any objections they can bring them forward enabling time to correct.

CUPW: PO4 and LCA together for depot support. No LC.

CUPW: How many rental vehicles?

CPC: Approximately 46 rentals for Scarborough Local stations.

PDT with each vehicle

CUPW: How will tours be prepared for weekend work?

CPC: Routes may be created geographically or FSA.

Early starts and Inside Depot support hours will be based on arrival times.

CUPW: We have temp onboarding concerns. Some temps are not CMB trained.

CPC: We agree that temp onboarding is extremely important. We have developed a formalized strategy to onboard the temps.

CPC: RSMC Weekend delivery and additional OCRe canvassing will be utilized to address increased in parcel volumes.

CPC: Apppendix Y – Applicable to leave requested for working days between Dec 15, and Jan 15. Personal days planned are included in the 25% allowable. Notice to be provided to Union.

Meeting adjourned.