Canada Post Corporation (Management)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (Union)
Oct 10, 2014
Re: Von Veh Decision Willowdale 2 – Implementation

Sandra Dyment Gerry Deveau
Amanda Jeffries Mike Duquette
Glen Ramlochan Glen Fillier
Katie Nicholson Chris Coolahan
Sherry Molstad
Steve Demeter
Mark DeAbreu

The Orders of Von Veh’s Willowdale 2 Decision

Order 1:

Management: The drive times have been done, and the final numbers are being calculated. They will be sent to the Union.

Order 3:

Management: The request for the details of the payouts, names and numbers is under review and our response is in process. We will update you asap.

Order 4

Union: We have not confirmed who our committee members will be yet, we will advise once we confirm.

Management: We will wait to hear from you, and will respond then. The Corporation requests that you consider an adjustment to the printing of the current forms, that are of concern, and that is to hide some of the columns in the spreadsheets that you may not need to see, so that the form can be printed with better legibility. The Corporation wants to be clear that we are not suggesting that the information, in the hidden column be denied to you, but a rather as a temporary solution, taken out of the printed version of the report to increase the legibility of the forms until a more permanent solution has been found.

Union: We suggest that you print the forms in two pages, hide half the columns for one printing, and then the other half for the second page of printing. Can that be tested to see if it works better? The other option that we suggest is using an 11 by 17 size page for printing.

Management: We will take these suggestions and try them to see if they work better, and review the results with you.

Order 5

Management: The Corporation proposed at the last consultation that the Delivery agents are approached by their team leaders to provide the list of POC on their routes, where they believe volumes of mail require additional trips. The Corporation will provide this information to the Union, and the Union observer and the RMO will review these POC.

This has not occurred yet, the Corporation will advise the Union when the mini meetings will be scheduled, with the Delivery Agents, so they can attend.

Order 6

Management: The Corporation has confirmed that the data is still available, and will continue to investigate how best to pull this for review with the Union. The date to review is to be confirmed.

Order 7

Management: The maps have been reviewed with the Union and the parking locations of concern have all been moved, and the routes adjusted.

Order 8

This issue is closed.

Order 9

This issue is combined with Order 5.

Order 10

Management: This issue is in process, the routes are yet to be chosen. The Union will respond by next Tuesday.

Order 11

Management: The Corporation reviewed your proposal to use the volume count from Willowdale 2 and not index it, but recount the parcels. We have considered and cannot agree but our counter proposal is to redo the Volume count for Willowdale 2 and and apply the index of that count to the M2J code which is now located at 280 Progress combined with Scarborough station F.

Union: We will review and respond. To clarify, are you declining our offer?

Management: Yes.

The Grievances

Management: Are there any issues or concerns with the list of grievances?

Union: We sent an email regarding Station L and F, that they are not on the list in some areas of the spread sheet.

Management: I adjusted the spreadsheet with your new information, and will send the updated reports to you.

Are you willing to meet to review the resolution of the grievances on this list?

Union: Yes, but not until late November, due to availability issues.

Management: Agreed, we will confirm a date towards the end of November, early December.

Other Issues

Union: We would like to access the route activity reports, and the 071, 072 and other such reports to look at the updates done at Willowdale 2 since the implementation.

Management: The route packages are available at the stations, you can access most of the information you need at the station.

Union: We have discrepancies in what we get at the station, there are differences to what we get from the RMO on the requested reports.

Management: There may be updates being done when you request reports at the station, that don’t show until they are downloaded. There are no updates being done at Willowdale 2 at this time, Mr. Demeter will assist you in providing you these reports, at the station, the week of October 20th.

Union: We have an issue with the fact that the 1st order requires that all the routes be driven to verify drive times.

Management: We are first doing the conveyance drive times, on the 10 chosen routes, then we will drive the remaining routes.

Union: When we adjusted the parking locations, we have DA parking under “No Parking” zones. Will the Corporation be paying the parking tickets that the DA get in these parking spots?

Management: The Corporation agrees that if the route says to park in a specific location that is a “No Parking” zone and the carrier gets a parking ticket, the Corporation will pay the ticket.

Union: What about Fire Routes, there are DA that are required to park in Fire Routes.

Management: We will review and respond to the Fire Route parking concern.

Union: You will need to redo the bids in Willowdale 2, and all the subsequent bids in the Scarborough local, prior to doing the CMB restructures.

Management: We will review and respond.

Next Consultation November 27, 2014 at 10am.