Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union Postal Workers (CUPW)
East RSMC Monthly UMM

CPC: C. D'Angelo, Warren Lee 
CUPW: M. Duquette, D. Richmond, L. Charles, G. Pratt, J. Hartanu, S. Vango, C.Wittich, G. Fillier, K. Davidson, Chris  
Issue # Action by:
Reaching deviceCUPW: Specific to individual person. CPC: This is being raised at national. Mark will check. Email sent to N. Mainville for followup and clarification. CPC: the reaching device has been implemented. CUPW: the boxes are not at the correct height.CPC: New policy will be introduced to deal such issue.M. Deabreu
Red circled routes Scarborough 04-14CUPW: We would like a list of the red circled routes for Scarborough. CPC: Neil will attempt to get them from Raj Rahal. Status quo  
 CPC: the corporation will not provide the list unless the station is pending restructure. at which time red circled routes will be identified and notified.CPC:the red circle is lifted once the original incumbent transfers out.w.lee
Maple, CPAA EE's doing Annual InspectionCPC: It is not exclusive to one Group.  
Brooklin moving into AjaxCUPW: When Brooklin moved into Ajax their flyers were never counted. It should be counted over 38 weeks rather then 52. CPC: Glen will follow up.G. Ramlochan
Annual Leave Lieu Day for Dec. 31, 2014CUPW: what if an employee does not want to get pay out of a lieu day when vacation day falls on a stat holiday such as xmas. W Lee
 and no further available days he can take a lieu day, can an employee takes it (lieu day) as a day off prior to that day, xmas.  
 CPC: if no available days, the employee will be paid out. Employee can not take it prior to. Employee must earn the lieu day first.  
 New Business 
Ikea mailingCPC: RMSC will also get 14 days of delivery for the Ikea catalogue  
Realignment of Unionville BrodieCPC: it will start in November. 10 routes need updates. Supv needs to verify 10 routes in Unionville.if no team to verify, then supvs will do it.  
 Julie will speak to Leroy for Unionville. 
routes not fixedone route in Pickering. One route in Ajax ss101. the union has been requesting a fix since January 2014. Spoke to Glen 2 months ago and G. Ramlochan
 nothing is done. 
Use of permanent on call crossing installationsCUPW: POCR employee is working in Brodie for about 3 hours then gets a call from WBC, will this employee get 3 hours plus the WBC route?  
 George will submit detail info to Julie 
Seniority ListCUPW: need seniority for both Permanent OCRs and OCRs.  
Other issues-round tableCUPW: supervisor at Stouffville told employee that you don't need to use reaching device that employee can use ERGO. Employee needs  
 to pay for ERGO. 
 an employee has Locust Hill clearance but from 12-2pm the business is closed. Therefore, she has to come back later. Will she be paid OT.  
 Would she bring the mail she has collected to her home or station then comes back later when the business is reopened again.