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Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union Postal Workers (CUPW)
East C&D Monthly UMM

CPC: C. D'Angelo, J Parent, Warren Lee 
CUPW: M. Duquette, D. Richmond, L. Charles, G. Pratt, J. Hartanu, S. Vango, C.Wittich, G. Fillier, K. Davidson, Chris Coolhan, Chris O'conner  
 RMO Business 
Item #Comments 
Walks with end times changing 03-2014CUPW: Walks are being adjusted with split shifts all the time without the LC or supervisor knowing about it. Some are even 1.5 minutes. This becomes an issue when or if the employee works overtime on his own walk and the supervisor explains to the employee that it is not overtime because there is a split shift on the route. Why can't the employee be notified ahead of time?? April 9-2014: The split shift has to be taken with a lunch. CPC: We are allowed to implement split shifts under the collective agreement. Agree that the employee and supervisor should be notified ahead of time and the reason. Julie will follow up with the RMO's. April 9-2014: We will be sending what has changed to the supt. An activity report is sent to the supervisor as well and it should be provided to the employee. SAP is showing different than what the RMO's are doing. We are doing our best to fix and waiting for SAP ticket to be updated. Nothing in the collective agreement where the split shift can be put. Is it in the LCRMS? Escalated by Jan to Darlene Mulvahill. Will have to get back to them. Mike raised a concern about splits not attached to lunch. Julie to follow up with Dave about taking out splits. Julie will continue to push the issue. Julie P. Sandra D.
 CUPW: Walks are being adjusted with split shifts all the time without the LC or supervisor knowing about it. Some are even 1.5 minutes. This becomes an issue when or if the employee works overtime on his own walk and the supervisor explains to the employe  
 CUPW: never seen a split shift being built without RMO involved. CPC and CUPW needs to understand the matter. CPC: will arrange RMO to meet with union. Status Quo  
Scanning of parcels for delivery 03-2014CUPW: Every employee is being told to scan the parcels everyday. It was only supposed to be a matchup/check count for these items. There is no time value for these scannings. You said it was only a once in a while event if the count did not match up. CPC: Glen Ramlochan will follow up. Rob Lafleur is the contact in Ottawa. Glen says they are discussing nationally with CUPW. Should start seeing a reduction with routes having to rescan. Will pay overtime if necessary for routes having to do so. Don Mills has a load study and will look to see if this is an issue. Will deal with grievances at pre-arb.  
 CPC: will get back to the unionJ. Parent
Article 50's 04-14CUPW: Stations not doing the article 50's. In depot 4, one request has been lost 5 times. We are requesting that Chris be present when it is being done. CPC: Easter will not be a good time for it. There has to be a pre-determination done before the actual article 50 is commenced. Cos will follow up with the stations to determine if the pre-50 work/determination is to be done. Doing pre-article 50's. Once they have the results they will be able to determine which walks are valid for article 50. C. D'angelo
 CUPW: if an article 50 was submitted and the employee leaves the route, will the corporation still proceed with the article 50. CPC: work is in progress. STN F may be resolved soon. Malvern submitted 2 article 50s.  
Markham/Unionville Plan B restructureCUPW: Mike said it both restructures will have a complete bid. CPC: Julie thinks it is a B minor for Markham. She'll check with Dave. Ensure employees are notified of bid.  
 CPC: location has put in as well as proper values and has been properly paid.  
Carded items to RPO 04-14CUPW: Is there any time values for taking carded items to the RPO? Happening in Scar F.Your sign says if they are not back by 5 then they have to go to the RPO. It is part of your process. There is no time value for driving back. CPC: It is only if they are not back by 5pm. It is not a daily occurrence. D. Thurston will look into. status quo, CUPW: it is structured for end of day. LC only goes to RPO for priorities.D. Thurston
Lunch LocationsCUPW: Might have been given a location but information has not been entered in SAP and no time value. CPC: Managers will look into own stations. CUPW: there are signs say that carded items must be carded to RPO before 5pm. The issue is that 2nd wave employees dont' get back after 5pm. CPC: will investigate. status quo CUPW: only Unionville and Markham have lunch locations. All other areas neither done nor correctly done. Also, employees need Access card to enter facility.All Managers
Load StudiesCUPW: no back pay received CUPW: between 8-10 minutes were added to routes in Willowdale depot 2. the union has no proof that employees' were properly paid. In addition, the union has not background information how CPC arrived to these numbers. Status Quo. National policy grievance only mentioned backpay of 12 weeks. However, Von Veh decision goes back to day 1.RMO
New Header SheetCUPW: new header sheet does not include CMB, lunch location and sequence is different. CPC: information should have provided to cupw national union. union will speak with their national office for information. If cupw national has no information then cpc will provide the requested information.W.Lee
Random split shifts on routes showing up and disappearingCUPW: If this is going on will the employee be paid? CPC: If it runs into overtime they will be paid. Julie trying to find out from Ottawa why it is happening.J. Parent
 CUPW: employees are not aware of the split shift at all  
 see item # 1 above. Status quo 
 RMO New Business 
Will 2, Ajax, Pickering-Load/Unload StudiesWill 2 and Ajax are done. But detail information  
Other IssuesCUPW: no one has intructed the depot support to separate mixed up. Sometimes, you will see LC were doing it. It is the depot supports' job function.  
 CPC: will follow up. 
o38CUPW: it's taking too long to complete the pacing.  
 CPC: Cos will bring supv to assist including the use of overtime if its necessary  
 C&D Unfinished Business 
SAIRS and LJOSH MinutesCUPW: Unsure if they are receiving all copies of LJOSH minutes. CPC: Were unaware that they weren't sending. Can Mike send them something from the email address so we will know it is correct as Glen thought people were sending them in. Cos wants a list of all union email addresses. Minutes to be sent to  
 CPC: the corporation will provide LJOSH minutes to the union CUPW: we are still not getting themALL MANAGERS
Taking more than 72 hrs to give Form 7s to employeesCUPW: Still not receiving Form 7 and SAIRS on time. CPC: Will revisit with supt to hold meetings with supvs. Status QuoALL Managers
Willowdale B roof issue 04-14CUPW: There are issues with the roof leaking and it appears nothing is being done about it? CPC: R. Lee has looked into. The issue has been called in numerous times and every time one is fixed another leak pops up. The roofing company and property manager are still assessing to see what is required. Status quo until next meeting. status quo  
 CUPW: no response from zone manager and wish the matter be escalated to directorship. Union would like to know the most recent tests on walls and roof. Certain tiles contain mould and employees were still working there.J. Mateus
Local not receiving WSIB Form 7s & SAIRSCUPW: Local is not receiving their copies. No injury reported to union since Jan. 1st. Supv used to mail a copy to the union. Was there a directive telling supv not to send. CPC: Not aware of it. Will mail copies of all missing form 7s and SAIRS.All managers
 CUPW: the union is still getting the forms. Status quo CUPW: Mateus and Ramlochan have not provided a single copy of injury report  
YDC Group 2 Temporary EmployeesCUPW: YDC temps assume they will automatically to go to east list as this is what Kimti is telling them. They need to know that they must pick a list. CPC: Ensure temps canvassed to go to Toronto, South Central and east. If they go to the east list there may not be work. If they choose to remain on the list there will be no work and list will be dissolved. Also need to be LC trained.Kimti & D Moore
 CPC: the list will be changing soon. There should be separate meeting to discuss the Eclipse system issues.  
Annual Leave Administration - Vacant WeeksCUPW: Annual leave not being filled through monthly postings. Comp time not being allowed. Should be a process. CPC: Cos and Ken going through stations to rectify. Mark does not want to have a separate process for bidding comp time. It will be looked at on an individual basis. CPC: will follow up and ensure the agreed process is adhered to.C. D'Angelo
Training on the Three Methods of DeliveryCUPW: Has there been training on this? CPC: Mini meetings were held at all stations. CUPW: Wants proof meetings were held. CPC: Each manager will be responsible for their area. CUPW: the video provided at training had no audio. No one know what was going. CPC: will follow up. CUPW: Joanna will provide names who have not received proper training.All managers
Access to Sequenced Mail in StationsCUPW: Certain stations' sequenced mail is held in trailer until all other mail sorted causing OT. CPC: Julie will follow up with stations. CPC: all other managers need to respond. As for Cos's area of responsibility, the mail will be available to employee in timely fashion. CUPW: all other managers have responded except Mateus and Ramlochan.All Managers
MMHE Training for relief and annual employeesCUPW: Posed a problem a few times. On LJOSH minutes. Training doesn't know when they can train. CPC: Suggest they wait until after the bid. CPC:Julie will follow up with Leroy and will ensure any one needs training will be trained.J.Parent
Form 6CUPW: Supv handing out form 6 and expecting worker to fill out. Form 6 not required. CPC: Will talk to stations. Status quoJ. Parent
Pilot project to post monthly bids on a website.CPC: How does union feel about it? Can start with the local. Possibly email bids to them. CUPW: Would have to think about it. Concerned about privacy of what's in the electronic bids. CPC: Paul will send PDF file to Mike to discuss.P. Zimmermann
Inputting STDP and IODPCUPW: Causing undo hardship on employees. Not using the correct code for displaced or PPD employees. CPC: Find out what the code is that the supv should be using and pass information on to stations. Will contact Carm Rossi to give session on this. Possibly roll up displaced group 1 people to one station? CPC: Penny spoke with Ken Killian on what the proper code is to use. It is 9910 (STDP Approved Pre-EI). SAP was checked for accuracy and all entries dating back to Jan. 1, 2014 were coded correctly for Pearlyn Baptiste. Need a list of other names to check. CUPW: the list has been provided to Ken Killian. Any employee who has PPD should be inputted by PC&R. CPC: Julie and Cos are committed to resolve this.Parent and Cos
Next article meeting17-Sep-14 
 C & D New Business 
Depot Support Training-BrodieCUPW: Some Reliefs are not being trained  
MinutesCUPW: Minutes are not submitted in a timely manner  
DMVICUPW: We have been requesting it for sometimes and still have not receive yet.  
SAP Input for non reporting EE'sCUPW: Employee from Depot 11 is on vacation but in SAP it shows employee is STDP pending. When an employee is sent home, employee is still entitled to full pay. The issue is the data entered in SAP is incorrect. All coverage must go thru staffing Dept.  
Work Memos, concerning WSIB and GWLCUPW: re: return to work meetngs and GRTW programs- issue is that supervisors not attended these meeting would not accept any GRTW programs (modified duties) submitted by the employee because these supervisors claim that they were not part of the meeting and thus aware of such program. In the end, supervisor instructed employee to complete the whole route.  
Article 54 meetings, lack of CPC representativeCUPW: we are trying to place some 83 employees. But no Ops reps show up to these meetings. If the corporation continues to not showing up, the union would withdraw participation from these meetings.  
Other issues-round the tableCUPW: Depot 4 LCA does 4 hours of ad hoc job should combine to create full time position or try use it for accommodation purposes.  
 CUPW: employee and union are working on it or the supervisor will do it themselves.  
 Ajax-the bottom of IDC cart is used to hold or fill loose mail for wave 2. Employee has to bend down to get the mail poses a safety issue. CPC:will follow up.  
 CUPW: Kendrew out of Vaughn used to do CUPW work. The question is will Scarborough local union be notified if Kendrew comes to Scarborough Local.  
Next UMM meetingSeptember 11, 2014 @ 10:30am 
Temp in RetailCUPW: 39.07 backfilling in Don Mills ending in June. Employee gets to bump the junior on the list. Let retail know the proper process when this happens. Betty Sherwood in Don Mills gets to bump the junior person. Junior may be working in Toronto. CPC: Mark will talk to Danny.M. Deabreu
MOA for UAD for Unilever May 2014CPC: Delivery beginning May 26th to select apartments. 5 day working window at 4.5 cents per piece.  
Vehicle inspection or check listCUPW: the new list does not contain as much information as the previous one. Cos D'Angelo
End of Meeting