Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union Postal Workers (CUPW)
East RSMC Monthly UMM

CPC: C. D'Angelo, Warren Lee 
 M. Duquette, D. Richmond, L. Charles, G. Pratt, J. Hartanu, S. Vango, C.Wittich, G. Fillier, K. Davidson, Chris  
Issue # Action by:
Reaching deviceCUPW: Specific to individual person. CPC: This is being raised at national. Mark will check. Email sent to N. Mainville for followup and clarification. CPC: the reaching device has been implemented. CUPW: the boxes are not at the correct height.CPC: New policy will be introduced to deal such issue.M. Deabreu
Red circled routes Scarborough 04-14CUPW: We would like a list of the red circled routes for Scarborough. CPC: Neil will attempt to get them from Raj Rahal. Status quoN. Johnson
 CPC: the corporation will not provide the list unless the station is pending restructure. at which time red circled routes will be identified and notified.  
Stouffville a/l draw and dog bite issue 04-14CUPW: The annual leave ongoing bidding/selection is not being done fairly there. CPC: The bidding has been done by the procedures outlined nationally but recognise that there was confusion with the staff as it did not start out as per the procedures. Deb will look into possibly doing a one time bid on vacant blocks without prejudice after investigation. Deb will also respond to G. Pratt on the dog bite issue. HRSDC has not received Form 7 from CPC for Cheryl Clarkson. CPC: The log was submitted for Cheryl Clarkson at the LSAP meeting. Darly Dawson will resend it. As for the ergo, since an ergo is not a CPC employee, an incident log was created #190338. Both were reviewed at the February LJOSH meeting. CUPW: an ERGO was in a CPC vehicle owned by RSMC employee involved in a collision is entitled to WSIB coverage or not? ERGO is a contractor and paid by CPC. CPC: the corporation has done all the neccessary forms. forms not previously submitted because CPC was under the impression that the ERGO is not a CPC employee, but a contractor.D. Nicholson
RSMC Route EvaluationsCUPW: Supposed to be doing route evaluations and want to know if its in the Scar local picking routes to do a time study on it using LCRMS. CPC: Received no notice on what the routes are. May 22/14 no routes have been selected yet. Initial meetings are still taking place about it. Notifications will be made accordingly as per Letter 3 of the Collective Agreement.M. Deabreu
MapleCUPW: CPAA employees are doing the annual inspections rather than APOC. Not trained. CPC: The postmaster employees can do the annual inspections if they are trained to do so. If there are concerns with details of the inspection it can be raised to the superintendent Stanley Eng. Conern regarding an employee who reports to a postmaster and could be a conflict of interest. The employee is an OCR and does not own a route in Maple. The employee has also transferred out and reports to Newmarket. There should be no conflict at this point.M. Deabreu
Stouffville not using proper trainersCUPW: Choosing to use whomever is free for training for the day. CPC: The proper trainers will be used in the future. That situation was an anomaly. If the in-station trainer is not available effeorts will be made to put the employee with a trainer in another facility who is qualified. CUPW: RSMC employee from the June 5, 2013 posting were schedulred for training but as of date employee still not trained.M. Deabreu
Brooklin moving into AjaxCUPW: When Brooklin moved into Ajax their flyers were never counted. It should be counted over 38 weeks rather then 52. CPC: Glen will follow up.G. Ramlochan
RSMC paysCUPW: Needs clarification of allocation of sortation and delivery (i.e.. 60/40). Information not getting to WSIB and employee not being paid correctly. Should be supplied by CPC but isn't. Maybe we could generate a spreadsheet with a breakdown for each route. CPC: Each route will hve different criteria and characteristics. There is a method by which parts of a route can be allocated on a percentage basis. The Schedule A also gives a breakdown in minutes between sort and delivery and the percentage for each route can be calculated from that.M. Deabreu