Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union Postal Workers (CUPW)
East RSMC Monthly UMM

CPC: Jan Mullett, J. Parent, M. DeAbreu, C. D'Angelo, R. Lee, S. Dyment, A. Jeffery, D. Thurston, G. Ramlochan, N. Johnson  
 M. Duquette, D. Richmond, C. Wittich, C. O'Connor, K. Davidson, L. Charles, G. Pratt, J. Hartanu, C. Coolahan  
Issue # Action by:
Reaching Device 03-2014CUPW: Never had any local consultation. We should have a discussion. There is an issue with one route where the snow is piled up in front of the boxes and the reaching device cannot be used because of height and the employee has to get out to put the mail in the box. You are paying them one dollar for these occasions. It will cost you more than the ergo would have cost. CPC: Email was sent with all the RRD info on Feb 18/2014. It's a national initiative and we will have to get the appropriate persons involved to consult. Will consult separately if required. Regarding the snow issue for the route in Stouffville the process as per the training video is that a letter is given to the customer(by stn manager) giving them 10 days to comply with the rules for delivery remove snow and if they don't comply the delivery is cut off.......April 9/14 - Any further issues with this initiative will have to be raised with the national committee for resolution or clarification. Nicholas Mainville is the national CPC contact and the local trainer is also obligated to raise issues to national.  
Red circled routes Scarborough 04-14CUPW: We would like a list of the red circled routes for Scarborough. CPC: Neil will attempt to get them from Raj RahalN. Johnson
RSMC annual leave 04-14CUPW: The last days of the year that accumolated as 'lieu' days cannot be used as there is no other time to use it. What are we supposed to do with those? What is the process? CPC: Typically the days cannot be used as 'lieu' days until the days are earned and that is our position but without prejudice exceptions can be made for those as there will be no other time utilise them.  
LJOSH issue at WBC 03-14The manager has spoken with the LJOSH members involved and the issue has been resolved. There has not been a meeting for April as of April 9/14. If the issue is not satisfactory after the next meeting the matter may be raised again  
Stouffville a/l draw and dog bite issue 04-14CUPW: The annual leave ongoing bidding/selection is not being done fairly there. CPC: The bidding has been done by the procedures outlined nationally but recognise that there was confusion with the staff as it did not start out as per the procedures. Deb will look into possibly doing a one time bid on vacant blocks without prejudice after investigation. Deb will also respond to G. Pratt on the dog bite issueD. Nicholson
NEXT MEETINGMay 14, 2014 @ 10:30 hours