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CPC: Jan Mullett, J. Parent, M. DeAbreu, C. D'Angelo, R. Lee, S. Dyment, A. Jeffery, D. Thurston, G. Ramlochan, N. Johnson  
CUPW: M. Duquette, D. Richmond, C. Wittich, C. O'Connor, K. Davidson, L. Charles, G. Pratt, J. Hartanu, C. Coolahan  
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Walks with end times changing 03-2014CUPW: Walks are being adjusted with split shifts all the time without the LC or supervisor knowing about it. Some are even 1.5 minutes. This becomes an issue when or if the employee works overtime on his own walk and the supervisor explains to the employee that it is not overtime because there is a split shift on the route. Why can't the employee be notified ahead of time?? April 9-2014: The split shift has to be taken with a lunch. CPC: We are allowed to implement split shifts under the collective agreement. Agree that the employee and supervisor should be notified ahead of time and the reason. Julie will follow up with the RMO's. April 9-2014: We will be sending what has changed to the supt. An activity report is sent to the supervisor as well and it should be provided to the employee. SAP is showing different than what the RMO's are doing. We are doing our best to fix and waiting for SAP ticket to be updated. Nothing in the collective agreement where the split shift can be put. Is it in the LCRMS? Julie P. Sandra D.
Scanning of parcels for delivery 03-2014CUPW: Every employee is being told to scan the parcels everyday. It was only supposed to be a matchup/check count for these items. There is no time value for these scannings. You said it was only a once in a while event if the count did not match up. CPC: Glen Ramlochan will follow up. Rob Lafleur is the contact in OttawaG. Ramlochan Mgrs
Article 50's 04-14CUPW: Stations not doing the article 50's. In depot 4, one request has been lost 5 times. We are requesting that Chris be present when it is being done. CPC: Easter will not be a good time for it. There has to be a pre-determination done before the actual article 50 is commenced. Cos will follow up with the stations to determine if the pre-50 work/determination is to be done.C. D'angelo
Markham/Unionville Plan B restructure 04-14CUPW: Notice was given but it lists no details. Will you be trying to get rid of split shifts? What about people coming back to bring mail by the cut-off? CPC: D. Thurston will be on site April 14/14. It has to be done and in by April 25/14. We are trying to fix these things, that is part of the reason for the restructuring. There is also a transportation restructure which is looking at all of this but it will be based on current shuttle times. More info will follow and separate meetings  
Carded items to RPO 04-14CUPW: Is there any time values for taking carded items to the RPO? Happening in Scar F.Your sign says if they are not back by 5 then they have to go to the RPO. It is part of your process. There is no time value for driving back. CPC: It is only if they are not back by 5pm. It is not a daily occurence. D. Thurston will look into.D. Thurston
Forcebacks 03-14CUPW: The rules are not being applied consistently, ajax as an example. You are forcing back by the wave, it should be one list. Unfair to other employees. CPC: We have been utilising the wave lists for forcebacks since PT started as per the original minutes from consultation. There are grievances on this issue as well on the utilising of one list or two in these instances.  
Sortation of parcels/AO's, rotation day overtime 03-14CPC: The issue has been causing concern regarding grievances received in the past. We receive grievances from both classifications. Without prejudice we propose to set up a procedure within the stations in the scarborough local that will have an equal amount of group 1 and group 2 people to do the sortation on rotation day overtime e.g. 1, 2, or 3 of each group would be called in depending on the amount of hours required. CUPW: We will review and respond if we are agreeable or propose an alternative. ------------April 9-2014: Consensus that rotation/stat days overtime will be offered on a proportional basis(according to the staff makeup in the station) to both group 1 and 2 qualified employees depending on the amount of hours required for processing. Canvassing will be done directly to the employees. No sign-up lists will be used.  
Barcharts - Scarborough stations 03-14CUPW: This is the second year that none of your stations are complying. Chart shown of which stations in the local that are not received since last September. April 9/14: received some barcharts but still missing the willowdales. The attrition relief is being done incorrectly in some stations. Attrition relief absences should not be counted but if they are banked against a route then absences should be counted. Willowdale B is a big concern, not vetted in over a year. Their stafffing sheets are different from all the other stations. You should be going back to last September. Chris O'Connor can assist. CPC: We have been following up with this. You should be receiving updated lists shortly. April 9/14: We are also waiting for some vetters to come back from holidays. R. Lee and Jan will follow up with Joseph M. Jan M. R. Lee J. Mateus
Transfer lists 03-2014CUPW: The transfer lists are usually sent to local president. Have not received any since January per spreadsheet. Email was received from Claire in PCR on Feb 19th that it would be coming. Nothing has received yet. April 9/14: We are getting them now but if there is a time limit issue we don't want to be in a bad position. CPC: Penny Comport is following up with PCR in Gateway. April 9/14: People were supposed to be re-canvassed again, the list has been gone through again. Should be no issues with time limitsP. Comport
Article 52.01(e)(f) priority assignment 03-2014CPC: We would like to discuss routes not going out for a day or more under this clause. A mobile route is considered a priority assignment and we want this situation added as a priority and utilise this portion of the collective agreement so customers are not waiting for their mail more than a day or more. CUPW: We would like separate consultation on this matter. CPC: The parties will reach out to confirm dates to discuss further without prejudice. April 9/14 - Further discussion held, CPC would like to designate a route that does not go out the prior day a higher priority than a motorised route as listed under art. 52. We are open to any suggestions but the customers and service has to be kept foremost in mind. Union believes that they are all motorised routes now and pulling relief off of their routes may not be the best solution. The union will consider their position. Further consultation scheduled for April 15/14  
Sairs and Ljosh minutes 03-2014CUPW: We are still not getting the sairs and ljosh minutes. For clarification again the email they are to be sent to is April 9/14: We are also not being notified when there VIWP issues at the stations. CPC: Will follow up with the mgrs. April 9/14: As part of the new VIWP process, the employees are asked if they want the ljosh notified. If the employee has requested then the local LJOSH is notified and also may be in a redacted format to protect privacy.J. Parent
Hraccess issues 03-14CUPW: We would like to have someone from accesshr at the meeting to address issues. Too many employees are having issues and their supervisor is not able to provide the answer for them. CPC: We are trying to arrange to have the accesshr manager attend. As requested in previous emails, send the details of the cases ahead of the meeting. She will attend one of the upcoming meetings. April 9-2014: The accesshr manager is scheduled to be at the next meeting on May 14/14. Union is still to send details of any cases they would like to discuss.  
6.05 Notice, Employee transfers 04-14Discussed in "Transfer Lists 03-14" above  
Training classes 04-14CUPW: We are not being invited to training classes anymore to speak with the new employees. CPC: R. Lee to follow up. There is a new trainer. The issue has been rectified now and the past practice can resume now. The trainer is Debra Provo.  
Losing personal days while on STDP 04-14CUPW: There are cases where members are being approved for STDP but are not getting their personal days back. CPC: We will need details. Learie Charles to send details to Neil Johnson for follow upL. Charles
Form 6's at 280 Progress 04-14CUPW: Supervisors are still telling employees that it is not optional and they must fill out the form 6. They are being told that they have to still do it. CPC: We will re-inforce with the sups again. If you have specific names give them to the appropriate manager.  
Form 7's taking more than 72 hours 04-14CUPW: People are not getting them within 72 hours. CPC: We don't want this happening. Give the specific list of names to the appropriate manager and it will be rectified. If it is still an issue can be raised again at the next meeting.  
Dog bite training 04-14CUPW: You have brought in a third party training to do this. How did you intend to notify the local?? CPC: It was not widely known at the time it was being done but we faltered for not notifying the union locally. It does appear that this will be the method going forward from an outside source.  
Willowdale B roof issue 04-14CUPW: There are issues with the roof leaking and it appears nothing is being done about it? CPC: R. Lee has looked into. The issue has been called in numerous times and every time one is fixed another leak pops up. The roofing company and property manager are still assessing to see what is required.J. Mateus
Status change form for temp 04-14CUPW: We received a status change form for a temp coming into the local on August 31st. How do you know that far ahead about a temp coming at the end of August. CPC: Information confirms that the employee is acting in APOC and the return date is a date entered in the event that she fails or has to return from her acting assignment  
NEXT MEETINGMay 14, 2014 @ 1030 hours