Revised 2014/01/08


1. The first round bid will commence during the week _Jan 12, 2014 and must be completed prior to Jan 24, 2014.

2. The second round bid will commence the week of Jan 26,2014 and must be completed prior to Feb 14, 2014.

3. Bid selection will be done by seniority in accordance to Appendix “MM” New Seniority rules for Regular Employees.

4. Following completion of the first round bid, a copy of the applicable annual leave schedule will be posted after the first round is completed. Copies must be sent to Local CUPW.

5. Following completion of the second round bid, a copy of the applicable annual Schedule will be posted in Final Sort. The results will be posted by Feb 17, 2014.


On each round of bidding, employees shall make their selections on an annual leave board.

City Finals will have 4 boards: Shift 1 FT, Shift 1PT, Shift 3 FT, Shift 3 PT


One selection of consecutive weeks up to the individual's full entitlement. Consecutive weeks chosen must be within the same three week block for bids of a complete block or less.

Those bidding for more than a complete block must bid an entire block and bid the remaining weeks contiguously. These weeks will be selected at the same time as the initial 3 week block and must be contiguous to, either prior or following, or combination of both, the 3 week block selected.

Employees not giving sufficient bids on the 1st round of bidding, their selection will be moved to the 2nd round of bidding. Crossing of blocks is not permitted for bids of less than a complete block.


Blocks and weeks do not have to be consecutive.

For employees failing to bid all their 2014/15 entitlement weeks, their remaining weeks will be assigned. The Corporation shall advise the Kate Munday or Local Union Office of an employee's failure to bid. The Union and Corporation shall jointly attempt to determine if a valid reason exists for the employee's failure to bid.


There will be no spaces held back in the first round based on a 49 week schedule [Dec. 7 to Dec. 27 only one person allowed off]. Second round will be whatever is left over after the first round.

Unassigned employees will schedule their vacation leave on the vacation leave schedule at the facility/zone to which they are assigned on __Dec 9th, 2013____. Management must exercise extreme caution to ensure that such employees are properly placed on the vacation leave seniority list on that day. If any unassigned employees bid out of the Section that they selected the annual leave in, that selection will be made available within the departed Section.


Not withstanding the rules for STDP and the use of Annual leave, single day annual leave will no longer be available to cover already taken absences.

Single day vacation or less than one week vacation must be requested prior to the leave and can only be used when it is available (the week must be open). This leave is subject to operational requirements.

Vacation leave is to be taken in full weeks and are not to be broken up except for leave as per the collective agreement which will replace the schedule leave. Employees will select their annual leave based on their entitlement if they have less than one week.


An employee's entitlement is based on their anniversary date as long as it occurs during the current vacation year period April 1st, 2014 to March 31st, 2015.

Example: If the anniversary date is Jan 10th, 2015, the full annual leave entitlement starts on April 1st, 2014.


There will be no exchange of vacation leave between employees.


Employees who, during the course of the year, transfer to different Post Office, Section or Shift, will carry their originally scheduled annual leave with them to their new location.


Vacant blocks or weeks including vacancies created as a result of employees transferring out of the Post Office or work area where he/she originally drew their vacation leave, shall "be posted" immediately.

Vacant annual leave shall be posted in the Station Information Book and will be posted for a period of 8 working days where possible. When there’s a short notice cancellation that does not allow for the full 8 days posting, the cancellation shall be posted as soon as possible and announced one day prior to the end of the work week.

Cancellation of vacation requires 5 working days notice in writing to the supervisor and a completed bid form for vacant week(s) must be submitted at the time of cancelation to replace the week(s) that have been dropped.


When it is known in advance that an employee will be absent from the workplace at the time he/she will be required to bid, the employee will be asked to leave instructions with the Supervisor or the Union on how they can be contacted to obtain their bid(s).

If it will not be possible to contact the employee during the absence, the employee will be asked to indicate in writing their choices for vacation leave selection in order of preference. The employee affected should leave a list of preferences sufficiently long enough to ensure one of their choices will be met.

Any instances of employee vacation leave selection being made in their absence will be brought to the attention of the Local Union Office.

Employees identified as TSOS who are not anticipated to return to work in the vacation year of 2014-2015 will not be offered a bid. However, should they return to work within the year, they will be afforded vacation leave privileges based on their seniority.


The local union shall be provided with copies of the vacation leave schedule following both rounds of bidding.


Pre-Retirement leave will be bid after vacation leave draw is completed on a separate vacation schedule. A separate board by Section will be utilized based on a 52-week schedule. There will be one board for both Full-time and Part time.