Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held on November 21, 2013
Re: Christmas Consultation

Paul Zimmermann Mike Duquette
Penny Comport Cathy Beth
Leary Charles

Group 1

CPC – Similar to last year, we may offer single day work to clerks.

(Gateway) City Finals section

CPC – (Gateway) City Finals section anticipates no significant changes anticipated in terms of temp usage.

CUPW – Is afternoon shift working 24th & 31st?

CPC –Schedules sent from E. Kamande via email to CUPW November 21, 2013. Schedules attached.

With regards to Christmas and New Year’s weeks schedules for City Finals on #3 shift, on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve both full time and part-time employees will start work at 08:00 hours. Part-time will finish at noon and full time will finish at 16:00.

Group 2

CPC - Additional temps will be brought in to do the afternoon clearances. A minimal number of Temp employees have been hired in GTAE in anticipation of Christmas requirements. No Grp2 temps have been designated as Christmas casuals in GTA Delivery under Art 44.30.

CPC – The plan is for additional temps in the stations to perform PM work, including SLBs, RPOs, CPUs, and taking out parcels on high volume routes, after 15.08 has been offered. We will follow the normal routine of offering overtime to regular employees before using temps for mail volumes available prior to departure; including assessing ability to meet service commitments. Temp employees have been specifically assigned to some stations to deliver Milk Run volumes (Milk Run schedule attached).

CUPW – Temps will not be allowed to use their own vehicles?

CPC - No

CUPW – At what rate will Temps be assigned parcels and clearances?

CPC – There was National agreement on the number (2012). See below.

• Rate per stop for parcel delivery in depots when offering OT or assigning Terms:

– If using a step van: the incentive rate is 15 stops per hour

– If not using a step van: the incentive rate is 10 stops per hour

• Rate per stop for collection when offering OT or assigning Terms:

– PM SLB and RPO clearance is 6 to 9 stops per hour

– Customer pickups is about 4 to 6 stops an hour

• After maximizing 15.08 to regular LC, Terms may be used to deliver any remaining parcel product for LC routes.

CUPW – Consideration should be made for variances between types of POC.

CUPW – Will the Milk runs stop on Dec. 24th?

CPC – Milk runs conclude on Friday, December 20th.

CUPW – The week after could be very heavy also. Would management consider extending?

CPC – Not planned at this time. Post Christmas plan continues to be discussed.

CUPW – Will LC temps be used at YDC this Christmas?

CPC – Currently YDC reports that they will have sufficient temps. MSC temps may be utilized in Delivery stations

CPC – What about temp usage on the weekend?

CUPW – Only if you’ve offered OT first. Rotation day equal opp lists to be used.

CPC – Weekend work is currently planned for parcel delivery only and to date has only been on a Sunday to ensure mail is available

Dec 24 & Dec 31 – Wave 1 – no change

Wave 2 – Temps will be called in to assist with PM work

As per 18.14 (a) group 1 minimized after 16:00 p.m. and (b) group 2 after

18:00 hours (Delivered Tonight Process to be consulted separately)

Temps will clear RPO’s. Notice will be sent to RPOs to inform them of an early clearance.

CUPW – Is there a Boxing day plan?

CPC – Not finalized as yet.

CUPW – If so, they will have to use the Stat Holiday list

CPC – Will advise stations to ensure lists are up to date.

CPC - Mgmt had already provided Appendix Y information to CUPW, however, the local questioned the accuracy of the information that was provided. At annual leave consultation (Dec 2) Mgmt agreed to review the information and provide updated information to the Local.

CPC – requests that the union informs PCR Mgr Del as soon as possible, of stations not following the process or any issues/concerns around offering lieu days, Appendix Y, offering 15.08 overtime process, etc.

CPC - Unaddressed Admail Process

Delivery standards do not change during peak periods and stat holidays should be considered as follows:

* UA received in the depot before Christmas (December 24th) must be delivered by December 31st

* UA deposited in the depot on December 27th must be delivered by December 31st

* UA deposited in the depot on December 30th and 31st must be delivered by January 3rd

* UA that is scheduled to have the final third delivered on Dec 27th should be advanced (and the mail compressed if required) for delivery on Dec 24th.

* UA scheduled with the first third on December 27th may be delayed (and the mailing compressed if required) on the following Monday and Tuesday if local conditions warrant (I.e. there are significant absences on the 27th and all resources must be dedicated to parcel delivery).