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Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
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CPC: Jan Mullett, Glen Ramlochan, Warren Lee, Penny Comport, Amanda Jeffery  
CUPW: M. Duquette, D. Richmond, C. Wittich, C. Beth, G. Fillier, K. Davidson, T Vango  
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Depot 11, walk #2 04-2012"CPC: Updates have been done. Amanda provided paperwork on Sept. 11. G. Filier, G. Ramlochan
Strip mall Harwood and Kingston 11-2012CUPW: This is still not fixed....Walk 25. CPC: 45% of the mail is coming in sequenced and there is no count to prove otherwise. RM needs a 5 day count in order to figure out what sequenced mail is coming in incorrectly. Dawn to do this. STATUS QUOA. Jeffery G. Ramlochan
Walk packages 04-13CUPW: The depots have not been able to do it. CPC: The packages are at the station. The union can send someone to photocopy the packages at the station. It is printed and in the cabinets. Glen R. has provided all for his area and zone 7 will be next completed. CUPW: Not all packages have been received yet CPC: They should contact Julie to find out what superintendent has them.ALL MGRS
Scarborough 'D' updates 08-2013CUPW: The observer from Scarborough D was sent home. There is a national MOA that defines what a restructure is. We believe the many updates you have been doing there since implementation is a restructure and not updates. CPC: Management's position is that they are updates and not considered a restructure. Amanda will review. Depot 4 considered resolved.A. Jeffery
Bar chart vettingCUPW: Willowdale 2 has not been done since last October. When you have routes that have not been covered it makes it difficult for the person doing the bar charts if they have not been trained. The trained person is now off, it looks like you don't want him to do it. CPC: The bar charts are 2 weeks behind now but up to that point is done. CUPW: The vetting is not done and they are not being forwarded to the union as agreed. CPC: Joseph will commit to finalizing ASAP. .....August 21st - CUPW: Bar charts are supposed to be in to the local by end of August. All stations are missing some months CUPW: Presented a list of bar charts that are not up to date or are corrupted. Stations are not cc'ing Mike when submitting monthly bar charts. CPC: Will ensure information is gathered and vetted. The due date is Sept. 15th.J. Mateus All Mgrs
Retrofitting of Handcarts 07-12"CUPW: When will retrofitting and transit connects for handcarts be done? CPC: More carts are available. Supvrs to address issue through mini meetings and let employees know they are available. Jan to follow up with Dan Lawn. No personal carts should be used. All completed in Ajax / Pickering. Julie will discuss with fleet to see if it can be done. ....July 25/13....There is a pilot proposed for Ajax.....August 21 - It is still being rolled out, we are not sure when. It is being reviewed again at the end of September. STATUS QUO
"G. Ramlochan
H&S training for LJOSH CPC: Names have been received and scheduled for training. The class holds 12 APOC and 12 CUPW and they had spots for 2 more CUPW names which the union provided. The next class will not be until next year. G. Ramlochan
Ajax overtime - 02-2013CUPW: We would like the overtime and sign up lists for Ajax. CPC: Glen has provided to Mike May 8th. CUPW: We say there are bypasses. People have been in and out and you probably didn't adjust the list. CPC: The issue may be more around the recording of the opportunities. We don't think there are bypasses. Glen is gathering the lists. Aug 21st...It is not ready yet CPC: Glen pulled up until May. CUPW: Glen to send info he has to Mike. G. Ramlochan
14TH Avenue air quality 05-2013CUPW: We understand that there should be an air quality study and Jim Lintern denied it. We would like to know why? CPC: Julie and Jan will follow up with Jim to find out why. July 25/13....Jan has sent an email and is waiting for a reply still......Status quo CPC: Tendered for quotes and will get back to Julie today.J. Parent J. Mullett
S/L mail for RSMC's at Unionville 05-2013CUPW: There are late trucks at Brodie and people are waiting for a long time. Info on truck arrivals given to Jan. July 25/13...There is still late mail coming. They are not restructuring the MSC tours, they are just adding onto existing tours. CPC: Jan will review the info with Julie and see what can be done and escalate....August 21st - STATUS QUO CUPW : RSMC's are not getting out until 11 a.m. waiting for manual sort mail to be sorted along with pubs and ads approx. at 10a.m. due to trucks getting in late. CPC: Glen will pass on to Julie to address (put clerk there earlier?). The issue was resolved for a number of weeks and then the issue arose again. Trucks are now scheduled to arrive with product earlier - should be resolved as of Sept. 16J. Mullett J. Parent'
Quarterly DMVI 05-13CUPW: Paul Zimmerman has requested them but not received them. He will follow up with national. STATUS QUOP. Zimmerman
54.01(e) positions Scarborough 07-2013CUPW: We need to get this finalized. PCR did not post the Willowdale 2 rehab position as such when it moved. Now we are one less in the local. CPC: Mark will arrange meeting with Mike to iron out and finalize the positions. Most have been established now as the restructures are finished. STATUS QUOMark D. Mike D.
6.05 Notice for Metro Post office 07-2013CUPW: We will want further discussion on this. CPC: When the regional consultation has taken place we can look at discussing any other issues specific to Scarborough Local  
Coding in SAP for org centre numbers.Grievance in on lack of dues from Gateway employees, Whitby/Brooklin/Ashburn. Check Don Mills. They have not been retied to Scarborough local and are not receiving dues. This affects the number of delegates at conferences. CPC: Penny to follow up with Indra.P. Comport
Attrition Relief staffing 08-2013 CUPW: Learie wanted to raise an issue with this, will confirm in next meeting CPC: Attrition relief to pick as S&O by seniority on wave 2. Some coming in early and picking wave 1 assignments. CPC: To schedule meeting Thurs. morning 10 a.m. ZRPO's to attend.L. Charles
Texting temps while on duty 08-2013CUPW: The PCR officer is texting temps asking them about assignments for the upcoming week saying that they have 10 mins to respond. This is improper if the temps are already working on the road for us, they can be nailed for distracted driving. There should be a greater time allowed. CPC: Rob Miller was texting to ensure the temp didn't miss on an opportunity to pick an assignment.  
Mail make up IDC vs Monos & skids 08-2013CUPW: Mike sent pictures. Concern over depot support's ability to handle as the profile is based on 100% IDC carts. Is there appropriate depot support to handle mail in monos and skids? How are we calculating it? CPC: There would be a flag in group 1 & 2 hours and would revisit depot support hours. Will raise with engineering.G. Ramlochan
Same day delivery pilotCUPW: Issue that arose in the first couple of days. Low volume so employees doing other duties. CPC: Will not be doing in future.  
Not enough lockers at BrodieCUPW: not enough lockers. CPC: New 1/2 lockers to be installed.  
Temp list not being sent to MikeCUPW: Mike still not getting temp list weekly. CPC: Raymond Lee will send.  
Choice of assignmentsCUPW: Union member told they cannot choose an assignment if she has 3 or more union meetings. CPC: Glen says she cannot pick priority assignments. Will discuss in Thursday's meeting.  
Temps bypassedCUPW: Temp Calvin #26 bypassed because he said he didn't receive a call. Ray said he called. CPC: Will address. We now give employee an option of assignments.P. Comport
Overtime methodCUPW: Overtime process is clear. There are many instances that people are being interviewed for handing in overtime. The burden of proof is on CPC. Willowdale 2 not handing OT sheets out. Causing unnecessary grief. CPC: Will review process with stations.  
Carriers coming back late with mailCPC: Will discuss Thursday  
First Aid bookCUPW: YDC has a binder with forms to complete when an injury/near mishaps happen. Want to standardize it. 3 binders: first aid, mishaps and hazard reports.CPC: Agree and will pass on to managers.  
Looking to reduce injuriesCPC: How can we make LJOSH more effective? What can CUPW do to assist? CUPW: Christian to attend next LJOSH meeting in zone 8 and probably zone 7.  
Don Mills - RetailCUPW: They are still using temps again in Don Mills. There is fully trained retail person working in the plant and you have temps in retail. The temp you are using must also be bilingual. CPC: Danny Kotsopoulos advised he has meeting scheduled March 8th with CUPW to discuss this and other issues. May 9/13 - As per email from Danny meeting scheduled to discuss with union. July 25/13 Union says there has been no meeting. Mike will send email to Mark regarding this....August 21/13...Union will grieve the issueD. Kotsopoulos
Retail annual leave 02-2013CUPW: When we consulted on retail annual leave, the proposal was partial columns. Under Burkett decision this is not allowed. There are now partial columns on it. It is also a change in past practice and contrary to the collective agreement. CPC: Will review and respond. May 9/13 - As per email from Danny meeting scheduled to discuss with unionD. Kotsopoulos
NEXT MEETINGSeptember 11, 2013 @ 0930 hours