Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
July 25, 2013
East C&D Monthly UMM

 RMO Business 
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Depot 11, walk #2 04-2012CPC: Updates have been done. Amanda is waiting on info from ops to put in the overassessment payment. Codes have now been taken off the route. They will be temporarily added back on so the o/a can be calculated STATUS QUO G. Filier G. Ramlochan
Ajax/Pick mail coming in late 11-2012CUPW: The mail is coming in late. This has been since November. CPC: After much discussion there is not much that can be done until the next MSC restructure. We have made changes and the mail that is coming in late now is very minimal and has little to no impact on the operation or the LC departure times.  
Strip mall Harwood and Kingston 11-2012CUPW: This is still not fixed....Walk 25. CPC: We have been trying to get this fixed. Glen will have the mail monitored for 1 month(non-sequenced). If it is not resolved by then we will have to look at other options STATUS QUOA. Jeffery G. Ramlochan
Walk packages 04-13CUPW: The depots have not been able to do it. CPC: The packages are at the station. The union can send someone to photocopy the packages at the station. It is printed and in the cabinets. Glen R. has provided all for his area and zone 7 will be next completedALL MGRS
Don Mills walk - transit delivering to 5 ton dockCUPW: There is a walk in Don Mills structured to clear the RPO at Lawrence and DM. You are expecting the ford transit drivers to deliver to a 5 ton dock. It is unsafe. It needs to be changed. CPC: Learie will give the walk # to Amanda for follow up. STATUS QUO......Learie did not send info to Amanda. He will do so after this meeting.L. Charles A. Jeffery
Quarterly DMVI 05-13 CUPW: When will we get it?? CPC: Paul Zimmerman will get back to Mike D. and provide.P. Zimmerman
Article 50's 07-13CUPW: What is happening with these? CPC: Walk 25 is being looked at by Dave T. and Chris. There are also 2 walks in Pickering being looked at right now.  
Lunch locations 07-13CUPW: What is happening with these? CPC: Walks that have been identified to us have been updated and values have been added. The updated walks can be provided upon request.  
Depot 11 departure time"CPC: The study is now completed and results sent to Mike. The parties will review and recommend any necessary changes. STATUS QUO
"G. Ramlochan G. Filier
Bar chart vettingCUPW: Willowdale 2 has not been done since last October. When you have routes that have not been covered it makes it difficult for the person doing the barcharts if they have not been trained. The trained person is now off, it looks like you don't want him to do it. CPC: The barcharts are 2 weeks behind now but up to that point is done. CUPW: The vetting is not done and they are not being forwarded to the union as agreed. CPC: Joseph will committ to finalizing ASAPJ. Mateus
Retrofitting of Transit Connects and Handcarts 07-12"CUPW: When will retrofitting of transit connects and handcarts be done? CPC: More carts are available. Supvrs to address issue through mini meetings and let employees know they are available. Jan to follow up with Dan Lawn. No personal carts should be used. All completed in Ajax / Pickering. Julie will discuss with fleet to see if it can be done. ....July 25/13....There is a pilot proposed for Ajax.....STATUS QUO
"J. Parent
H&S training for LJOSH CPC: There were courses last week and LDI is sending out a list of dates to Jan soon. The list has to be refreshed and we will inquire who needs to be sent. CUPW can also send a list of names. May 9/13 - Classes are being scheduled. We are still getting lists of names who needs training. List can be sent to Mike D. July 25/13....Glen R. will find out when the next one is and send out.  
Sequencing not being corrected 10-2012CUPW: RMO saying supv not doing corrections. Non sequenced to go to MSD case and then manual sort but going back to  
 the plant. Also, issue with building mail not being deselected. Someone is needed to correct it. They should get a form they can put the errors into. CPC: Jan will look into and follow up. May 9/13 - The MSD process will be revised in the next month or so. Aug 2/13....There is a new process for this which will start in Unionville upon restructure. National CUPW has been advised. This can be brought up at next meeting under new business or separate meeting. Mike D. has been advisedJ. Mullett
48.02 Normal departure time 05-13CUPW: There should be a normal departure time by the wave. A normal departure time should be established. Any station recently restructured should be looked at and a time established. CPC: There will be an adjustment period after the restructure to determine if letter carriers are leaving at the normal departure time/s established in the restructure process. If there are issues that arrive after the 'adjustment' period then the specific unit will be looked at to determine if there needs to be the one month study as per article 48.02. If it's found that employee/s are experiencing difficulties meeting this departure time then the study will be done to establish the reason/s and set a different time if necessary. CUPW: Union disagrees with this position  
Ajax overtime - 02-2013CUPW: We would like the overtime and sign up lists for Ajax. CPC: Glen has provided to Mike May 8th. CUPW: We say there are bypasses. People have been in and out and you probably didn't adjust the list. CPC: The issue may be more around the recording of the opportunities. We don't think there are bypasses. Glen is gathering the lists.G. Ramlochan
Don Mills LJOSH alternate 04-2013CUPW: The alternate was not allowed to sit in for the meeting. Also, can we get the zone LJOSH's together for issues? Both co-chairs voted not to have her in. CPC: Julie to follow up. May 9/13 - Jim Lintern is the H&S person for the facility. T. Vango will be contacting him directly to have the matter escalated. July 25/13.....Matter is in the grievance procedure  
Scarborough Components 05-2013CUPW: With all the restructures, moves, etc, the components should be re-established to avoid any difficulty that may arise with any part timers wanting to act as full time employees. CPC Would like the union to put together proposal based on the current list identifying the changes. July 25/13...Mike D. provided proposal to LR. Mark will review and respond to Mike D.........Status quoMark D.
14TH Avenue air quality 05-2013CUPW: We understand that there should be an air quality study and Jim Lintern denied it. We would like to know why? CPC: Julie and Jan will follow up with Jim to find out why. July 25/13....Jan has sent an email and is waiting for a reply still......Status quoJ. Parent J. Mullett
S/L mail for RSMC's at Unionville 05-2013CUPW: There are late trucks at Brodie and people are waiting for a long time. Info on truck arrivals given to Jan. July 25/13...There is still late mail coming. They are not restructuring the MSC tours, they are just adding onto existing tours. CPC: Jan will review the info with Julie and see what can be done and escalateJ. Mullett J. Parent'
RLC 14th avenue 07-2013CUPW: 2 positions have been created without prejudice and will be on the next monthly bid.  
54.01(e) positions Scarborough 07-2013CUPW: We need to get this finalized. PCR did not post the Willowdale 2 rehab position as such when it moved. Now we are one less in the local. CPC: Mark will arrange meeting with Mike to iron out and finalize the positions. Most have been established now as the restructures are finished.Mark D. Mike D.
Temps used for A/L, LTA's, out of local 07-2013CUPW: Temps are being used for annual leave and long term absences and you are sending attrition relief in to the toronto stations. There are people working in fleet and 600 commissioners. 13 temps this week. I was not notified. CPC: The understanding is we would notify you if temps were being moved and working in toronto. Not sure what happened on these occasions. Paul will re-inforce with his team on the correct proceduresPaul Z.
Attrition relief start times Ajax 07-2013CUPW: Seniority is not being used for day to day assignments with the sick and other relief and attrition relief. Their seniority should be included. CPC: Glen will followup with the station but it is being adhered to  
Ambulance fees 07-2013CUPW: The costs are being associated to the employee. CPC: The employee can put in an expense claim form to his or her supervisor and it will be reimbursed.  
MSD Process 07-2013CUPW: The process is changing?? CPC: Email sent to union July 31st with slides and attachments. Will be implementing in Markham and Unionville. Mark sent email to union on August 2nd inviting consultation.  
IKEA Mailing 07-2013Both urban and RSMC discussed. MOA is the same as last year. Previous practices to be followed as per the MOA. If there are individual issues they can be addressed at the station level with the employee's supervisor  
Unilever MOA 07-2013CUPW: What about point 2 in the MOA, it needs clarification and does it apply to RSMC? CPC: It is only urban at this point in time. We are awaiting clarification on point 2Mark D.
Compensatory time requests 07-13"CUPW: Our members are being told that they cannot have compensatory time off because they have personal days available. We need consistency on the application of this. CPC: Compensatory Leave is a distinct and separate leave entitlement under the collective agreement, separate and apart from personal days. The granting of comp time is not conditional on having credits of another type of leave under a separate article of the collective agreement for e.g. personal days. The granting of each of these types fall under the conditions and guidelines of 15.32 and 20.06 of the collective agreement
Don Mills - RetailCUPW: They are still using temps again in Don Mills. There is fully trained retail person working in the plant and you have temps in retail. The temp you are using must also be bilingual. CPC: Danny Kotsopolous advised he has meeting scheduled March 8th with CUPW to discuss this and other issues. May 9/13 - As per email from Danny meeting scheduled to discuss with union. July 25/13 Union says there has been no meeting. MIke will send email to Mark regarding thisD. Kotsopolous
Retail annual leave 02-2013CUPW: When we consulted on retail annual leave, the proposal was partial columns. Under Burkett decision this is not allowed. There are now partial columns on it. It is also a change in past practice and contrary to the collective agreement. CPC: Will review and respond. May 9/13 - As per email from Danny meeting scheduled to discuss with unionD. Kotsopolous
6.05 Notice for DeliveryCUPW: Union wants to put management on notice that their position is that the 6.05 notice to amend the east and west post office will trigger a bid within the MAPP. CPC: We are aware of this  
NEXT MEETINGAugust 21st , 2013 @ 0930 hours