S. McInerney M. Duquette
A. Reese C. Wittich
P. Zimmerman
Z. Ahmed
C. Foster
E. Kamande-Kinyanjui

Gateway Manual Finals(East) Consultation

1) LJOSH Minutes

CUPW asked CPC to send future LJOSH minutes to their LJOSH email for distribution to the appropriate people. CPC will do.

2) Rotation of Duties

CUPW stated that it was their understanding that when the postal clerks were relocated to Gateway, they were only going to sort mail, however they have heard that they are now doing other duties.

CPC explained that they are sorting at their cases and they also do the mail handling for their products. Specifically, the mail handling involves tying out the mail in the cases and putting it into IDCs then taking the IDCs to the marshalling area. The PO5’s load the trucks.

CUPW inquired as to how CPC determines relief with no rotation of duties. CPC explained that for known absences, the supervisor of the section is made aware to staff accordingly.

CUPW stated their concern that having no rotation of duties or relief for work that involves knowledge sort does affect productivity. CPC stated that its goal is to train all employees on a primary and secondary station.

CUPW asked how many hours are dedicated for relief. The response was 15% on afternoon shift and 17% on nights.

3) Overtime and Extended Hours

CUPW asked if overtime by Equal Opportunity (EO) has been offered so far and the response was no. CPC has offered blanket overtime. The parties discussed the administration of overtime and the Union requested a copy of the EO List. The Union also indicated it would provide information on administration of EO overtime.

4) Two People sharing Case

CUPW asked why CPC had assigned two employees to one case. CPC explained that it was a temporary situation during the initial set up in September.

5) Equipment and Air quality

CUPW expressed concern that there aren’t enough fans and employees are bringing their own fans. CPC provided the Union with a copy of a third party report which indicates that all air monitoring results are within specified and standard CPC guidelines. With regards to employees bringing their own fans, the LJOSH committee agreed not to allow it. It is a safety issue and employees will be put on one week notice to remove their fans.

6) Sortation Test and Orientation

CUPW inquired if any employee has failed the sortation test. CPC indicated that it is training and also re-training if necessary. It has also altered training procedures to get everyone up to speed.

CUPW stated the new temporary employees are not getting orientation into the building. CPC stated they should be getting orientation. Learning and Development track this and provide the 2 hour orientation.

7) Sit/Stand Stools

CUPW asked why there are not sit/stand stools. CPC explained it is a national directive. The Union indicated that they would like to see a copy of the policy if it exists.

8) Consultations

The parties agreed to meet once every two months. The next consultation is scheduled on July 18th at 11am. The parties will exchange agenda items 2 days before the meeting.

Meeting Adjourned.