Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
May 8, 2013
East RSMC Monthly UMM

RMO Business  
Issue # Action by:
Stouffville, Richmond Hill/RPO Clearances - 00-2010CUPW: The route has now moved to Unionville from Richmond Hill. It should be well over 8 hours now CPC: Julie to follow up Status QuoJ. Parent
Unionville route changes 03-2012CUPW: There were updates from December and the counts were changed again. CPC: Julie and George Pratt still reviewing.. STATUS QUOJ.Parent
POC Maintenance book 05-2012"Has been committed to be printed. J. Paulin to print and if not a supervisor will print. CUPW: Training needs to be given to the employees as well. George will email Mark the list of stations to distribute to managers...STATUS QUO
"G. Pratt
Schedule A increases or decreases 02-2013CUPW: RSMC's are not getting the RSA anymore. Can the employees be given it. CPC: Pam Reid will look intoP. Reid
Locust Hill 04-2013CUPW: What is happening with the person there? You could possibly move he/she into Pickering? CPC: We will take a look into. Glen to follow upG. Ramlochan
RSA's in PickeringCUPW: When will the RSA's for Pickering be available and can we have them?? CPC: Glen Ramlochan will follow up  
Schedule 'A' for Rich Hill and Unionville 04-2013CUPW: Is there a schedule that shows what the difference and change is from the routes coming from Richmond Hill to 14th avenue? We need to know what the effect was? CPC: Julie will follow up  
Restructure at 280 Progress 05-13CUPW: There is a vacant route, please don't fill if possible. Mike will agree to this. George wants consultation as soon as possible. CPC: The vacancy is noted. Julie will be made aware. Consultation will be set up once the restructure results are know.J. Parent
OCR'S in Brodie and Unionville 05-13CUPW: There are still vacancies there, why can't they be filled? CPC: We will get Julie to respond at next meeting as she is not available now.J. Parent
Pinchin report at Maple 05-13CUPW: There is a log report that tracks it now and the report has recommended changes. Can we call an LJOSH meeting soon? CPC: Stanley Eng will arrange for a meeting within the next week to discuss with the LJOSH committee.  
Red circled routes 05-13CUPW: We would like a list of the red-circled routes. CPC: Paul Z. will get the list for MikeP. Zimmerman
Pay rate change 05-13CUPW: When does the pay rate change for progression? CPC: It is based on the anniversary of their seniority as per Appendix A  
NEXT MEETINGJune 12th, 2013 at 09:30 hours