Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
February 13, 2013
East C&D Monthly UMM

CPC: J. Parent, G. Ramlochan, M. DeAbreu, P. Reid, A. Jeffery  
CUPW: M. Duquette, E. Deschene, Leary Charles, G. Tomaszewski, G. Filier, C. Beth, J. Hartanu  
 RMO Business 
Item #Comments 
Departure/Load Study - Don Mills/O/R - 07-2011CPC: We are waiting on Sherry Molstad in LR to determine if we are required to consult on this and also for the other stations.A. Jeffery
Depot 11, walk #2 04-2012"CPC: Katie has to contact route measurement to get direction and specific timelines for completion. D. Thurston was overseeing. Glen Filier is supposed to go down there
STATUS QUO"G. Ramlochan G. Filier
Value for breaking off route 11-2012CUPW: People are having to break off to bring SLB clearances back to the depot to meet cut-off. Where's the value. CPC: Amanda is investigating. Currently there is no additional value and is covered under 15.08. We are meeting with stations to determine what the specific concerns with each route are at this point. Union is requesting to be there in the updating process of drive times, and to be copied on results. STATUS QUOA. Jeffery
Don Mills - BBM in M3C 11-2012CUPW: The employee is using a ford transit. CPC: Amanda is aware of it. There should be a fix to iron out. He will be given the right time value and we are looking at a stepvan for him. SWITCH HAS BEEN MADE  
Ajax/Pick mail coming in late 11-2012CUPW: The mail is coming in too late. CPC: We know there is an issue and we are working on it. STATUS QUO G. Ramlochan
Ajax meal location for LC's 11-2012CUPW: Dawn Gayle told us she has found a designated meal location. Where is the value? CPC: There are now meal locations. Updates have been done. CUPW: We would like a copy of the meal locations. We disagree. CPC: DML values are attached to routes 6,8,10,11,14,16,18,20,24, and 26. Updates are completed. Specific locations need to be followed up with the supervisory staff A. Jeffery
Strip mall Harwood and Kingston 11-2012CUPW: The mail is not sequenced properly for the plaza. It's not done. Only letters were sent to the customers. CPC: There have been 5 updates. Amanda will look into it...route status hasn't changed. Station needs to send specifics to AmandaA. Jeffery
RPO Scanning 02-2013CUPW: The RPO scanning, there is no value to scan products from LC's to depot transfer. You are telling the LC's to scan it out. It should be a clerk CPC: Amanda will follow up and review the policy with the policy holder. STATUS QUOA. Jeffery
Safe drop Delivery Procedures 02-2013CUPW: You have 2 procedures for this. It needs to be clarified. It seems to differ from station to station. CPC: The process are per CMS 1202.34 and 1202.39. Route measurement follows procedure 1202.34 which states that "An item can be successfully delivered as long as the item fits in the mail receptacle or CMB compartment as long as no funds or signature is required. Ottawa is currently reviewing the procedures and will send something out in the near future. We will look into...STATUS QUOA. Jeffery
Scarb. 'D' normal departure time 08-2010Study is done. Julie will send to Mike at the end of the week. Parties to analyze results. STATUS QUOJ. Parent
Depot 11 departure time"CPC: The study is now completed and results sent to Mike. The parties will review and recommend any necessary changes
"G. Ramlochan
Article 54 Issue - 12-2010Employee is going to stay where she is. CPC will pull up the grievances to close/resolve the matter  
Extra Hours/Crossing Sections/Relief - 04-2011The sections are changing in March. Ken will pull up the grievances to review with Mark. STATUS QUOK. Davidson
P04 Training - ergo lift/pallet truck/mono - 04-2011CUPW: PO4's still don't know how to use them properly. They are saying they don't have time. CPC: Is this on the LJOSH minutes. The committees should be doing this(P.R) Glen is waiting for a response from Cari Giles  
  G. Ramlochan
Access Cards 07-12"CUPW: Needs expanded access to gain entry into multiple locations. CPC: Glen reported that no further access will be granted. Glen will follow up with Derek. Derek Krol is investigating with his group to determine what is being done across the country and whether this will form a precedence. He will get back to me...Oct 17th 2012
Derek Krol is investigating with his group to determine what is being done across the country and whether this will form a precedence. He will get back to me...Oct 17th 2012.....GLEN STILL HAS TO CHECK WITH JAN ON THIS. February 13th...Glen will get a decision today on this...STATUS QUO
"G. Ramlochan
Retrofitting of Transit Connects and Handcarts 07-12"CUPW: When will retrofitting of transit connects and handcarts be done? CPC: More carts are available. Supvrs to address issue through mini meetings and let employees know they are available. Jan to follow up with Dan Lawn. No personal carts should be used. All completed in Ajax / Pickering. Julie will discuss with fleet to see if it can be done. STATUS QUO
"G. Ramlochan
Modified Duties Explanations 07-12CUPW: Modified duties are often not explained to workers. Supervisors should explain the offer of modified duties especially where it pertains to computer based training. CPC: Nicole S. has been meeting with team leaders today and ongoing. Mgrs will reiterate with team leaders what the expectations are. Feb 13/13 Bring the specific case to the applicable manager and we will look into each one individually. There was one case where supervisor did not offer.  
Bubble Report 09-12CUPW: We are now getting some, but not all. Also, some names that are doing mod are not on the report. CPC: PCR will be facilitating the process. It should be ironed out soon. Waiting to confirm from Paul Zimmerman that it is in placeP. Comport
Art. 54 positions DON MILLSCUPW: Don Mills/R/O in a unique position as there are not enough people for designated rehab walks. Can we redistribute? CPC: Decided that positions would be bid on and people told they could be bumped but not to where. Mike says they were told they would become relief. Are they regular relief or attrition relief? If walk used permanently what happens to the ee that is being removed from the route? Permanently? Temporarily? Why are you treating Don Mills differently then other stations in the local? Will they be on the next bids? Discussions are taking place with CUPW as to what will happen with the Corporation's designated rehab walks and the employees currently encumbent in those positions. - CPC: We will be having further discussions on the bid once we iron out the details. Will hold out any current vacancies.....Feb 26/13....Further to last position, CPC will not be holding out these vacancies. We will be bidding any vacancies in the unit regardless of whether they are classed as rehab or not  
Toner cartridgesCUPW: HRSDC directive relating to 66 Ray regarding the handling of cartridges. Who is supposed to be doing it? Are there special instructions? As far as George knows there has been no meeting. George will escalate it on his end. CPC: Look up safety talk. Glen will follow up with OHS...STATUS QUOG. Ramlochan
Stouffville and Markham LJOSH inspectionsCUPW: Prep and LJOSH meeting or tour to be held in under 1 hour. CPC: Deb. Nicholson to address. Kerry told Julie she gives as much time as necessary. Feb 26/13 has been brought to Deb Nicholson's attention and addressed  
H&S training for LJOSHCUPW: WBC, Stouffville and Maple reguire training. CPC: There are regular courses available Submit a list of names to Jim Wineck and Randy Saunders. CPC not aware of training schedule. Christine Ludlow the contact. George to send list of names of people requireing training to Jim. Jim to contact Christine re classes... Feb 13/13...Glen says we are still waiting for a response back ....STATUS QUOG. Ramlochan
Sequencing not being corrected 10-2012CUPW: RMO saying supv not doing corrections. Non sequenced to go to MSD case and then manual sort but going back to  
 the plant. Also, issue with building mail not being deselected. Someone is needed to correct it. CPC: We realize there is a higher focus needed. We are working on it  
Householders being put out the same day in Ajax 10-2012"CUPW: It has been brought to Dawn's attention but date not being changed. Flyers are continually being put out after noon. CPC: We will not be changing our past practice. Nationally we have stated that the times for putting up HH will be the same practice that is in place in the applicable region
Early Starts and merging mail 10-12CUPW: Early starts starting at West Hill and other PT stations pulling out mail and upsetting others. CPC: Someone is in to look at the early starts. They are still not allowed to merge mail. Glen to re-empahsize to Ajax CUPW: What are the official start times of the attrition relief? WE would like to know so we are certain if there are really early starts. This could avoid grievances. CPC: Email sent to PCR to attainP. Comport P. Zimmerman
Bulletin re bidding after restructure 10-2012CPC: Won't happen until March. National consultation has been held where CPC has stated that we will commence the bidding upon the restructure exercise being completed. Further discussions will be held locally when the next restructures are approaching. STATUS QUO  
First aid issue with WSIB claim 11-2012Issue with letter from WSIB about claim for administering first aid to another person. CPC: Glen is looking into this. A letter has been sent to WSIB for them to re-assess the claimG. Ramlochan
Unionville moves 11-2012CUPW: We have some concerns, specifically re: 6.05 A&B national notices, the bidding, and attrition relief. Will the attrition relief go or stay with the stations?? What are the splits with these? CPC: There will be consultation on these issues. Laura Aitchison will be contacting youL. Aitchison
Depot support training 11-2012CUPW: When is this happening?? The relief should have training. CPC: Glen will have to follow up with LDI. Feb 13/13....Glen still has to follow up with trainingG. Ramlochan
Modifying the 2 bundle system 11-2012CUPW: There are workers sitting at home because of no modified duties. How is the 2 bundle system not be modified? CPC: The work and values are based on the 2 bundle method. Modifying it will add time to the walk. It will not be done at this time.  
Receiving R.O.E 11-2012CUPW: Workers are having trouble Records of Employment to get E.I. We should have an accesshr representative here. CPC: Accesshr is not responsible for sending it. We will outline the process in writing....STATUS QUOG. Ramlochan
CPC losing WSIB decision 11-2012CUPW: What is an acceptable time for CPC to pay back and adjust for lost wages, benefits, etc.? CPC: You are referring to a specific case out of Pickering. Glen will look into and get back to Joanna....There has been a payment made but still leave needs to be reconciled....STATUS QUOG. Ramlochan
Don Mills rebidCPC: We will not be doing a rebid at this time but will look at re-assigning the rehab positions in the future  
First Aid issue 02-2013CUPW: Will there be a repeat of this issue such as in Ajax? CPC: We will urge employees to do the right thing. There are national LJOSH minutes on this  
Snow removal WBC and Willowdale2 02-2013CUPW: There is snow in the loading area up to a week or two after the snowfall. Why is this? The RMO's will not do a load study if this is the case. This is your own position. CPC: Pam Reid will follow upP. Reid
PDT's for overtime - texting 02-2013CUPW: Many employees can't access texting in some areas. Ajax areas by the lake specifically. This causes a problem when you are canvassing for overtime. If there are changes to the overtime procedure we would have to consult. CPC: Glen will check with network to see if anything can be done.G. Ramlochan
Ajax overtime - 02-2013CUPW: We would like the overtime and sign up lists for Ajax. CPC: Glen will provide to MikeG. Ramlochan
HRSDC Annual Reports 02-2013CUPW: We are still waiting for the reports. CPC: Mgrs to follow up and send to unionAll Managers
H&S for Brody Drive 02-2013CUPW: H&S Committee needs a tour of the facility. CPC: Julie will set up. It is not being handed over to CPC until March 1stJ. Parent
Walk 15 Unionville 02-2013CUPW: How can walk 15 in Unionville be unassigned. CPC: Julie to follow upJ. Parent
FSA Merge Scarb. F and Willowdale 2 02-2013CUPW: They are restructuring and merging Will 2 and Scar F as one station. We were told it was going to be a standalone. This will affect the bidding. CPC: We will look into what the notice said. L. Aitchison will review and respondL. Aitchison
Form 6'sCUPW: Employees should not be forced to give the form 6 back to the employer CPC: Supervisors will be reminded of this but we encourage employees to do so as it speeds up the process. The employee does not have to give to the supervisor unless they choose to do so. If there are specific incidents bring it to the appropriate manager.  
Temp in retail - owed 400 hoursResolved.  
Retail closure Richmond HillCUPW: There is still the issue of what to do with some of the displaced people. CPC: Catarina Barroso has been asked to contact Mike to set up consultation.  
Don Mills - RetailCUPW: They are still using temps again in Don Mills. There is fully trained retail person working in the plant and you have temps in retail. The temp you are using must also be bilingual. CPC: Danny Kotsopolous advised he has meeting scheduled March 8th with CUPW to discuss this and other issuesD. Kotsopolous
Retail annual leave 02-2013CUPW: When we consulted on retail annual leave, the proposal was partial columns. Under Burkett decision this is not allowed. There are now partial columns on it. It is also a change in past practice and contrary to the collective agreement. CPC: Will review and respond D. Kotsopolous
Gateway East Delivery Section 10-2012CUPW: Mike wants LJOSH minutes for Gateway for the last year. Displaced ee were told no modified duties as you will A. Reese
 be standing for 8 hours. However, now there is movement of IDC carts to the dock. Does this open up possible accomodations  
Displaced people working in Gateway 10-2012accommodations for some? Rotation of duties? CPC: Mark sent email regarding receiving minutes. No answer yet.  
 Mike needs to know who the temps are replacing? Issues with hours?A. Reece
Overtime/extended hours at GATEWAY10-2012CUPW: Gateway is an instalation. Any extended hours 39.07 39.04 39.05 crosses post office. If they are going to offer extra hours they should be offering extra hours for the rest of the plant. CPC: Discussions set to take place with Toronto Local and Gateway so we can attempt to apply uniform for both Metro East and West Post Offices. We are waiting for the 2 national directors to discuss which method to be applied before we implementM. DeAbeau
2 clerks on one case in GatewayCUPW: There was some issues. Cases were flat, no open back. CPC: A. Reese
Equipment in GatewayCUPW: Not enough equipment to do the job.  
Air Quality in GatewayCUPW: Air quality in training room an issue.  
OrientationCUPW: Temps not receiving orientation. Were not shown emergency exits. Cafetieria too far from work location. People still working after failing tests. What happens?  
NEXT MEETINGMarch 13, 2013 at 09:30 hours