Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) Held on December 13, 2012 @ WBC

K. Burtt G. Deveau
J. Caswell M. Duquette
J. Mullet T. Algar
J. Wineck M. Prior
P. Reid G. Fillier
J. Parent L. Charles
G. Ramlochan K. Davidson
D. Daniels C. Beth
S. Utarid E. Deschene
P. Griffen
S. Dyment
J. Best
P. Zimmerman
C. Licorish
L. Aitchison
W. Lee

FSA Movements - March 2013

CPC: The current Markham station will be moving in August 2013 into the New Markham Delivery Centre located at 31 Brodie Drive. Other FSA movements are happening in March 2013. The Whitby station is moving as a whole and is not reflected in the attached summary sheet.

CUPW: When the FSAs move to the new location, will they be on separate 075s? What will they be called?

CPC: Initially, the 075s will be left separate. Later, they will be combined. The Units will be renamed to be a satellite of the original unit. For example, the moving Thornhill FSA will be renamed Thornhill 20.

Notification will be sent on new Unit names as they are available.

CUPW: Employee's at Don Mills are being issued parking tickets because there are not enough parking spaces. So you will move in more work with no parking spaces?

CPC: More routes will be moved in.

The numbers provided in the attached summary for routes are the current route numbers, not the projected restructure numbers.

CUPW: You are obligated to accommodate all injured workers. These are adverse impacts of Article 29. We are too far into this; it is time the CPC starts addressing these complaints.

CPC: CPC will follow the Duty to Accommodate. A written position will be supplied to

G. Deveau. As always, Article 54 meetings have been and will continue to be scheduled.

We will continue to use over complement Group 2 as attrition relief and delete the positions as they become vacant.

CUPW: The attrition relief are not part of the unit, they don't move across the Post Office boundary when the Units move from Scarborough to Toronto.

You will need to identify in advance the over complement relief. A LC will have the discretion to not bid on the walks moving out of the current Installation to remain in the Scarborough Area.

CPC: The Attrition relief do not bid into Attrition relief position.

CUPW: Ifnot enough LCs bid on the positions in the unit that is moving, they will be assigned in reverse seniority ... or alternatively, there is an equivalent number of assignments identified and if all attrition relief are bid on, the LC positions will be filled up in accordance with seniority. The numbers will balance.

CPC: Understanding, the attrition positions are marked as obsolete and those LCs are treated as unassigned in the Post Office.

CUPW: Before any communication can be made, the MSCs do have the option not to be displaced and you could have a vacancy upon implementation. An MSC bid will have to take place before the LC restructure. Will there be a restructure of the MSCs at YDC prior to March. Stations are already inquiring when the combined seniority list will be provided.

CPC: There will be no restructure at the YDC, just an alignment of the tours within the loops to the stations. Will ensure there is an updated seniority list in the stations and a combined seniority list as well.

Communication to LCs will occur after the MSC bidding timeline has been identified.

CUPW: With the splitting of the 075s, this will impact the relief complement and the bar chart.

We will need to see the final restructure results before we can identify the true number of routes moving and who will be moving.

CPC: It is hoped that the restructure results will be provided more in advance this time, than in the past.

CUPW: How will this be marked on the monthly bids?

CPC: We can include future locations on the bid forms.

There will be additional FSA movements officially communicated soon.

CUPW: CPC will need to ensure the number of 54.0le) positions are maintained.

CPC: This will be addressed during the restructure consultation.

CPC to update chart in attached document with Relief numbers to Scarborough Local.

CUPW: Are the RSMCs who are moving being restructured?

CPC: Some have been re-aligned. We may have to re-visit the mileage. Will R&R.

CUPW: Should the RSMC collective agreement be ratified, there is an issue with the movement of RSMCs; there would be a much bigger impact based on the "zone". When the RSMCs are moved, would the intention be to change the rate of pay? The zones are based on urban employees being in the unit. We feel it is an adverse affect; rates of pay should be maintained.

CPC: Will R&R.

CUPW: CUPW Regional Office must be advised of any adjustments made to FSAs and movements under Article 47. You cannot restructure routes over the 480 minutes. Ifyou are changing the conveyance, that will trigger a restructure under Article 47.

CPC: We will be adjusting conveyance. There are no plans for a volume count. It

would be a major restructure without a volume count.

Whitby to Aiax

CPC: The Whitby Unit will be moved into the Ajax facility.

CPC to send the breakdown to Oshawa Local, including RLC positions (staffed and un­ staffed).

CUPW: Ajax has OCRE, Whitby does not. Will Whitby now be utilizing OCREs? Based on installation language, the Ajax and Whitby RSMCs would be merged into the same installation and the OCRE should apply to the Whitby RSMCs now.

CPC: Will R&R.

CUPW: Under Article 37 of the RSMC collective agreement, have you considered all adverse impacts of such a movement? This additional commute will cost the RSMCs money.

CPC: Will R&R.

The movement date will be the implementation date of the restructure. The Whitby LCs would be bidding within the unit.

CUPW: When Whitby moves into Ajax, will there be CUS in the Ajax facility?

CPC: Yes. It will service only for the Whitby location.

CUPW: You are moving from a non-MAPP area to a MAPP area. There are no CUS in the MAPP. We believe when you move this work in it must be transferred into the Urban Unit.

The numbers would change for the restructure based on that.

Would like the restructure put on hold for Whitby until the CUS issue is resolved.

Notwithstanding the above, on a without Precedent and Predjudice basis, in the event you refuse to contract the work back in, LC routes from the Whitby unit should be structured so that wave 2 routes are primarily CMB and apartments so that the routes are not being delivered in the dark. This does not eliminate the Health and Safety concerns CUPW has.

CUPW: Will the movement of the Whitby RSMCs and the difference in mileage trigger the need for a new structure?

For the purposes of RSMCs, what is considered to be the GTA?

CPC: Will R&R.

There may be a change to the implementation dates to Whitby. It will likely be moved from May to April.

Final Sort Movements

CPC: The Final Sort activity will be moved from the depots. The work content will be removed from the Whitby location.

CUPW: What will you do with the Group 1 employees in Whitby?

CPC: There is still a requirement for Group 1 clerks in Whitby. We are open to discussions and if necessary, we may have to create another section in the Oshawa Post Office at the Ajax facility.

6.05 Impacts

CPC: There will be 6.05 changes sent soon regarding the new Markham Delivery Centre and the sections at 280 Progress.

Seniority List - East C&D

CUPW: We cannot get a proper seniority list for the Post Office, specifically for the Metro East Finals which is currently rolling up to the same RC number as Metro West.

CPC: Will provide an updated seniority list tomorrow.

Union Dues

CUPW: When will the union dues issue be resolved?

CPC: This has been flagged to National LR and National PCR. This has been raised and we are awaiting a decision.

CUPW: Ifthis is not resolved by January 1, 2013 a grievance will be filed monthly for each employee. This will be very costly to the Corporation.

Consultation ended.