Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held on November 19, 2012
YDC Monthly UMM

K. Aggarwal M. Duquette
B. Searle C. Beth
M. DeAbreu E. Duschene
L. Charles

Old Business

J. Painter Arbitration

CUPW: Painter is coming back, he is your employee now

CPC: His PPD’s are lifted. He is coming back as MSC, part time, no dispute about that. Warren has sent letter to Mike to ask about what Mr. Painter’s intentions are. He has been cleared to come back as an MSC to the YDC. Employee is currently off work.

Contacting YDC – status quo

Time for investigating/filing grievances

CUPW: I am hearing complaints that you are not allowing enough time for the shop stewards to file/investigate grievances and complaints. We object to this. Our position is that the union steward and employees are to be given all the necessary time they require. It is their right under the collective agreement.

CPC: We have always allowed ample time and allowed the requests to perform union business. As far as the filing of grievances, the last 2 months the requests from multiple employees on a daily basis in the YDC have been up to 1 ¼ hours by each person daily. We have an operation that is being hindered. We have been allowing 15 minutes and what is reasonable for the circumstance and if more time is required then we will provide at the beginning of the next shift unless it is an urgent matter.


Parcels for Whitby

CUPW: We would like to know what is going to happen with the parcels and relays that will be moving from Whitby to Ajax. We were told that MSC’s would be performing the work but currently this work is done by CUS out of Oshawa

CPC: Will have Laura Aitchison follow up to confirm what is going to happen with this.

Meetings are scheduled for December 13th.

CUPW: There should be no CUS because they are inside the MAPP


New Business

Annual leave for 2013-2014

Annual leave consultation commenced. Group 2 discussed.

There are 11 blocks this time. CUPW stated the numbers looked fine. Bar chart relief and opportunity possibly for more columns discussed. Kimti will check with Alex A.

December 10th is the start date for bidding. Everything is the same as last year, only the dates are different.

Group 1 discussed. Everything is the same as last year. Union states that pre-retirement should be 52 weeks. Kimti will look into

UMO positions

CUPW: You’ve created 2 positions. I’ve asked for consultations and you’ve put 2 people from Gateway into it.

CPC: Consultation is set up for November 28th

Christmas Operations

CUPW: Is there more maintenance people needed. Extra vehicles and temps should be brought in. There is a difference between 3 and 4 week assignments according to the C/A.

CPC: Extra vehicle for Xmas has been arranged already. Will review on what the temps will be doing, if there are to be multiple week assignments. East delivery temps will be used in YDC as required once we exhaust YDC temp list.

Extra clearances of the RPO’s are the same as last year.

We would like to also change group 1 times for December 24 and 31 as well as voluntary early tours on those same days.

CUPW: You are limiting to hour overtime, we disagree. We would like to maximize the overtime for full timers.

CPC: We can’t load with times more than that. The PDSL presents a problem with the cut-off time and the loading of the trucks presents a problem. We are offering as much as we can but operationally it is almost impossible to offer more than one hour over time to all regular full time employees.

CUPW: As per 18.14 there should be reduction in staff during the Christmas period

CPC: Our intent is to have the operation wrapped up by 16:00 hours and close the building at 18:00.

End of Meeting

Next Meeting Scheduled for December 17th, 2012 at 9:00am @ YDC.