Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Sept. 24, 2012
East RSMC Monthly UMM

CPC: J. Mullett, J. Parent, G. Ramlochan, M. DeAbreu, P. Comport  
CUPW: M. Duquette, C. Beth, E. Duschene, J. Hartanu, G. Pratt  
RMO Business  
Issue # Action by:
Stouffville, Richmond Hill/RPO Clearances - 00-2010CUPW: Route 354 has clearances 3 times a day, twice in the morning and once in the afternoon. Hours/day is up to 7.5. CPC: 7.5 hours is acceptable for now Status QuoJ. Wineck
Maple SS4 Staffing - 00-2010CPC: Still discussions nationally. CPC looking at moving RSMC's on LTA out. It will be a lengthly process based  
 on circumstances and length of absence. Status Quo 
Urban/RSMC - UnionvilleCUPW: There has still been no iron ring consultation CPC: We will meet with union without prejudice to view the maps  
Unionville route changesCUPW: There were updates from December and the counts were changed again. CPC: Julie to follow up and George P. will provide the list. STATUS QUOJ.Parent
POC Maintenance book 05-2012CUPW: Is this going to be implemented? Should be done before restructure comes into effect. Do they have an SMD J. Parent
 case? CPC: Julie to follow up STATUS QUO 
Wet PDT's 05-2012 06-12CUPW: The RSMC's are complaining of wet PDT's CPC: Most places do not have the covers, will review to see if they can be fixed. Glen was unsuccessful in finding cases. Will follow up with Joe Dasilva.G. Ramlochan
RSMC Mod duties 05-2012CUPW: Issues with pay are consistently coming up at return to work meetings. CUPW insists CPC has allocated a certain time value to sortation and delivery. Glen said there is no standard but will get clarification and put it in the minutes. CPC: Glen to follow up.G. Ramlochan
OCR interviews re: PDTsCUPW: OCRs are being interviewed regarding PDTs even though they have never been trained. CPC: Glen said that G. Ramlochan
 there are informal interviews to find out the route cause and if due to poor performance then they are addressed  
 in formal interviews.  
Locks for CMBsCUPW: Who is responsible for locks on parcel compartment of CMB? CPC: Is it an APOC or RSMC duty? If RSMC, how will they be paid? Adhoc?G. Ramlochan
Keeping PDT OvernightCUPW: What are employees supposed to do with PDTs after hours if their facility is closed upon return? Health & safetly concern also. CPC: Glen spoke with Doug Danials who said employees are to take PDT's home for safe keeping. There are spare batteries available if necessary. If RSMC has a concern they are to raise it with their supervisor.  
Annual Inspections & log sheetsCUPW: RSMC's are handing in information but counts are being changed. Carmela in Pickering is one of them. Will get  
 names. CPC: The process is to review and if different, monitor for 2 weeks. Glen will get clarification and share.G. Ramlochan
RSMC sequencingCUPW: When Pickering is sequenced they will lose 1 route. As there are 3 long term absences we would like to move  
 one RSMC over to cover a LTA walk. CPC: They would be placed and not bid; a possible MOA.  
 CUPW: There are 2 vacant OCR positions in Thornhill? Why are they training contractors and not staffing the positions?J. Wineck
Shopper's Drug Mart and H&S concernsWBC and Maple are delivering to Shopper's with high docks. Since they must hand bomb the mail onto the dock they  
 should be provided with safety shoes and a vest. It has been pushed to H&S with no response. CPC:J. Wineck