Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held on September 10, 2012
YDC Monthly UMM

K. Aggarwal M. Duquette
G. Dutkiewicz L. Charles
L. LaRosa

Old Business

J. Painter Arbitration

CUPW: EE moved to Toronto Local for training 8 hrs/day for 1 week and was sent home and advised that he can’t be a Letter Carrier. He was told to report back to YDC as an MSC and there was no tour put aside for him. Further he received a letter from Dale Wilhelm (OAC) confirming same.

CPC: We were unaware of this change. A list was provided to PC&R of all EE’s transferring including applicable restrictions. In addition Greg Dutkiewicz advised the area Superintendant of the transfers and limitations. We will follow up with Dale Wilhelm and PC&R for an update

CUPW: Understood there was only 1 LCA position available and it went to someone with higher seniority. Questioned whether concerns existed with the most recent medical James being outdated

CPC: Yes we are still waiting for updated medical

Contacting YDC – status quo

Texting for Overtime

CUPW: We should be sending a mass text to all EE’s, waiting 15 minutes for a response and then make the offering by seniority

CPC: We are offering emergency overtime within the loop 1st by mass text, waiting 15 minutes for response and then offering respondents by seniority. If there is no response the OT will be offered to whoever is onsite at YDC

CUPW: Agreed.

New Business

Upcoming Restructure

CUPW: Union received the package from RMO on last Friday. Consultation has been set to discuss the restructure on September 26, 2012.

CPC: We will share the information for the restructure with MSC drivers as a draft after September 17th in a CD format.

CUPW: Request that the attachments be provided in PDF.

CPC: Agreed

Distribution of Term list and assignment

CUPW: We are not being copied on these lists

CPC: Per previous agreement we sent these lists to Terry Vango on a monthly basis for appropriate distribution

CUPW: Request for Mike and Leary to both be copied

CPC: Agreed – staffing officer will be advised to forward the monthly list and assignments accordingly.

CUPW: There is talk about merging all term lists

CPC: Will follow up with PC&R to acquire additional details and see where we’re at

Grievance Investigations

CPC: We are requesting to get back to no grievance investigations being facilitated on Mondays due to volume. We are also avoiding interviews on Mondays as well

CUPW: We should be allowed to conduct these any day. This is not an acceptable agreement.

CPC: There are often large gaps between the EE’s and selected Union Steward’s shifts causing negative impact on the business, PM responsibilities are fixed and difficult to adjust/cover

CUPW: EE will use Union Steward available on site at the time of their shift. If they want a specific steward they will need to provide a sufficient reason why (i.e. Steward has previous knowledge of/notes on issue that are required)

CPC: We will accommodate same day if possible or at the latest the beginning of the next shift. If unavoidable, adjustments to EE’s work duties will be provided to accommodate accordingly until the meeting can begin

End of Meeting

Next Meeting Scheduled for Oct 17, 2012 at 9:00am @ YDC.