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Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
East C&D Monthly UMM

CPC: M. DeAbreu, J. Wineck, J. Bull, J. Parent, G. Ramlochan  
CUPW: M. Duquette, L. Charles, C. Beth, E. Duschene, J. Hartanu, G. Fillier, G. Tomaschevsky  
 RMO Business 
Item #Comments 
LCA/DRS Toronto 'R'CUPW: Arose out of the restructure. Would like to combine PT LCA and PT DRS for the full time DRS. CPC: Julie to address and set up a meeting for resolution. Status Quo - On HoldJ. Parent
Departure/Load Study - Don Mills/O/R - 07-2011CUPW: Have not had any recent updates. Departure & Load studies are different because of use of RMO. Load study should have been completed within 8-12 weeks CPC: Schedule still pending. Will follow upJ. Parent
Register Mail in Sequence Mail 04-2012CUPW: It is still being spread throughout the mail. CPC: Domenic to follow up Status QuoD. Carso
MDS Case-AjaxCPC: The case is now being used. Glen to follow up to make sure the process is being followedG. Ramlochan
Depot 11, walk #2 04-2012CPC: Supervisor went with her for a day to observe behaviour. She is continuing to book overtime every day. RMO will be involved, as well as a pre-50 assesment in September. STATUS QUOG. Ramlochan
CMB Scanning values 04-2012CUPW: All routes are getting CMB scanning, will there be new time values for it, and will it be paid retroactively?  
 CPC: There will be new O75s for it with values embedded. End of day depot scans are still to be added. Domenic to follow up with Raj on how it impacts RSMCs. Domenic will see what stns are completed and implemented. Prior and after. Every restructure will have it going forward. The labelling of the CMB's should be an APOC job function. STATUS QUOD. Carso
West Hill RPO Boundaries for Delivery 05-2012CUPW: Confirmed with supervisor, proper boundaries are now being used  
Sequenced Sortation CUPW: This is still happening CPC: Bring to the attention of the supervisor to see if anything can be done. STATUS QUOD. Carso J. Parent
Time values for texting 05-2012CUPW: Will there be time values associated with texting on the PDT. Especially since overtime may be offered via text. CPC: Domenic Carso to respond STATUS QUOD. Carso
Timing for MailroomsCUPW: There should be time values associated with it. CPC: It is being done now. STATUS QUOD. Carso
Building RoutesCUPW: When building new routes, they are sometimes allowing for U-turns, etc when it is efficient to do so. CPC: They are instructed to build the routes using best practices which may involve u-turns. The clock is turned on or off accordingly. Domenic will distribute from manual. STATUS QUOD. Carso
Flipping IssueCUPW: There should be time values for flipping the case twice per shift, rather than only 1. CPC: D. Carso to investigate further as to if it is only the initial flip given, or the flip removal as well. STATUS QUOD. Carso
Sort timesCUPW:What is included within the time values given for sorting? CPC: Householders is not included. Broken down in O75. D. Carso to send out LCRMS. STATUS QUOD. Carso
New mats for vehiclesCUPW: Pilot project has begun for new mats in vehicle, that allow for drivers to easier clear water/ice from their vehicles. Are there time values for this? CPC: Domenic Carso to investigate. STATUS QUOD. Carso
Depot 11 departure timeCPC: The study is now completed, will be given to union as soon as it is available.G. Ramlochan
Breakdown of sort - values/ SLB value/ Mats in vehicleCUPW: Where are the values that break down a sort. Also, where is the clearance value for SLB's? Regarding the pilot in Ajax, is there a value for removing the mats with ice??CPC: There are columns at the top that tell you. Domenic will check the chapter in LCRMS that makes it up. Domenic will also check on the other 2 items above. STATUS QUOD. Carso
Quality review minutesCUPW: Minutes should be generated for the quality review meetings CPC: Will look into doing so. STATUS QUOD. Carso
Normal Departure Time-Scarborough D.08-2011CUPW: Now has report, as some issues with missing dates, etc CPC: Will be reviewing the report further. Julie will send info to MikeJulie P.
Normal Departure Time-Scarborough Depot 11 08-2010Moved to RMO Issue  
Article 54 Issue - 12-2010Status Quo. Mark and Mike to set up date to discuss furtherM. DeAbreu
Training for New Hires - 01-2011CPC:Mark to review the list with Mike before sending outM. DeAbreu
Annual Leave/Relief SplitStatus Quo: List to be given to Mike  
Extra Hours/Crossing Sections/Relief - 04-2011CPC: Julie to look into it and try to resolve today STATUS QUOJulie P.
P04 Training - ergo lift/pallet truck/mono - 04-2011CUPW: Employees are reaching into monos and doing other unsafe processes. Should be more training. CPC: Glen and Julie to review with LDIG. Ramlochan
Depot 11 Splits - 04-2011CPC: Spoke with Ken and agreed route owners do the splits and will begin Monday. Glen to meet with Ken Thursday to discuss furtherG. Ramlochan
Article 17.05 call backs 09-2011CPC: Jim to meet with Ken to discuss further. STATUS QUOJ. Wineck
Barchart VettingCUPW: Need to know what stations are having issues. CPC: Up to date in Ajax and Pickering. Will provide station and contact names of those that are not up to date  
 Status QuoP. Comport
280 Progress dock positions 03-2012CPC: Julie to follow up and send info to Mike Status QuoJ. Parent
Sequenced mail for mailroomsCPC: Has been fixedG. Ramlochan
Don Mills Group 1 OvertimeCPC: An error, employees will not lose lieu day  
Circle check sheets Ajax 05-2012CPC: No longer in use, just vehicle log sheets.  
Identity Badges 06-2012CPC: Will reiterate policy with supervisors  
Willowdale Depot 2 Displaced Employees 06-2012CUPW: What is the criteria for who is displaced where? How are part time vacancies covered? There should also be more relief. CPC: To be determined, Jim to follow up.Jim W.
DNC Options - CMB Full 06-2012CUPW: How are LCs to proceed when using the CMB Full option on the DNC card. CPC: Not aware of this option, will investigate further STATUS QUOJim W.
Ajax - Re-Entry to building 06-2012CUPW: In Ajax, often employees are able to exit the building but cannot re-enter. CPC: Door must be unlocked when the employee exits. Will ensure that station is aware of this STATUS QUOGlen R.
Return to Work Carts 06-2012CUPW: Have carts come in yet? CPC: Carts have recently arrived. Julie to find out how many we have/if any more are required.Julie. P
HRSDC - Form 7'S 06-2012CUPW: Employees are waiting a long time for a response on HRSDC-Labour Canada counter signed form 7s, through no fault of CPC. CPC: Will follow up with Lorraine to see if there is a way to speed up process STATUS QUOL. Sanderson
 New Business 
Willowdale Depot 2 Absence Coverage, O/T Lists 07-12previously discussed  
Gateway Section of the East C&D/Retail Post Office 07-12CUPW: Needs to have consultation over this issue. CPC: will organize soon. Laura Aitchison is the contact  
Log Sheet Training 07-12CUPW: When will letter carriers get log sheet training. CPC: Glen will follow up with Fleet to determine what is needed.G. Ramlochan
DRS Position 07-12CUPW: DRS position should be full time. CPC: That was determined prior to PT implementation, now based on PT it is determined differently  
Record of Employment - Ajax 07-12CUPW: Employee in Ajax is still waiting on record of employment. CPC: AccessHR asked for medical form from employee directly, Glen to follow up to find out if this is new processG. Ramlochan
Vacant LCA position 07-12CUPW: There has been a vacant LCA position for 6 months, has it been approved for staffing? CPC: To follow up  
Consultation re: MSCs moving from YDC 07-12CUPW: Consultation is required to sort out the MSCs moving from the YDC, and what positions they are going to. CPC: Mark to follow upM. DeAbreu
Defect Sheets 07-12CUPW: Looking for feedback on how the new defect sheets are used. CPC: To follow up  
Surplus Employees 07-12CUPW: What is going to happen with all of the surplus people? CPC: To follow up in August, will find out as soon as possible  
Access Cards 07-12CUPW: Needs expanded access to gain entry into multiple locations. CPC: Glen to look into further  
Taxi from Ajax to Toronto for PT training 07-12CUPW: What is CPC's position on using taxis for employees going from Ajax to Toronto for PT training. CPC: Penny to follow up.Penny
Retrofitting of Transit Connects and Handcarts 07-12CUPW: When will retrofitting of transit connects and handcarts be done? CPC: Glen to follow upG. Ramlochan
Assigning Temporary Employees 07-12CUPW: Temp employee is being assigned duties without choice of role, without considering seniority. CPC: PCR assigns temps to roles, but does not necessarily give temps a choice on which position they take  
Reimbursement of Householders for Observers 07-12CUPW: When observers are off we normally reimburse them for householders, how do we find out how many householders were on a particular walk? CPC: Julie to look into furtherJ. Parent
DD & HH Training 07-12CUPW: There are many terms who do not yet have DD or HH training. CPC: Will investigate further  
Baker's Racks from Willowdale 2 07-12CUPW: Are there extra Baker's racks available from Willowdale 2. CPC: They are already spoken for  
Two Clerks on One Case 07-12CUPW: There are two clerks working on one case, who should each have their own. CPC: Glen to reviewG. Ramlochan
LJOSH Minutes 07-12CUPW: Often not receiving LJOSH minutes, particularly for June. CPC: Will endeavor to ensure minutes are sent to all of the appropriate people. Email is  
Prolonged use of Window Van 07-12CUPW: One driver has been using a window van for 2 years without being given a step van, when will this occur? CPC: Julie to reviewJ. Parent
Accidents on Floor 07-12CUPW: For accidents on the floor, should contact LJOSH member rather than defaulting to contacting union. CPC: We will follow up to ensure the process is being followed  
PPD Reviews 07-12CUPW: For PPD reviews, Great West Life is telling members to submit to IME, when they shouldn't be. CPC: Will contact Lorraine to review......If there are specific names please bring up to Lorraine for actionLorraine
Modified Duties Explanations 07-12CUPW: Modified duties are often not explained to workers. CPC: Julie to follow up with said employeeJulie
Money Collected by LCs 07-12CUPW: At the end of the day, what are letter carriers to do with money collected if the registration clerk is gone. CPC: To review process  
Overtime for Employee's on Training 07-12CUPW: If employees are on training, are they eligible for overtime at that station that day? CPC: Will review policy and respond.....employees will possibly be elegible for overtime when it comes to other means but position is they will not be eligible to sign up on the regular equal opp list.M. Deabreu
IKEA Consultation 07-12Discussion of IKEA MOA. MOA will be distributed to supervisors. Mini-meetings with employees will also take place. Any specific station concerns to be brought up to the supervisor/superintendent for resolution  
Temp in retail - owed 400 hoursStatus Quo 
Retail closure Richmond HillCPC: Set for July 23 to close on the 27th. LRO Catarina Barroso to set up consultation.M. DeAbreu
NEXT MEETING: AUGUST 8, 2012 @ 09:30