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Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
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CPC: M. DeAbreu, J. Mullett, J. Wineck, J. Bull, J. Parent, K. Picken, D. Carso  
CUPW: M. Duquette, L. Charles, C. Beth, G. Pratt, E. Duschene, J. Hartanu  
 RMO Business 
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LCA/DRS Toronto 'R'CUPW: Arose out of the restructure. Would like to combine PT LCA and PT DRS for the full time DRS. CPC: Julie to address and set up a meeting for resolution. Status QuoJ. Parent
Departure/Load Study - Don Mills/O/R - 07-2011 CPC: The team is put together. We are ready to move forward now. Status QuoJ. Parent
Register Mail in Sequence Mail 04-2012CUPW: It is still being spread throughout the mail. CPC: Domenic to follow upD. Carso
MDS Case-AjaxCUPW: After the volume count, some sequenced mail has continued to sit in MDS case, without being addressed by the supervisor. It is just being taken away and re-sorted in the case CPC: Domenic will send out email to stations clarifyng the process, Glen will follow up for clarificationD. Carso G. Ramlochan
Depot 11, walk #2 04-2012CPC: Glen and Ken D. are to meet and discuss. STATUS QUOG. Ramlochan
CMB Scanning values 04-2012CUPW: All routes are getting CMB scanning, will there be new time values for it, and will it be paid retroactively?  
 CPC: There will be new O75s for it with values embedded. End of day depot scans are still to be added. Domenic to follow up with Raj on how it impacts RSMCs. Domenic will see what stns are completed and implemented. Prior and after. Every restructure will have it going forward. The labelling of the CMB's should be an APOC job functionD. Carso
West Hill RPO Boundaries for Delivery 05-2012 CUPW: This has come up again. It seems to be fixed for a short time and then defaults back to the old way. CPC: YDC is delivering correctly, errors are coming from stations. We need to match up with what the YDC is doing. Domenic to follow up with RMO's to find out what the issue isD. Carso J. Parent
Sequenced Sortation CUPW: With the sequenced mail there seems to be letters upside down every 20 letters or so. The sequenced mail is coming with lots of missorts for other walks and out of station. CPC: D. Carso and Julie to raise with P.T. and find out if this is a common issueD. Carso J. Parent
Time values for texting 05-2012CUPW: Will there be time values associated with texting on the PDT. Especially since overtime may be offered via text. CPC: Domenic Carso to respondD. Carso
 Status Quo 
Timing for MailroomsCUPW: For the people with the new vans, they need to be given time values for the clearance of the mailroom and multiple trips. Relays are not used anymore. CPC: Domenic Carso to check willowdale 2 structure for the distances measured.D. Carso
Building RoutesCUPW: When building new routes, they are sometimes allowing for U-turns, etc when it is efficient to do so. CPC: They are instructed to build the routes using best practices which may involve u-turns. The clock is turned on or off accordingly. Domenic will distribute from manual  
Route 153 IssueCUPW: Route 153 is a rehab route, as the bulk of codes from 46 were given to 153. 153 has also received codes from other routes. Would like more information on the routes prior to the upcoming bid. CPC: Agreement made that the employee would self accomodate and the route chosen would be the rehab roue  
Flipping IssueCUPW: There should be time values for flipping the case twice per shift, rather than only 1. CPC: D. Carso to investigate further as to if it is only the initial flip given, or the flip removal as well.D. Carso
Sort timesCUPW:What is included within the time values given for sorting? CPC: Householders is not included. Broken down in O75. D. Carso to send out LCRMSD. Carso
New mats for vehiclesCUPW: Pilot project has begun for new mats in vehicle, that allow for drivers to easier clear water/ice from their vehicles. Are there time values for this? CPC: Domenic Carso to investigateD. Carso
Depot 11 departure timeCUPW: Changing from Day 1 to Day 2, start time on headerboard is different than start time on SAP. CPC: Will follow up with GlenG. Ramlochan
Breakdown of sort - values/ SLB value/ Mats in vehicle CUPW: Where are the values that break down a sort. Also, where is the clearance value for SLB's? Regarding the pilot in Ajax, is there a value for removing the mats with ice??CPC: There are columns at the top that tell you. Domenic will check the chapter in LCRMS that makes it up. Domenic will also check on the other 2 items aboveD. Carso
Quality review minutesCUPW: Minutes should be generated for the quality review meetings CPC: Will look into doing so.D. Carso
Normal Departure Time-Scarborough D.08-2011 CPC: It has been done properly. Julie will send info to Glen/MikeJulie P.
Normal Departure Time-Scarborough Depot 11 08-2010 Glen and Glen F. to meet to discuss furtherG. Ramlochan
Article 54 Issue - 12-2010Status Quo. Mark and Mike to meet to discuss further.Mark, Jan, Mike D.
Training for New Hires - 01-2011CPC: The list is being compiled and should be done shortly. Mark will distribute once received from training M. Walwyn
Annual Leave/Relief SplitStatus Quo: P. Comport will compile list and provideP. Comport
Safety Shoes - 03-2011CPC: We will pay for anyone using the equipment that requires it.  
15.14 Overtime List - 03-2011CUPW: Lists received. We will set up separate consultation to discuss. Mike will send out invite by email  
Extra Hours/Crossing Sections/Relief - 04-2011 CUPW: What is the process for this procedure. CPC: List will be provided to unionD. Gayle
Violence in the Workplace Investigations - 04-2011 CPC: The policy is actually on Intrapost, not the CMS. Link provided. M.
P04 Training - ergo lift/pallet truck/mono - 04-2011 CPC: Need to follow up with LDI for who has training. Status QuoD. Gayle
  D. Beckner G. Ramlochan
Depot 11 Splits - 04-2011New supt would work with Ken Davidson. Status Quo  
Article 17.05 call backs 09-2011CUPW: Will add to the separate meeting for the 15.14 issue. CPC: AgreedJ. Paren
  K. Davidson
  J. Wineck
Barchart VettingCUPW: They are still not vetted. CPC:Not yet finished, wil be completed soon  
 Status Quo 
280 Progress dock positions 03-2012CPC: Julie to arrange consultation with Mike D. Status QuoJ. Parent
Sequenced mail for mailroomsCUPW: The info has been given to Glen. He needs to investigate. CPC: Glen to follow upG. Ramlochan
Don Mills Group 1 OvertimeCUPW: CPC brought in employees on their annual leave to work overtime and they were told they would lose their lieu day CPC: Should not lose lieu day, Julie to follow upJulie P.
Ford TransitsCUPW: There were 2 incidents in Pickering with drivers door falling off. CPC: Incidents should be reported to team leaders at the time. Vehicles will be retrofitted with LFT racks prior to the restructure  
Handicapped parking Ajax 05-2012CUPW: Employees are parking in handicapped spaces at Ajax. CPC: Will enforce policy that only handicapped people may use the painted handicapped spaces  
Depot 11 FAF 05-2012CUPW: 2 employees whose FAF is not being followed. CPC: To be reviewed with KatieGlen
Mod duties employees sent home 05-2012CUPW: Mod duties employees are being sent home and you have temps working. CPC:Grievances are in the system over this issue, to be followed up  
Circle check sheets Ajax 05-2012CUPW: There are still no forms available, and have not been trained on how to fill them out CPC: Glen to follow upGlen
LJOSH in investigations and RTW mtgs 05-12 CUPW: The new policy says LJOSH to be involved in the RTW meetings CPC: There is no requirement for an LJOSH rep to be present at the RTW meeting but the employee is entitled to union representationJulie P.
Identity BadgesCUPW: Employees told they had to wear their identity badges at all times. CPC: Will reiterate with supervisors that there is no requirement to wear them, only to have them available on them if requested  
Restructure Meeting MinutesMoved to RMO business  
Willowdale Depot 2 Restructure BiddingCUPW: LCAs are unclear of the job requirements prior to the bid. Also, walk 53 was assigned without consultation. YDC employees did not get the full packages for bidding.CPC: Descriptions do not change. Will ensure up to date descriptions are available prior to the bid. We will ensure the full packages are available for bidding  
Willowdale Depot 2 Displaced EmployeesCUPW: Employees have been displaced from Willowdale 2. Also, unassigned workers are not to be treated as relief. CPC: To follow up with PCR for clarification of what will happen to them. There are enough positions to absorb themJim W.
DNC Options - CMB FullCUPW: How are LCs to proceed when using the CMB Full option on the DNC card. CPC: Not aware of this option, will investigate furtherJim W.
Sorting in DarkCUPW: With PT, wave 1 & 2, a lot of sorting will be done in the dark. CPC: In other parts of the country, lights were provided and may be used here also.  
Ajax - Re-Entry to buildingCUPW: In Ajax, often employees are able to exit the building but cannot re-enter. CPC: Glen to follow upGlen R.
Return to Work CartsCUPW: Return to work may be easier if there were more carts available for employees CPC: Will look into it further  
HRSDC - Form 7'SCUPW: Employees are waiting a long time for a response on HRSDC-Labour Canada counter signed form 7s, through no fault of CPC. CPC: Will follow up with Lorraine to see if there is a way to speed up processL. Sanderson
Unaddressed AdmailCPC: There have been complaints and customer service issues regarding unaddressed admail and there may be a renewed focus in the coming months  
Temp in retail - owed 400 hoursStatus Quo  
LJOSH MinutesCUPW: The LJOSH minutes from retail are not being given to them. Should be given to the lead hands also. CPC: We will copy retail on the tour and the minutes  
Retail closure Richmond HillCUPW: There are 6 positions and 1 relief. When will the people go and what will happen with the relief CPC: There will be a separate consultation on this to be scheduled. Catarina Baruso is the LR officer.Mark DeAbreu
NEXT MEETING: JULY 11, 2012 @ 09:30