Date: June 6th, 2012

Sue Ballantine Mike Duquette
Catarina Barroso Cathy Best
John Sullivan
Danny Kotsopoulos

June 6th, 2012

RE: 6.05 Notice for the Proposed Closure of Retail Richmond Hill- GTA

The Union- inquired as to whether a final decision was made to close this retail location.

Management- advised that the decision regarding closure has not been announced yet. This is a potential closure. The tentative date for the closure is September 29th, 2012. Currently, there are two full-time employees and one full-time relief. The proposed plan is to move all three employees as relief into West Beaver Creek. These employees will be unassigned to these positions and will need to exercise their bidding rights to attain a permanent position.

The Union- expressed concern that possibly none of the three employees have sufficient seniority to allow them to obtain these positions.

Management- inquired how to rectify the staffing issue with the potential closure of Richmond Hill. There are potential upcoming retirements which could possibly free up some positions.

The Union- advised that potential upcoming retirements are not necessarily a viable solution as there needs to be approval to staff those positions. Currently, there are a number of people who are currently being accommodated under Article 54 and would like to bid for vacant retail positions. Some of these individuals could potentially have more seniority. The Union then reiterated that it would be in the Corporation’s best interest not to close the location. The Mayor is opposed to this closure, as is the public. There is a lot of negative press surrounding this potential closure and it would not reflect positively on the Corporation within the public context.

Management- recognizes and acknowledges the Union’s concerns and stated that the minutes of this consultation will be provided to the parties who are the decision makers regarding this closure.

The Union- clarified that this was not the end of the process. After reviewing the information provided on the location’s revenue history for the past years and staffing/workload, the Union contends that additional information is necessary to meet the requirement of meaningful consultation. More specifically, the Union requests that Management provide the required numbers to operate Richmond Hill.

Management- agreed to provide the required numbers to operate for Richmond Hill forthwith.

The Union- expressed concern about what is being done by the Corporation to generate more revenue within Retail.

Management- advised that there are many new strategies, along with new products and services, that the Corporation plans to utilize to generate additional revenue.

The Union- expressed concern that many customers they had spoken to were not aware of the services Canada Post provides at the Richmond Hill location. The Union is aware that Management has distributed a map indicating the locations of other near by post offices; however, many of these post offices do not provide full services. The Union questioned whether Management provided the public with information as to which postal outlets provide which services.

Management- advised that they had not provided the customers with this information yet, but because this is a still only a potential closure and there has not been a final decision made.

The Union- expressed further concern that the closure would be incur monetary cost to customers. More specifically, the Union vocalized that customers would need to modify business cards and letterheads if this closure were to materialize. Furthermore, the Union expressed concern that this closure would provide substantial inconvenience to the customers with respect to travel. More specifically, certain populations, such as seniors and students, who do not necessarily have vehicles and rely on public transportation, will be greatly inconvenienced as this closure will force them to travel further locations to obtain postal services. Also, the Union also inquired about where the caller mail service will be going to and whether this closure in Richmond Hill is related to Postal Transformation.

Management- Canada Post regularly reviews its network as part of ongoing business reviews and assurance that we are managing that part of the business effectively. We believe that our customers will be well served by the established Network in place in that area at this time.

The Union- vocalized concern that because this is a potential closure of a Corporate outlet, customer service may be comprised. They went on to say that the staff of the non-Corporate RPO’s may not be as knowledge as Canada Post employees and the 1-800 number provided to customers is unreliable.

Management- addressed the issue and stated that customer concerns are always funnelled to the appropriate service centre.

The Union- requested that Management provided the Union with a transaction breakdown by product line. The Union also asked whether Management would be willing to entertain under Appendix T (Job Creation and Job Expansion) under the Collective Agreement. More specifically, the Union asked Management consider opening up on weekends and have later hours. The Union then provided an example of another Retail outlet which had opened up on a Saturday. By opening on a Saturday, the location became extremely profitable, so much so that Management needed to bring in a part-time employee to supplement the staff.

Management’s response to these suggestions, are that the Union is able to develop a proposal under Appendix T, and submit it is writing to the Appendix T working committee in Ottawa for review.

The Union- vocalized concern that business customers would need to drop off ad-mail at locations further to travel. This change of location would subsequently incur additional costs to the customer.

Management- the Corporation acknowledges the concern made on the part of the Union, and the concerns about the travel time for customers.

The Union- inquired as to where the petition went, that was distributed outside the location. Furthermore, the Union suggested that there is an upcoming town festival which would provide the Corporation with ample opportunity to generate revenue by way of selling post cards, etc.

Management- the Corporation has no knowledge regarding the handling of the petition, Management had no participation in the petition. Management acknowledges the information provided regarding the upcoming festival.

End of Consultation