Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held on May 14, 2012
YDC Monthly UMM

M. DeAbreu M. Duquette
K. Aggarwal C. Beth

Old Business

J. Painter Arbitration

CUPW: The info was sent in late March and the doctor now has the info. Employee has also attained tour M337 scheduled to move to 600 Commissioners as of June 20th CPC: Status Quo.

West Hill

CUPW: The issue was fixed for a while but is now back again

CPC: It is a delivery issue, not YDC. Will follow up with the delivery side and set up something with the RMO’s from delivery and YDC

CUPW: The station and RPO are carding to different RPO’s .


E/O List


Accommodations at YDC

CUPW: Are you adding names? CPC: We will discuss at the next article 54 meeting.

Contacting YDC

CUPW: Would like to leave status quo for now.

CPC: Agreed

Texting for Overtime

CUPW: text messaging is to be offered for overtime? Is this a new way of canvassing for overtime?

CPC: Issue is emergency overtime that is required when all drivers are out on the road. This is the only scenario where we are using the texting


Flyers on the workfloor


Concerns with pay deductions

Status quo

Guns found in mail

CPC: Corp. Security has been involved. Employees have been informed that if there is anything suspicious they are to be left alone until Corp. Security has been notified. We have communicated the right process to all supervisors and employees.


End of Meeting

Next Meeting Scheduled for June 20, 2012 at 9:30am @ WBC.