Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
East RSMC Monthly UMM

CPC: J. Wineck, J. Mullett, Glen Ramlochan, M. DeAbreu  
CUPW: M. Duquette, L. Charles, C. Beth, E. Duschene, G. Pratt, Terry Vango, George Tomaszewski  
RMO Business  
Issue # Action by:
Stouffville, Richmond Hill/RPO Clearances - 00-2010LR to schedule the Richmond Hill RSMC Consultation for restructure - being cleared by an RSMCJ. Wineck
 CPC: clearances; 7am, 9am, end of day. Jim to address and follow up. Route 354 has clearances at 7am and 5 pm  
Maple SS4 Staffing - 00-2010CPC: Status Quo 
Maple - 04-2011CUPW: 3 OCRs not working for 2 years. There are contractors working. SS4 in Maple the person has other job and position is not filled. Union claims CPC sent letter for termination. CPC: 2 resigned and 1 was let go. This was about 6 weeks ago. There are 3 new ones in there now.  
Gas Cards Ajax - 04-2011CUPW: 3 employees still haven't received gas cards for Ajax. CPC: Glen has the list of employee and will resolveG. Ramlochan
Missing LJOSH Minutes for Maple - 04-2011CUPW: Still missing LJOSH minutes for Maple. Should be sent to Stanley Eng to resend to this address. Minutes were sent yesterday by the postmaster  
Exclusion of RSMCs from InvestigationsCPC: Jim Wineck and George will discuss. Something is in place now as of this meeting  
Urban/RSMC - UnionvilleCUPW: The area on Birchmount just past the 407 overpass is an area surrounded by LC's with new points of call. CPC: Julie will follow up with the DSO's and RMO's  
 CPC: the iron ring issue will be discussed at a separate meeting. STATUS QUOJ. Parent
Violence in Workplace in Maple not investigatedCUPW: 3 weeks ago there was an incident that employee wanted pushed further. There was no CIRT call. The acting supt Mandeep and Barb Pricop knew about it. CPC: Jan to follow up with B. Pricop  
Ajax cases and labelsCPC: New case was done 
Ajax SS14CUPW: You added the calls in at 9cents and now you're taking them back at 13cents CPC: There was a growth of 107 POC. Joyce is saying she can't redo it now. There is another 70POC coming inG. Ramlochan
Unionville route changesCUPW: There were updates from December and the counts were changed again. CPC: Julie to follow up and George P. will provide the list. Julie to follow up.J.Parent
PDA for RSMC's CUPW: Was given at a WSIB meeting with Barb Clarke and Jen Dimeo present and was handed out. The premise was around A62 cases and GMB's. CPC: There is no official PDA approved yet but there is a draft version being used. We are okay to use with WSIB as long as it is identified as such and that there are differences between routes  
Maple-new rulesCUPW: The local shop steward at the station has no authority to negotiate work rules. CPC: This will be fixed.S. Eng
Seniority of OCR CUPW: An OCR's name was removed from the list when she went off work for a week. Is there a process that should be followed. CPC: Mark will look into. There is no official practice for this. Every situation will be looked at on it's own circumstances  
Compensation for RSMC TrainingCUPW: Will they get training for the right hand reaching tool. STATUS QUOGlen
RSMC MailCPC: it is an anomalie if RSMC is coming at 8:30am  
Richmond Hill-SS353CUPW: Employee is only getting credit for 1 point of call. Before it was 150 POC. CPC: Jim to follow upJ.Wineck
Tech change RSMC Agincourt 05-2012CUPW: The tech change for RSMC's in Agincourt. There are no RSMC's in Agincourt. It should be for Depot 4. The CA only refers to installations. There are no stations or individual units. You need to be careful of this. CPC: Will refer the info to L. Aitchison.  
PCI counts for Unionville and 280 05-2012CUPW: We still don't have the PCI counts. CPC: Julie to follow upJ. Parent
POC Maintenance book 05-2012CUPW: Is this going to be implemented? CPC: Julie to follow upJ. Parent
Wet PDT's 05-2012CUPW: The RSMC's are complaining of wet PDT's CPC: Glen to follow upGlen
Overweight parcels 05-2012CUPW: Parcels that are over 50 lbs. They should not be taking them. Employees are being bullied into taking them. CPC: There should be 2 people. We will communicate the proper procedures for overweight parcelsZone mgrs
RSMC H&S 05-2012CUPW: RSMC H&S member has left Stouffville. How do you compensate for this. What's the CPC policy on this for H&S committee work? CPC: Deb is the LAM and things are usually worked out.We will look into the policy side of it.  
RSMC Mod duties 05-2012CUPW: They should be getting CBT training. What happens when they are on mod. CPC: Julie to followup with LorraineJulie L. Sanderson
MapleCUPW: Maple issues need to be addressed. There needs to be a meeting scheduled with the parties. This should have been done. CPC: We will set up something with the managerJ. Mullett