Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
East C&D Monthly UMM

CPC: J. Wineck, M. DeAbreu, Glen Ramlochan, J. Mullett, D. Kotsopolos  
CUPW: M. Duquette, L. Charles, G. Fillier, C. Beth, G. Pratt, Terry Vango, E. Duschene, George Tomaschevsky  
 RMO Business 
Item #CommentsAction by:
Don Mills/Toronto 'O'/Toronto 'R' - 05-2010CUPW: There are 5 grievances on this issue involving load levelling. The walks have been discussed. The walks for loading are established but not the walks for unloading. There is also talk of postponing this. You have been saying for a year you are going to do. CPC: The RMO's have to be there. It cannot be Mgt and CUPW alone. CUPW: We will argue the next time it comes up.D. Carso
Parcel counts/Load study/  
LCA/DRS Toronto 'O'CUPW: You deleted a FT and created PT LCA for Stn R. LCA's should be put together for a FT accomodation. We would like to combine so 1 person can come off the article 54 list. You said it was a PT DRS and it is being staffed by a FT person. This has been going on for a long time. CPC: Julie will set up a meeting for resolutionJ. Parent
Depot 11 - Case Strips - 04-2011CPC: Walk 2 is now completed. Walks 34/43 are supposed to be done by now  
CLOSED G.Ramlochan
Departure Study - Don Mills/O/R - 07-2011Status QuoJ. Parent
Willowdale Depot 2 - Drive TimesCLOSED 
Depot 11 - Departure time StudyMOVED TO C&D UNFINISHED BUSINESS  
Ajax and PickeringCLOSED 
Register Mail in Sequence Mail 04-2012CPC: Implemented 3 weeks ago a new process. Registers are placed in front of tray divided by cards. This is for all PT restructures. CUPW: Are the registers being counted more than once when the machine is making multiple passes on the MLOCR's? CPC: J. Wineck will follow upJ. Wineck
MDS Case-AjaxCUPW: Some sequenced mail has been sitting for a week in Ajax. CPC: Glen will follow up for clarification of the processG. Ramlochan
Depot 11, walk #2 04-2012CUPW: Glen and Ken D. are to meet and discuss. STATUS QUOG. Ramlochan
WBC Walk #50  
CMB Scanning values 04-2012CUPW: We are told that the walks are to get the value at the time when routes are put in. They should be paid retroactively.  
 CPC: D. Carso to follow upD. Carso
Willowdale 2 fastrack grievanceCUPW: 3 grievances to be heard on July 10th in front of arbitrator Von Veh  
West Hill RPO Boundaries for Delivery 05-2012CUPW: This has come up again. It seems to be fixed for a short time and then defaults back to the old way. CPC: Julie to follow up with RMO's to find out what the issue isJulie P. Domenic C.
Sortation CUPW: With the sequenced mail there seems to be letters upside down every 20 letters or so. CPC: Raise with the responsible supervisor for verification and we will look into if there are any known issues.  
Time values for texting 05-2012CPC: Domenic Carso to respondD. Carso
Timing for MailroomsCUPW: There is no timing for the people with the new vans. The clearance of the mailroom has not been structure in. CPC: Domenic Carso addressD. Carso
Normal Departure Time-Scarborough D.08-2011CUPW: The data being done and collected now is no good. People are not starting on time and will not provide an accurate reflection of departure times. It needs to be redone. CPC: Julie will follow up with Glen/MikeJulie P.
Normal Departure Time-Scarborough Depot 11 08-2010Glen and Glen F. to meet on May 22nd  
Article 54 Issue - 12-2010Status Quo. Mark and Mike have scheduled meeting.Mark, Jan, Mike D.
Training for New Hires - 01-2011CPC: The list is being compiled and should be done within the next 2 weeks. Mark will distribute once received from training M. Walwyn
Annual Leave/Relief SplitCUPW: We need to know how many a/l relief are in the stations that are available to cover the blocks. This would have changed with the barchart reductions/additions. CPC: P. Comport will compile and provideP. Comport
Safety Shoes - 03-2011Status Quo. Jim Wineck will check for WBCJ. Wineck
15.14 Overtime List - 03-2011CUPW: Lists received. We will set up separate consultation to discuss.  
Extra Hours/Crossing Sections/Relief - 04-2011CUPW: Dawn G. is to confirm with the stations. Status QuoD. Gayle
Violence in the Workplace Investigations - 04-2011CUPW: We would like the CMS procedures? Can we have it attached to the minutes when sent out?? CPC: Glen will attain.  
Training Records on LFT-04-2011CUPW: We don't know how it's co-ordinated and we don't know who got the training. CPC: Training records provided to Mike  
P04 Training - ergo lift/pallet truck/mono - 04-2011CPC: Need to follow up with LDI for who has training. Status QuoD. Gayle
  D. Beckner G. Ramlochan
Back doors at Ajax - 04-2011 CPC: A process has been implemented and we are trying to enforce while looking at other options.  
Depot 11 Splits - 04-2011New supt would work with Ken Davidson. Status Quo  
Article 17.05 call backs 09-2011CUPW: Will add to the separate meeting for the 15.14 issue. CPC: AgreedJ. Paren
  K. Davidson
  J. Wineck
Barchart VettingCUPW: They are still not vetted. CPC: Larry V. and C. Beth will do them  
New WSIB/SAIR systemCPC: They are timely right now and backlog is cleared. They are more in line with the previous time lines  
LJOSH TRAINING in Belleville  
280 Progress dock positions 03-2012CPC: Julie to arrange consultation with Mike D. CUPW: The FT LCA does not have time to go for lunch. There is a window where the dock is not covered. This was raised in MarchJ. Parent
Time values to separate mailCPC: They are not required to do this at this time  
Denied WSIB claims marked as AWOLCPC: If there are specifics it needs to be brought to Mgr's attention.  
Cameras at Ajax Photographs shown at meeting. Camera does not invade privacy.  
Night recovery leave 03-2012CUPW: The process for bidding the days out needs to be adhered to. The agreement is a quarterly bid. CPC: We will follow up with PCR. The stations are supposed to be doing it.J. Mullett
LJOSH CPC: Jim W. can set up LJOSH members to go to PT facilities with help from CUPW CUPW: We are not getting minutes from all the stations. CPC: We believe some may have been sent to the wrong email address. CUPW: the correct address is ljosh@scarboroughcupw. It is automatically distributed appropriately once sent there.J. Wineck
Great West Life 03-2012CUPW: Names were provided to L. Sanderson. CPC: The process is that there are reviews of restrictions going on with all employees.  
Richmond Hill Floor PlanCPC: In future we will make sure it's discussed with LJOSH  
Weekly Temp Assignment List 04-2012CUPW: the union used to get the list in the past. Would like a copy of the list. CPC: We will get May to copy CUPW with the list  
Sequenced mail for mailrooms 04-2012CUPW: Sequenced mail are coming in columns and rows. This could potentially create a lot of sorting errrors.  
 it should be up and down, not left to right 
 CPC: This is doable fix. A followup needs to be done by the station mgr for him/her to escalate so it can be programmed. The employee needs to raise locally so it can be escalated on an individual basis  
Mailrooms and LJOSH 04-2012MOVED TO RMO BUSINESS 
Human rights issues for escalation 04-2012CUPW: Can HR issues be escalated if the person is not happy with the result. Can it be escalated internally for example to the manager. CPC: HR has responded that the escalation process lies with the hierarchy. If the employee is not satisfied then it can be escalated to the next level of management within the Compliance department i.e. the Manager  
Seatbelts in Taxis 04-2012CUPW: employees recently have been told that you must wear seatbelt while in Taxi.  
 CPC: we will reiterate at mini meetings that wearing a seatbelt is a law.  
Fire in SLBCUPW: The boxes are not being cleaned well enough after a fire. It should be considered a hazard after the Fire Dept puts it out. CPC: Mgt will re-iterate in safety mtgs. We will communicate with employees to observe and watch for this and notify their supervisor.Zone Mgrs
Depot 11 annual leave -05-2012CUPW: They are still working on the second round of the annual leave. It is May now. It will mess up your coverage and bar charts. CPC: It should be resolved now. Will let you know.Glen
Don Mills Group 1 OvertimeCUPW: The week of Easter, Group 1 people worked on OT while on scheduled A/L. CPC: Raj and Julie to follow upJulie P.
Willowdale 2 floorplanCPC: Floor plan is not finalized(May 16th), when it is it will be shared with LJOSH and others  
Ford TransitsCUPW: There were 2 incidents in Pickering with drivers door falling off. One had to be towed in. It should have went to LJOSH. The Connects are also piling up water on the floor of the vehicle. When will they also be retrofitted with LFT racks? CPC: There is a piloted solution to be in Ajax/Pick for the floors. Glen will look into the racks and door issueGlen
Handicapped parking Ajax 05-2012Glen to follow up for clarificationGlen
Depot 11 FAF 05-2012CUPW: 2 employees whose FAF is not being followed. CPC: Glen to reviewGlen
Mod duties employees sent home 05-2012CUPW: Mod duties employees are being sent home and you have temps working. Joanna will forward the info. CPC: Forward the info to Jen Dimeo S. Petronis for resolution  
Circle check sheets Ajax 05-2012CUPW: These should be in every facility CPC: Glen to follow upGlen
LJOSH in investigations and RTW mtgsCUPW: Supervisors are more likely to go to the individual employees or union rep instead of LJOSH. This needs to be clear. LJOSH should also be involved in WSIB RTW meetings CPC: We will follow upZone Mgrs
Temp in retail - owed 400 hoursMark and Mike will address. Sue Ballantyne will have to be involved. CUPW cannot tell who the person was backfilling.  
LJOSH MinutesCUPW: The LJOSH minutes from retail are not being given to them. Should be given to the lead hands also. CPC: We will copy retail on the tour and the minutes  
 Status quo 
Retail closure Richmond HillCUPW: There are 2 fixed positions, 2 relief. What is going to happen? CPC: There will be positions for everyone. Consultation on this will be separate  
NEXT MEETING: JUNE 20, 2012 @ 09:30