Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held on March 14, 2012
East RSMC Monthly UMM

CPC: J. Mullett, J. Wineck, D. Gayle, M. DeAbreu, J. Parent, D. Carso  
CUPW: M. Duquette, K. Davison, C. Beth, E. Duschene, G. Fillier, J. Hartanu, G. Pratt, L. Charles  
RMO Business  
Issue #CommentsAction by:
Stouffville, Richmond Hill/RPO Clearances - 00-2010LR to schedule the Richmond Hill RSMC Consultation for restructure - being cleared by an RSMC  
Maple SS4 Staffing - 00-2010CPC: Status Quo 
Ajax - 00-2010CPC: Dawn Gayle will investigate. Followup: Dawn Gayle has investigated and resolved the issue  
Unionville - 10-2010  
WBC Restructure - 03-2011CUPW: One hour was lost off of each route. RSMCs are now being asked to manually track their parcels and time. There should be a system where we do not have to wait for 6 months to be paid. CPC: If there are pay issues, please direct to J. Wineck. Employees will be required to document their PCIs and time for the 6 months. CUPW: The restructure is bad. G. Pratt will request time studies from each RSMC. The problem is volume.CUPW
 CUPW - Time Studies are being denied by National, why? No provision for time to wait like Urban CBA - will waive time limits, need to contact the Transition Committee.  
Maple - 04-2011CUPW: 3 OCRs not working for 2 years. There are contractors working. SS4 in Maple the person has other job and position is not filled.CPC: Mark D will followupMark, S. Eng
 Status Quo 
Seniority Lists - 04-2011CUPW: No seniority lists posted in Ajax, Pickering. CPC: The seniority lists have been posted since November 13, 2011 in the glass cases.Zone Managers
Gas Cards Ajax - 04-2011CUPW: 3 employees still haven't received gas cards for Ajax. CPC: Glen has the list of employeeG. Ramlochan
 Status Quo 
Missing LJOSH Minutes for Maple - 04-2011CUPW: Still missing LJOSH minutes for Maple.S. Eng
 Status Quo 
StouffvilleCUPW: Mail didn't go out for 2 days. The employee wants $100 to compensate for time. Others helped sort. Mail was in a big mess.Employee should get his personal days. Grievances are in. CPC: Will deal with in the grievance procedureJ. Parent
Maple - 07-2011Resolved 
Exclusion of RSMCs from InvestigationsCUPW: RSMCs reps in facilities with mixture of urban and RSMC are not being utilized. 2 RSMC in West Beaver Creek are not being utilized. CPC: Jim Wineck to follow upJ. Wineck
Overburdening of RSMCsCPC: There is a centralized pool of OCR's now in place. They are newly hired people.  
Unionville RouteCLOSED 
Urban/RSMC - UnionvilleCUPW: The area on Birchmount just past the 407 overpass is an area surrounded by LC's with new points of call. CPC: Julie will follow up with the DSO's and RMO's  
 New Business 
Violence in Workplace in MapleCUPW: 3 weeks ago there was an incident that employee wanted pushed further. There was no CIRT call. The acting supt Mandeep and Barb Pricop knew about it. CPC: Will review and respondB. Pricop
Ajax cases and labelsCPC: There is a new A32. The current employee is on vacation. Will followup for next monthG. Ramlochan
Richmond Hill restructureCUPW: There are new figures for the salaries. There was a meeting yesterday and both sides are holding on. We would like to present to the members. They need to know. Some people are going to lose up to $15000. There was no consultation when the rates were given to them. What happened to the floorplan? CPC: We need to figure out what happened at the meeting yesterday. Suggest we hold off for now.We don't know what happened to the floorplan as of now.  
Ajax SS14CUPW: SS14 is overassessed again. The employee said he would take it. We have spoken to Lynn about to fix. CPC: We will followup with Lynn when she returns from annual. G. Ramlochan
Unionville route changesCUPW: There were updates from December and the counts were changed again. CPC: Julie to follow up and George P. will provide the list.CUPW
PDA for RSMC's CUPW: Is this in place? The one you showed does not address a lot of the issues that RSMC's face. You have provided a draft PDA to the WSIB CPC: We will follow up with Lorraine.......Lorraine states we do not have one as such.