Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held on March 14, 2012
East C&D Monthly UMM

CPC: J. Mullett, J. Wineck, D. Carso, M. DeAbreu, D. Gayle, J. Parent  
CUPW: M. Duquette, C. Beth, E. Duschene, L. Charles, G. Fillier(left at 11:30), J. Hartanu, K. Davidson, G. Pratt  
 RMO Business 
Item #CommentsAction by:
Don Mills/Toronto 'O'/Toronto 'R' - 05-2010CUPW: There are 5 grievances on this issue involving load levelling. We have been complaining about this since November and no end is in sight. CPC: Ottawa is not sure if a load study is required. There is a conference call today and we should have an answer shortly. Domenic Carso will address in the next meeting.D. Carso
Parcel counts/Load study  
LCA/DRSCUPW: You deleted a FT and created PT LCA for Stn R. LCA's should be put together for a FT accomodation. We would like to combine so 1 person can come off the article 54 list. CPC: Julie will follow up and clarifyJ. Parent
Depot 11 - Edit Book - 11-2010"CPC - The edit books are being done. The issue has been brought up with Glen already. We will send the procedure.
CUPW - There was an announcement in the station today so we'll see. We would like to see the procedure added in the minutes.
"G. Ramlochan
  D. Gayle
Depot 11, Second Runs - 03-2011CUPW: The RPO is/was not accepting parcels. There are grievances. CPC: They cannot refuse. It was an RPO that had moved. Glen Ramlochan says it is not an issue anymore. We will track back from the date is was resolved for issues regarding any grievances for resolution. D. Gayle will followup with Mike for resolution.D. Gayle
Depot 11 - Case Strips - 04-2011CUPW: Walk 2 and 34/43 are not done. Mgt there says it can't be done. CPC: Walk 2 is now completed. There is a manual configuration and an escalation process. They must go into the SCALA system.D. Gayle
  RMO Business: 
Departure Study - Don Mills/O/R - 07-2011See item #1 
Timing on Load, Sort, Rack Values (Don Mills/O/R) - 07-2011See item #1  
Changes to AjaxCUPW - What are the changes to AJAX Stn?.  
 CPC: We have no info we can disseminate to you at this time. It will be addressed in PT consultations  
Willowdale Depot 2 - Sequenced MailCUPW: The sequenced mail is coming in messed up.  
 CPC: There is a procedure in place to investigate and adjust. Most are machine errors and have to be corrected internally and not from the station.  
Willowdale Depot 2 - Drive TimesCUPW: Observers are not allowed in the vehicle  
 CPC: There is a problem with allowing 3 in the vehicle. We will discuss with Glen to find a solutionD. Carso
Depot 11 - Departure time StudyCUPW: We need a study of departure times for depot 11. Drivers are complaining about having 70 bags for second runs. Drivers are being told to take their registers to the RPO if after 11.  
 CPC: If there is issue it needs to raised with the supervisors. The issue with RPO timing has to be addressed. The times can be re-adjusted if needed.D. Gayle, G. Ramlochan
C&D Unfinished Business  
4 Hour Health and Safety Module (DD) - 11-2010CPC: We are including DD training in the training for new hires and any PT training. Our position is this appendix specifically expired on January 31, 2011 but we are still trying to train as many as possible .  
West Hill overassesmentsCLOSED 
Unionville OT - 03-2010CLOSED 
Regional Safety Committee - 08-2010CLOSED 
Departure Time, Scarborough D, 48.02 - 08-2010CPC: We will redo the study  
Ford Transit Connects - 10-2010CPC: A supervisor is to review with the employee. There is a booklet and that is usually the end of it. There is no official training. Dawn Gayle will flip out the booklet. Mgrs will reviewD. Gayle, Zone Managers
 CUPW: The concern is that not all are getting the training. It's not done in Ajax or Pickering  
Article 54 Issue - 12-2010CUPW: Employee was a group 2 and put into group 1. She wants to transfer back. Has no PPD's. PCR and OAC is willing to let her move. Mark, Jan
 CPC: Mark and Jan will followup with MikeMike D.
Early Starts - West Hill - 12-2010CUPW: The problem is not fixed. West Hill is the worst.  
CLOSEDCPC: We will address accordingly and with discipline if necessary. It appears the attempts on both sides have not managed to fix the issue with satisfaction.  
Manulife Payments for AMIs -01-2011CUPW: They will prepay for the AMI'sL. Sanderson
 CPC: Will raise the issue with Lorraine 
Training for New Hires - 01-2011CUPW: We don't select the on-street trainers. CPC: Updated list to be provided. They need updated trainers for the older ones that may be leaving. Will follow up with M. Walwyn from training. Stations have until April 5th to provide names to LDIM. Walwyn
Annual Leave - 03-2011CUPW: We are waiting for the final barchart reductions from A. Azzopardi. Once we have the final #'s then we will have to adjust the columns for possible re-bidding. CPC: Dawn Gayle to followup. Email received...Some stations still have investigative issues. Penny Comport will finalize for Alex A. shortly  
 Status quoP. Comport
Safety Shoes - 03-2011CUPW: National policy. Requirement is a blue patch, not green. The National minutes say you will provide. CPC: The payment is being looked after. 3 grievances from Don Mills. We are working on it. Status Quo  
Ajax Health & Safety Issue - 03-2011CUPW: Need a punch code lock on back door. This door is continuously left open by the drivers. CPC: Dawn will follow up with Corp. Security for the final planD. Gayle
15.14 Overtime List - 03-2011CUPW: Received lists from J. Wineck's area. You cannot have people declining forcebacks. There is also no lists from 280 Progress.CPC: Will B and 3 are the only ones that have forcebacks . Julie and Dawn will provide lists for 280 D. Gayle, J. Parent
Accident Investigations - 03-2011CUPW: Will continue to track and give you a report. There was memorandum signed. If there is no improvement we will go outside.  
WSIB Form 6 - 03-2011CUPW: We will bring any specific incidents to you  
Extra Hours/Crossing Sections/Relief - 04-2011CUPW: Issue is Group 1 OT in 280 progress. Relief should be in one section or the other. If you're covering a position in another station the the person would assume the opportunities of the person they're covering. If more than 10 days then you would add them to the list. CPC: In Scar Dep 4, it is offered to the sections first. Will confirm with the stations.D. Gayle
Relay Bags, Polyflutes and New LFT - 04-2011CPC: Rectified now  
Violence in the Workplace Investigations - 04-2011CPC: The CIRT process is in place. We officially notify the LJOSH when this happens. We will get the CMS process. CUPW: There is ongoing discussion of what LJOSH involvement entails. We have concern that pro-active training is not in place.Zone Mgrs
Email from D. Gayle - 04-2011 LCA/DRS  
Training Records on LFT-04-2011CUPW: We don't know how it's co-ordinated and we don't know who got the training. CPC: Will send email to Christine LudlowD. Gayle
CPC Policies - 04-2011CUPW: Is there a policy on Supervisors texting employees to see if they want OT. CPC: Our policy is that we do not in delivery. Not everybody has a PDTZone Managers
Ajax Site Plans - 04-2011  
P04 Training - ergo lift/pallet truck/mono - 04-2011CPC: Has been in works for some time. We did 3 in one year. CUPW: We would like records of who has been trained or not. Is there an official package? CPC: No official training has been recorded. Dawn and Debbie can look at video creation for enhanced training. There were talk tracks that spoke to every group on how to use. CUPW: Are these covered in delivery support. CPC: We don't know.D. Gayle, D. Beckner
Back doors at Ajax - 04-2011 CUPW: Flyers are dropped off from 10am to 3pm when no one is there CPC: G. Ramlochan and G. Pierce to followupG. Ramlochan
Depot 11 Splits - 04-2011T.C. Chung and K. Davidson to review K. Davidson
Working in Lunch Rooms - 05-2011  
Priority Position Designation - 05-2011  
Sick Pay - 07-2011  
IDC Testing with LJOSH - 07-2011CPC: Was shown in Ajax with LJOSH. Has also been completed for Pickering and Willowdale 2  
Maternity Leave Top Up - 07-2011CUPW: S. Gagnon but no other names. A Tor 'R' member is still waiting CPC: Any issues raise to us  
Scanning Errors - 07-2011Resolved 
Mgt not showing at WSIB meetingsCPC: We have raised it and it has been addressed. There has been someone at the last 2 meetings. If any new ones come up let us know  
Article 17 call backsCUPW: Stn C and Jim Wineck's area are the problem. CPC: Julie, Jim, and Ken will addressJ. Paren
  K. Davidson
  J. Wineck
Redirects not readableCPC: It has been changed. If employee has seen this it should be raised with supervisor. It was also addressed at talk tracks. The supervisor or DRS clerk can check and followup to see if it can be adjusted or fixed. There is a looping issue sometimes with the mail. We will raise it with the quality team  
LC's held back until 09:45CLOSED 
Ajax early startsCLOSED 
Walk 40, case leg extensions, Depot 11CLOSED 
Ajax, DRS suppliesCLOSED 
Barchart VettingCUPW: Ajax no barcharts since September being vetted.  
 CPC: D. Gayle to follow up. Dawn responded to Mike D. via email. There is no one trained to vet the barcharts at Pickering station. Requested to CUPW that they provide a name to do the vetting and if training is necessary we will do soCUPW
Ajax/Pickering shuttle CUPW: There is a person taking mail from Pickering to Ajax on his way home. D. Darling is the employeeD. Gayle
 CPC: D. Gayle will look into 
New WSIB/SAIR systemCUPW: Is the system in place? CPC: Information is now faxed to them. There is a new way of reporting. It should make the job easier for the supervisor. CUPW: We still have cases where members are not getting the notice of election forms. There is a new person there and they are inundated. CPC: It has been raised with Lorraine Sanderson. HRSDS had a backlog. They will now send the form to our office as well. We now get the form so there's a timeline. We will follow up with LorraineL. Sanderson
LJOSH Training in BellevilleCUPW: There were members of Scarborough Local sent to Belleville for LJOSH training last week. 2 in Ajax and 1 in Pickering. We would like to know who picked them and why weren't we notified. We choose the LJOSH rep from our side. This was unilaterally done by the employer. CPC: We have an obligation to have 9 meetings in the year mandated by HRSDC. We had to have someone else trained to ensure our obligation was met. Union should have been notified. The entire station was canvassed. We will need to have an alternate for that station trained and to participate in meetings  
IDC Carts loading and unloadingIt is part of the LCA duties  
280 Progress dock positionsCUPW: There is a PO4 and LCA both working the dock. There is a lot of work for them and the supervisor is doing our work. You should convert the PO4 to an LCA. CPC: M. Crane will have to be re-accomodated. He owns a PO4 position here. Dawn and Julie will discuss making 2 LCA's instead of 1 PO4 and 1LCJ. Parent
Time values to separate mailCUPW: LC's are separating mail out of CMB's. There is no time values for this and it's happening everywhere. They are also separating OS and flyers from raw mail. CPC: We will review and respondZone mgrs. D. Carso
Time values for textingCUPW: Are there time values for texting for any issue?? CPC: We will get response from Route measurementD. Carso
AVC from HRSDCThere was letter from HRSDC for Assurance of Voluntary compliance to the effect that if there is an ongoing or continuing work refusal, a health and safety officer would be notified  
Denied WSIB claims marked as AWOLCUPW: There should be no loss of earnings in this scenario. We will get a list of names. Putting the employees as AWOL makes them work longer. CPC: This is a national process. Provide specifics and the appropriate mgr. will look at.  
PT officers with regards to meetingsCPC: We will review our internal processZone mgrs
Scheduling of UMM meetingsAgreement made that it will be the second Wednesday of every month. For the month of April it will be the 3rd Wednesday April 18th  
RLC doing edit booksCPC: If it's less than a month of coverage, yes. If it is more than a month, then no. We will review to see if the process is the same  
Cameras at Ajax CUPW: There are cameras outside of the women's washroom being turned on tomorrow. CPC: We will review with Corporate SecurityD. Gayle
Night recovery leaveCUPW: Ajax- an employee has 5 days of TN for the whole of March Break. There is supposed to be a process to eliminate the accumalation of night recovery. CPC: There is a bidding process. Someone may have come into the station with an amount banked.  
LJOSH CUPW: The Health and Safety Committee should be able to go to the PT facilities. We have no problem with various committees going to Toronto Stations. CPC: We will look into. CUPW: We are not getting minutes from all the stations. CPC: To followup with Committe members Zone mgrs
New Supervisors in WBC facilitiesCPC: They are just verifying addresses and prepping the station for sequencing and maintenance.  
Great West LifeCUPW: If a person is to come back to work why is GWL not involved. How can you send an injured worker for an IME. CPC: The process is not something we can change. It is a national issue  
Retail(1) LJOSH Retail - Nobody in C&D provides the retail people with the safety minutes, they should be attached to the CC  
 list - Sue Ballantyne, Julie Parent and Peter Scott.  
Temp in retail - owed 400 hoursMark and Mike will address. Sue Ballantyne will be involved. CUPW cannot tell who the person was backfilling.  
 Status quo 
LJOSH MinutesCUPW: The LJOSH minutes from retail are not being given to them. CPC: We will copy retail on the tour and the minutes