Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held on March 12, 2012
YDC Monthly UMM

M. DeAbreu M. Duquette
K. Aggarwal C. Beth
E. Duschene
L. Charles
G. Filier

Old Business

J. Painter Arbitration

CUPW: There is an email from Warren about 3rd party doctor. Medical to be released to the doctor and to GWL. The grievor gave authorization but the doctor needs the medical file. Our position is he is FT for bidding purposes

CPC: We will follow up with Warren.

Route Measurement Issues – 08/2011

CUPW: There is some confusion on what is to be done with E loop. East C&D is not sure if they are restructuring here at the YDC

CPC: We need to sit with Jude and figure out what needs to be done.

LJOSH Report – 09/2011

CPC: There is nothing to add. Employee is back on the tour and there is an HRSDC order to be complied with


West Hill

CPC: The issue is sitting with Delivery. It is not a YDC issue. We will ask Domenic to be at the Delivery meeting

CUPW: The station and RPO are carding to different RPO’s .

E/O List

CUPW: The list is being put up only during the time we complain

CPC: We will look into.

Accommodations at YDC

CUPW: how many employees are accommodated in NECF currently?

CPC: 3 employees currently. They are only temporary. There names were provided to the union.

CUPW: Have you identified the people with restrictions at the YDC?

CPC: Lorraine is gathering a list of people who have restrictions.

MSC Bids

CPC: This is part of the PT restructuring. We have meetings set up for next week. Will take up in that forum


Steel toes


A/L Bid

CPC: The bid is done.


Contacting YDC

CUPW: Would like to leave status quo for now.

CPC: Agreed

New Business

Texting for Overtime

CUPW: text messaging is to be offered for overtime? Is this a new way of canvassing for overtime?

CPC: No, it is not.

Consolation Adjourned.

Next Meeting Scheduled for April 17, 2012 at 9:30am @ YDC.