Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held on March 5, 2012 @ 280 Progress
Re: MSC MOA and Movements in Scarborough Local

J. Mullet G. Deveau
J. Caswell M. Duquette
S. Plastina L. Charles
J. Wineck T. Vango
J. Parent
J. Best
K. Aggarwal
G. Dutkiewicz
L. Aitchison

MOA Implementation:

CUPW: When would the bid begin for MSCs, for their loops and how to phase this in?

There are three implementation dates, July, September and October during 2012.

We Would also need to know about any location moves.

CPC: We typically bid in advance and identify which tours correspond to the current implementations so that employees can make an informed decision as to where they want to go. We would post the seniority lists for the depots impacted ahead of time at the YDC for the MSCs to see where their seniority would get them within the depot.

When the bid is completed in the hub and routes identified, the depot’s routes would be provided to the MSCs.

This has worked well in the West GTA area. The sooner the MSCs have the information, the better.

CUPW: Need to determine how many per loop and how many relief.

CPC: At the WPDH, relief identified by loop. We are open to discussion on this for the YDC.

Route Measurement identifies which tours are impacted if the full loop is not moving.

CUPW: Assigning the relief to a loop – does this impact the day to day operations?

Your relief are sick and other and annual for the entire hub. What you’re doing is identifying 1 or 2 by reverse seniority to move out with the loop or by posting relief within loop to identify who is going.

Will need to agree and identify which relief is going/staying.

CPC: This is what happened at the WPDH, including the bar chart relief. Bar chart relief would be proportionate to the amount of tours leaving the hub.

We will conduct a full bid at YDC. The tours leaving the hub will be identified in this bid. We will then walk through the delivery bid with each employee.

The MSCs will be fully trained when they report for their assignments in Delivery.

Will provide training schedule as it becomes available.

CUPW: The bid will be implemented on July 16, 2012. Those MSCs left in the loop would continue to deliver to the current stations until their stations are implemented.

CPC: Current routes will be re-bid as restructure is already completed. Mini-meetings will need to occur.

K. Aggarwal to advise if partial loop (loop E) is remaining as loop or if it will be moved into another loop.

CUPW: If partial loop is going, where does the PT employee go? If you’re moving it into another loop, that would be considered as a restructure.

Once the bid is completed, the MSC can then bid as a LC.

CPC: Only when the bid is implemented is when the MSC can bid into the LC depots in those monthly bids. Until implementation, the MSCs rights are within the hub.

CUPW: What will we do with the employees who are impacted in Toronto restructures? The relief would have to have a home base/be attached to a facility, for E/O purposes etc.

CPC: At the WPDH, they are considered LCs as of implementation. Until then, they can bid in the WPDH monthly bid, not in delivery.

CUPW: If there is a monthly bid in process during the implementation time, those moving out of the YDC should be given an opportunity to participate in that monthly bid.

We could manipulate the monthly Metro East bid to align with PT implementation.

CPC: S. Plastina to review and advise.

Training covers non-PT and PT LC walks.

CUPW: If I am currently a LC in a non-PT station and I bid into a PT depot, do I get training?

CPC: Yes.

Issues to review and advise:

1. Relief in Loop

2. Partial Loops

3. Are PM portions aligned within the loops

4. Depot Moves

All loops are aligned with the pickups.

CUPW: T. Vango to work with K. Aggarwal on relief.

Require seniority lists produced for MSC hub and Depots being implemented.

YDC bid to commence on April 2, 2012.

CPC: K. Aggarwal to provide total complement of MSCs at YDC.

We would like joint information sessions for MSCs on bid.

CUPW: Will have someone available for the information session.

CPC: Will put together package for TSOS employees with all bid information. To be reviewed by CUPW in advance.

S. Plastina to share bid form used at WPDH in advance with CUPW.

CUPW: They should also be aware that there will be another re-bid prior to 2013 implementations.

This bid is sufficient for all 2012 implementations.

CUPW’s position on Article 54 accommodations is that if they do not have the seniority to remain in YDC, they will belong in delivery where their seniority gets them.

CPC: We will endeavour to accommodate employee’s in productive work assignments.

CUPW: Its is CUPW’s view that if nothing has changed with an individual and they cannot be accommodated due to PT changes, CPC’s obligation is to accommodate and not send home because of this change imposed on them.

What is happening with the YDC clerks?

CPC: The processing will still be at YDC for now, but gets more complicated as we move forward with IDC carts and additional work. On the processing side, we will likely see additional work; on the loading side we will likely see a decrease in work.

For the Willowdale implementation in July 2012, there will be no changes made to the YDC Group 1 complement. We can re-assess and move forward after July 2012.

There will be a reduction at some point in the future.

CUPW: If a station is moving from Scarborough to Toronto due to real estate then the LCs have to go, but the MSCs don’t, as per the voluntary movement mentioned in the MSC MOA.

RSMC Tech Change Notice – Malvern and Pickering

CUPW: We need to discuss this tech change notice. Sequencing will start in April.

CPC: LR to review and schedule consultation.


CUPW: What is happening with Ajax?

CPC: Will advise of any station movements, as soon as we are able to.

Consultation Adjourned.