November 08, 2011
Minutes of Consultation Between:
Canada Post Corporation
The Canadian Union of Postal Workers

Kimti Aggarwal Mike Duquette
John Sullivan Learie Charles
Sotiri Vango
Cathy Beth
Ellen Deschene

Old Business

2011 Restructure

CUPW stated that they have been informed that IDC carts are arriving at the YDC on November 26, 2011.

CPC responded stating that they were given that same information although that may not happen due to the fact that the training has not been finalised nor has the LJHSC consulted on this issue yet and that will need to happen prior to the implementation of the new IDCs.

CUPW stated that they will require a formal expected arrival date.

CPC stated that consultation will occur on this issue December 12, 2011. If IDC carts are coming on November 26, 2011 both parties will discuss this on November 16, 2011. If IDC carts are not scheduled to come in on November 26, 2011 CPC will inform union to cancel the meeting for November 16, 2011.

J. Painter Arbitration

The available dates to discuss this issue with Mr. Von Veh are November 28, 29 and December 07, 2011

Use of IDC Carts 08/ 2011

Please see the 2011 Restructure.

Route Measurement Issues 08/ 2011

Status Quo

Dissatisfaction with LOJHS Reports 09/ 2011

CUPW stated that that they would like to see if the video of an incident would be able to play on the security cameras at the retail outlet in 280 Progress Ave. They would also like to know what type of extension the video is saved on as they may have a way to play it.

CPC will investigate and respond

North Dock 09/ 2011

CPC stated that the employee who had been the accuser has now been interviewed and this had taken so long due to the fact that the employee was off on a WSIB claim.

CUPW stated that on the denial letter from WSIB it stated that CPC had completed their investigation prior to the interview.

CPC stated that they had tried to call the employee at home in the presence of a union representative to gather more facts, but the employee refused to participate.

Sexual Assault of a Driver 09/2011

CPC stated that this employee has returned to work on modified duties and will be bidding on a new position towards the end of November.

Remedial Training for MMHE 09/2011

The employee has been given the 3 day course for driving MMHE but did not pass the training.

CPC will confirm that this employee was not successful.

CUPW inquired as to weather or not CPC will allow the employee to try again at a later date.

CPC will respond

Injury Reports 10/2011

CUPW stated that an employee was involved in an accident and there was no response by CPC management even though there was union representative available that day.

CPC will respond.

New Business

A0s Being Sent Directly to the Station

CUPW states that the YDC is sending AOs to the station directly even though they are not within the accepted size templates. They stated that these AOs are far too large and should be delivered by the MSCs as this product will overload the LCs.

CPC will perform a quality check on the station monos to verify.

Pay Deductions

CUPW has stated that HR is not doing the proper 10% deductions on employees pay for arrears but rather taking the full amount of the arrears of the employees pay leaving them with a negative balance on their pay stubs. They are also stating that due to this happening these effected employees are incurring some major credit issues due to defaulted payments.

CPC will investigate.

Mini Meetings on Shift 1

CUPW stated that there are mini meetings being conducted on shift 1 that because those incidents have just taken place are proving to be embarrassing to the employees.

CPC stated that the only mini meetings that are taking place are for keying and racking errors and that they are taking place the following day, but they committed to investigate these concerns and will respond.

The next consultation will take place on: December 12, 2011 @ 14:00