YDC Christmas Consultation
November 08, 2011
Canada Post Corporation
The Canadian Union of Postal Workers

Kimti Aggarwal Mike Duquette
John Sullivan Learie Charles
Sotiri Vango
Cathy Beth
Ellen Deschene

CPC stated that the morning cut off time will be 0700 hrs which is the same time as they used in years past. They also stated that all mail is to be sorted by the morning cut off time. CPC plans to run the sorter for 20 hours per day. CPC will also be offering 2 hour early starts and 2 hours following shift for Shift 1 employees.

CPC stated that for the Christmas season all A/Os will be sent directly to the station for delivery. Christmas tours that operate out of the WPDH will deliver those A/Os and also perform extra RPO clearances at the same time for ROPs that historically encounter extra volume.

CUPW inquired as to why the work is being moved to the drivers coming from the WPDH?

CPC stated that this is being done in an attempt to accommodate the incline in mail volume over the Christmas season only and once it is over the A/Os will be brought back to the YDC.

CPC stated that each loop will have additional tours created in order to load level. The YDC will also create ADHOC tours that will be dictated by volume. Those tours will commence from the second wave.

The YDC is expecting 32 new PDTs to be delivered by the beginning of December. The training of the new temps will occur prior to beginning their duties.

CPC stated that a total of 45 cargo vans will be available for the use of the YDC. They currently have 13 cargo vans. They have also stated that the volumes have already started increasing and that the relief employees have already started covering. CPC stated that they had to make 2 weekend deliveries in September and will be delivering packages on November 13th.

CPC stated that extra parking has been arranged at 2045 Midland Ave. (Mr. Coffee) and that a mini van will be made available to shuttle employees back and forth.

CUPW stated that CPC should offer the shuttling duties to YDC employees that are on modified duties first.

CPC stated that extended hours will be offered to part time employees and overtime for full time employees in accordance with the collective agreement.

CUPW stated that CPC must exhaust all current overtime, RDO, Stat lists for each loop, prior to going outside the loop for coverage.

CPC stated that 25 temp. group 2 positions will be staffed, and 18 group 1 positions will also be staffed.

CUPW stated that offers should be made as multiple hours rather that just 1 hour of overtime as the turnout would be better.

CUPW inquired as to how CPC would cover absences within the confines of 17.04 of the collective agreement?

CPC stated that the parcels that could not be delivered would be recycled for next day delivery as there is no other option.