September 13, 2011
Minutes of Consultation Between:
Canada Post Corporation
The Canadian Union of Postal Workers
(NB: wrong dates on CPC minutes - Webmaster)

Kimti Aggarwal Mike Duquette
John Sullivan Learie Charles
Sotiri Vango
Cathy Beth
Ellen Deschene

Old Business

2011 Restructure

CPC stated that they believe that there will be no restructures effecting YDC this year.

CUPW stated that there will at least be a bid that will need to take place prior to next year.

CUPW and CPC stated that the MOA regarding MSCs changing to MLCs has been signed but we do not know the contents of the MOA, but once we have an opportunity to review it we can arrange for consultation to discuss the process for the transformation

CUPW stated that consultation on this topic will occur at the national level and there will be no need to consult at the local level on these changes.

J. Painter Arbitration

This issue will need to be brought back in front of Arbitrator Von Veh for clarification of his previous order. CUPW proposes that we use one of the two dates coming up in November as that grievance that is scheduled for those days should not take both days to complete.

CPC will respond

Use of IDC Carts

CPC stated that they have not yet received a schedule for the deployment of the IDC carts at YDC.

CUPW stated that the 29 b notice indicated that one depot in the Scarborough Local will begin to receive sequenced mail before the end of the year which is Willowdale Depot 2

CPC stated that they will look into when YDC is scheduled to begin receiving IDC carts from the PT group

Route Measurement Issues

CPC stated that they have met with two CUPW representatives since the last consultation and has attempted to resolve all of the outstanding concerns with the restructure changes. CPC also stated that every complaint that has been received has been grieved.

CUPW stated that once they can confirm that the complaints have been resolved they would withdraw the grievances.

Asbestos Concerns

CPC stated that they cannot perform an asbestos test on every square foot of the facility but will test anything that will be renovated or anything that has been broken-exposed.

CUPW stated that there are key areas of the facility that should be tested because they are concerned that any damaged wall could contain asbestos.

CUPW also stated that when the roof was repaired in late 2003-early 2004 an asbestos tests had been conducted and they would like to see the results of those tests.

CPC stated that they will attempt to locate those reports through the old LJOHS minutes.

Dissatisfaction with LOJHS Reports

CPC stated that they have provided two reports and will provide the other three reports once those investigations had concluded.

North Dock

CPC conducted an interview with the employee who CPC had asked if it was the supervisor who had informed them of the incident. The employee responded in the interview that it was not the supervisor who provided them with the information.

CPC will also continue with the interview process for the other employee involved in this incident once the employee returns to work.

Sexual Assault of a Driver

The minutes from the LJOSH meeting with the protocol outlining the reporting of incidents are as follows:

Work related injuries must be reported to LJOSH members, Management, and /or a shop steward (in that order) in absence of such, report to local union office. Article 33.04 (e): The union representative must be present for all investigations. Complete SAIRS within the required deadline. SAIRS to be available at each monthly meeting.

Remedial Training for MMHE

CPC will provide the time expected for the employee to be trained and will follow up with the union once it has been completed.

New Business

Injury Reports

CUPW stated that YDC is the worst facility in the local in terms of accidents occurring in the workplace and wanted to know what CPC is doing to prevent some of these accidents.

CPC stated that they are having safety talks, encouraging the employees use the proper lifting techniques, and utilising the WHPP programs to try and prevent accidents.

CUPW stated that they are still not investigating incidents with the LJOHS members 100% of the time.

CPC stated that they commit to utilising the LJOSH committee for investigations 100% of the time.

CUPW stated that 111 MSC injuries have happened this year and not all of them have been investigated utilising the LJOSH committee as they are supposed to. CUPW also stated that they would be pursuing a complaint with the HRSDC for an order of compliance.

The next consultation will take place October 11, 2011 at 09:00