Consultation Minutes
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Held on September 30, 2011 @ Richmond Hill
RSMC Geo Route Consultation

L. Comrie M. Duquette
R. Rahal L. Charles
L. Aitchison G. Pratt
J. Hartanu
G. Fillier

CUPW: How far along is CPC?

CPC: We stated in April and are still doing route updates. At this point we are behind schedule and have not finalized any of the data. By next week we hope to have all of the current routes updated and then we can verify POC and any discrepancies presented.

CUPW: When you do the updates, have you been looking at the PCIs?

CPC: Because we are behind on the updates, we are adding an extra resource to get this back on track.

CUPW: Your computer system only shows signature items and does not show other O/S parcels etc. How will you keep track?

CPC: RSMCs are expected to keep a log sheet and we would be relying on that. We need to continue to advise the RSMCs that these log sheets are important.

CUPW: Management is refusing to accept log sheets at Unionville.

CPC: We are unaware of any refusal to accept any log sheets.

CUPW: We are entitled to rely on documents that CPC signs off as accurate.

CPC: L. Comrie and G. Pratt to meet with RSMCs/Team Leaders to advise of importance of the log sheets. To be scheduled within the next couple of weeks.

We are not looking to implement this realignment until approximately February 2012. This date may be adjusted if necessary.

The process is that when the routes have been designed/finalized, all employees will be provided with a draft detail of travel, schedule A and route. The TC will negotiate route by route all proposals and then they will send it back.

CUPW: There is no TC after December 31, 2011. What will happen at that time?

CPC: If that were to happen, then we would have to review our process at that time.

L. Aitchison and R. Rahal to review.

CUPW: How long before employees will know what their salaries are? It is unreasonable to only give a few weeks notice.

CPC: Vehicles are grandfathered. New routes have the new vehicle specs.

CUPW: We are supposed to consult locally on the new vehicles that are required for routes.

CPC: We have noticed that parcels are increasing in size, so sub-compact cars may be difficult for delivery of all parcels.

CUPW: There are trucks specifically assigned from the YDC (at least 3 trucks per day) to deliver large parcels to RSMC areas, directly to the POC. They are obligated to deliver these parcels from the YDC instead of sending them to the station as they have missed the cut off from the YDC to get them to the station. Going through this process, you would then have these parcels increased.

In 2013, all CUPW and RSMC parcels will be coming directly to the station, in line with the PT New Delivery Model.

CPC: By the second annual inspection, there should be more accurate data as RSMCs will understand the significance of their log sheets.

CUPW: It would also be dependent on whether RSMCs or even CUPW will be in this building.

M. Duquette would like to see an iron ring map to be able to see which calls should be Urban and to determine which areas would be included in either the CUPW and RSMC restructure.

CPC: L. Comrie to provide a map.

CUPW: Will this restructure be on the same premise as others and will be reviewed after 6 months.

CPC: Annual inspections will continue on an annual basis.

CUPW: When is the inspection on a new route?

CPC: Whenever the route was created, the annual inspection should be within a year from that date, give or take a couple of months.

CUPW: Who is in charge of labelling the CMBs for RSMCs?

CPC: The office management.

CUPW: How are you adjusting the PCIs and admail to the new routes?

CPC: The current process is that we take the values and then adjust for admail. The PCIs are taken as a percentage of the old routes.

CUPW: Why can’t you treat the admail the same as the PCIs so that we don’t have to wait 6 months for payment.

CPC: It is our process.

CUPW: When the re-alignments were completed in WBC, there were at least five routes that require time studies. We are being impacted by the volumes. You should be looking at the volumes of some of these routes when you are building the routes.

CPC: We always ask the stations to advise of any high volume areas so that we are aware when re-aligning the routes.

When we get to the route design stage, we can set up another meeting to discuss. We anticipate that we will be at this stage at the end of November.

GeoRoute is being used for mileage.

CUPW: How far ahead are you looking at growth when you are building routes?

CPC: We look 6 months ahead when determining growth. As soon as growth is noted, the corresponding compensation should be added at the same time.

Call-fors are being taken into account as well when building routes.

CUPW: Are RSMCs servicing/clearing RPOs?

CPC: We do not have those answers at this time.

Will contact retail to understand any growth for RPOs.

CUPW: For any new RPOs, National CPC must provide 90 days notice.

Consultation adjourned