September 13, 2011
Minutes of Consultation Between:
Canada Post Corporation
The Canadian Union of Postal Workers

Kimti Aggarwal Mike Duquette
John Sullivan Learie Charles
Sotiri Vango
Kathy Beth
Glenn Filier

Old Business

Security-ID Badges

CPC states that after consulting with corporate security we will be giving badge access to 2 fulltime CUPW executives of their choice and that if any other CUPW representative requires access to the building they will be required to call and inform management and we will come out and accompany them into the building.

CUPW stated that either the entire executive is provided with badge access or none of them be provided with it. They also state that they have arbitration awards that support the union’s position and that as long as the keypad on the exterior door remains active and they have access than that will be sufficient.

2011 Restructure

CPC stated that they have added 3 new full time relief employees in addition to what they already have and that they are already in the process of staffing those positions.

CUPW stated that several bids will need to happen at YDC in the fall and that every time a loop is moved 2 bids must occur. 1 bid paper bid must occur 3 months prior to implementing a restructure and 1 bid once the restructure has taken effect. Please note that the first bid will not become effective until the restructure occurs. They also state that in Sal’s proposal he did not include relief employees and they would like to know what our intentions are with those employees.

J. Painter Arbitration

CUPW showed concern that J. Painter has been sent home as CPC states no accommodations are currently available. They also inquired as to whether or not this is our current practice to send employees requiring accommodated work home.

CPC responded that this employee has provided new medical information that he can no longer perform the duties of an MSC and after searching the whole East delivery area we were unable to find any work at this time that is suitable and within this employees restrictions.

CUPW responded that it is our obligation to check with the whole East C&D for accommodations and that it is our duty to find any work that could be within this employee’s restrictions even if that work is backfilling long term absences that temps are currently being used for. They also stated that we need to release this employee’s ROE so he can apply for disability benefits and not be financially burdened.

CPC responded that they will look into this employee’s ROE today, and arrange a separate consultation to discuss this employee’s accommodations.

Rotation of Duties

CPC stated that they have assigned 2 fulltime employees and 1 part time employee which is to be rotated every 20 days to cover the BT. CPC also stated that if any training is required as a result of this rotation they will conduct it.

CUPW stated that they are still not happy with this response and that employees should not miss their rotation in this position as a result of not being at work.

Use of IDC Carts

CPC stated that they will arrange for training as soon as possible in advance of implementing IDC carts to YDC. They will also confirm as to when the IDC’s are scheduled to deploy at YDC and what stations they will be sent to.

CUPW inquired as to what the projected numbers of carts to be used at YDC and what the deployment schedule will look like

Route Measurement Issues

CUPW raised the concern that there continues to be issues concerning overburdening some routes that have multiple items to be delivered to the same stop and the time values associated with having to make multiple trips. They also stated that Canada Post should be pro active in determining when this happens and having them sent to another route.

CPC responded that we will require specific examples so it can be dealt with accordingly. They will also arrange for a separate consultation to take place to deal with the issues that have already been reported. Further meeting was held on September 14, 2011 and both parties went over some tour issues. CPC has responded on Sep 15, 2011 to CUPW on all tour issues brought forward in Sep 14th meeting.

Annual Leave Bid

CPC stated that they have been informed that they currently have enough remaining blocks to cover the number of people who were not able to use theirs as a result of the strike/lockout. CPC will also provide the details of this to CUPW.

Asbestos Concerns

CPC has sent all of the information to the landlord regarding this issue and once they receive a response they will respond to CUPW’s concerns.

New Business

Dissatisfaction With LOJHS Reports

CUPW stated that they are not satisfied with 2 of the recent LJOHS investigations that have taken place. The first incident involved an employee who was confronted and yelled at by the proprietor of an RPO for having to clear the RPO from a different side of the building because the box was moved thus not allowing for the proprietor to have a clear line of sight towards their gas pumps. CUPW also states that this is not the first time that this proprietor has had to be talked to by Canada Post and that their have been issues in the past.

CPC has provided the proprietor of the establishment with a copy of the rules and expectations for RPOs, the mail box was returned back to the original side for clearance, and they will provide the investigation records to the union.

The second incident involved a dog issue where the employee complained of a dog that was not properly secured and the carrier was unable to complete delivery because of it. CUPW states that they are unhappy with the length of time required in order for management to complete the investigation as it was reported in April.

CPC responded that they were given the wrong address by the employee on 2 separate occasions therefore that was the reason for the delay in completing the investigation.

CUPW wanted to make sure that all letter carriers were informed of the Dog alert.

CPC will provide copies of the investigation to LJOHS.

North Dock

CUPW raised the concern that an employee came to a supervisor to discuss what they believed to be the unequal distribution of work to certain employees on the north dock while forcing the other employees to work faster in order to complete the assigned duties for the day. The employee then reports that the supervisor reported their concern to another employee it caused a verbal confrontation to ensue.

CPC will investigate the issue and respond to the union.

Sexual Assault of a Driver

CUPW raised the concern that they believe that Canada Post failed to provide the proper protocol in responding to an incident involving sexual assault. They state that once the driver reported the incident that CPC left the employee alone and stated to the employee to call the police and then return to the station.

CPC stated that in addressing the incident that no female employees will be able to deliver to that residence and that they will follow up on the investigation and provide a report to the union.

Fire at UMO

CUPW requested that as the UMO is part of the building at YDC that either an employee or the manager of that department be present at the LJOHS meetings going forward.

CPC responded that they believe that to be a good idea and will inform the Manager of the UMO for their availability.

Remedial Training for MMHE

CUPW stated that an employee had their MMHE licence removed 1 month ago for several occasions of near misses and has yet to receive remedial training.

CPC responded that it is a scheduling issue and that employee should be trained soon.

On Going Issues with the dispatch supervisor

CUPW stated that an employee has 2 statements that they are preparing with issues concerning the poor treatment that they received by the dispatcher.

CPC responded that they will investigate those once they are reported.

Part time Extensions on Shift 3

CPC informed CUPW of their intentions to offer extended hours to 6 hours to Part time group 1 employees but was inquiring as to the break/lunch requirements for the increased hours.

CUPW responded that it is required for each employee when they work 6 hours to receive 2 paid 15 minute breaks and 1 unpaid 15 minute break. If they were to work 8 hours they would be entitled to 2 paid 15 minute breaks and 1 half hour lunch.

The next consultation will take place October 11, 2011 at 09:00